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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Chicago - Indianapolis - Cincinnati - Charleston - Washington - New York

Reservations required. Additional Washington-Chicago service available on the Capitol Limited
For additional service between New York and Chicago see the Lake Shore Limited schedule.

Indianapolis-Chicago service is available on this schedule on the Hoosier State on days the Cardinal does not operate.

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    R51      R51            Train number                         R50
  Dp NYP   Dp NYP                                              Ar NYP
    Su      WeFr            Days of Operation                  WeFrSu
     Read down    miles                                       Read up
   6:55a    6:45a    0  Dp  New York, NY-Penn Sta.  (ET)  Ar   10:25p
 P 7:13a  P 7:05a   10      Newark, NJ                        D10:04p
 P 7:47a  P 7:40a   58      Trenton, NJ                       D 9:23p
 P 8:21a  P 8:16a   90      Philadelphia, PA-30th St. Sta.    D 8:50p
 P 8:47a  P 8:41a  116      Wilmington, DE                    D 8:26p
 P 9:35p  P 9:29a  185      Baltimore, MD-Penn Sta.           D 7:35p
  11:19a   11:10a  225      Washington, DC                      5:55
  11:29a   11:29a  233      Alexandria, VA                    D 5:19p
  12:03p   12:02p  257      Manassas, VA                        4:35p
  12:35p   12:35p  292      Culpeper, VA                        4:00p
   1:55p    1:55p  339      Charlottesville, VA (Richmond)      2:47p
   2:57p    2:57p  379      Staunton, VA                        1:31p
   4:05p    4:05p  437  Ar  Clifton Forge, WV             Dp   12:19p
   4:08p    4:08p       Dp                                Ar   12:14p
   5:00p    5:00p  471      White Sulphur Springs, WV          11:25a
 F 5:31p  F 5:31p  496      Alderson, WV                      F10:53a
   6:01p    6:01p  516      Hinton, WV                         10:23p
   6:31p    6:31p  539      Prince, WV (Beckley)                9:53a
 F 6:47p  F 6:47p  550      Thurmond, WV                      F 9:36a
   7:38p    7:38p  552      Montgomery, WV                      8:45a
   8:10p    8:10p  618      Charleston, WV                      8:16a
   9:35p    9:35p  667      Huntington, WV                      7:09a
   9:58p    9:58p  682      Ashland, KY (Kenova, WV)            6:14a
  10:41p   10:41p  712      So. Portsmouth-So. Shore, KY        5:29a
  11:36p   11:36p  765      Maysville, KY                       4:36a
   1:03a    1:03a  827  Ar  Cincinnati, OH-Union Term.    Dp    3:14a
   1:10a    1:10a       Dp                                Ar    3:02a
   3:05a    3:05a  893      Connersville, IN       (EST)        1:11a
   4:44a    4:44a  950  Ar  Indianapolis, IN              Dp   11:55p
   6:30a    6:30a       Dp                                Ar   11:35p
 F 7:28a  F 7:28a  997      Crawfordsvile, IN                 F10:15p
   8:02a    8:02a  1024     Lafayette, IN          (EST)        9:43p
   8:00a    8:00a  1071     Rensselaer, IN          (CT)        7:41p
   8:43a    8:43a  1117     Dyer, IN                            8:57p
  10:20a   10:20a  1146 Ar  Chicago, IL-Union Sta.  (CT)  Dp    5:45p

  Ar CHI                                                       Dp CHI
    Mo      ThSa            Days of Operation                  TuThSa

D -- Stops to discharge passenger only
F -- Stops only on signal, or advance notice to conductor.
P -- Stops only to pick up passengers.
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Thruway Motorcoach Connections

  • Richmond - Charlottesville

    Richmond - Charlottesville

      4051            Thruway Bus Number                   4050
     SuWeFr           Days of Operation                   WeFrSu
       R51            Connecting Train                      R50
            miles                                              . 
     12:00n    0  Dp  Richmond, VA, Staples Mill      Ar   4:30p
      1:30p   69  Ar  Charlottesville, VA (Union Sta) Dp   3:00p

    Operated by James River Bus Lines.

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    Services on the Cardinal

    • Coaches -- Reservations required.
    • Sleeping cars:
      • First Class Viewliner® Service.
      • Reservations required.
      • Fare includes meal service.
      • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge®/Club Acela® available in Chicago and Washington, D.C. for First Class Service passengers.
    • Dinette -- Complete meals Washington - Chicago, sandwiches, snacks and beverages.
      • Dinner not served on train 50, departing Chicago.
      • Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.
    • Entertainment -- Guides provide scenic commentary between Charleston, WV and White Sulpher Springs, WV eastbound on Train 50.
    • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited entirely on this train. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews, and must remain next to the train, ready to board immediately upon hearing the sound of the locomotive horn and verbal "All Aboard" calls.
    • Baggage -- No checked baggage

    Scenic Highlights

    • Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains
    • Shenandoah Valley
    • World famous Greenbrier mountain resort
    • "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia vistas
    • Scenic Ohio River and Indiana farmlands

    Click here for service and travel information from Amtrak's WWW page. Links above also take you to Amtrak's page.

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