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Amtrak's Silver Service
Motorcoach Connections

Amtrak Thruway Connections with Silver Service:
Trains 89, 90, 91, 92, 97, and 98:

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DeLand - Daytona Beach

  89      91      97       2              Connecting Train Number           98       1      92      90  
                 7197                     Thruway Number                   7198                         
                10:15a             0  Dp  Daytona Beach, FL   (ET)   Ar    3:30p   
                11:15a            23  Ar  DeLand, FL                 Dp    2:20p                        

         7291    7297                     Thruway Number                   7298            7292         
         9:20a  12:00n             0  Dp  Deland, FL                 Ar    1:30p           5:10p
        10:30a   1:10p            23  Ar  Daytona Beach, FL          Dp   12:30p           4:10p        

Connecting service provided by local taxi company - Southern Komfort Cab.

Orlando/Tampa - St. Petersburg - Fort Myers

 91      97              Connecting Train Number             98       92  
6091    6097             Thruway Number                     6098     6092 
Tampa  Orlando           Connecting City                   Orlando  Tampa 
        1:30p     0  Dp  Orlando, FL         (ET)  Ar      12:30p         
        2:45p    54  Ar  Lakeland, FL              Dp      10:55a         
1:00p   3:30p    86  Dp  Tampa, FL                 Ar      10:10a    2:00p
1:40p   4:10p   105  Ar  Pinellas-St. Petersburg, -         9:35a    2:20p
                           Pinellas Parkside Mall                         
2:15p   4:55p   139      Bradenton, FL -                    8:50a   12:35p
                           Manatee County Courthouse                      
2:55p   5:35p   218      Sarasota, FL -                     8:10a   11:55a
                           Hollywood 20 Complex, Main St.                 
3:55p   6:35p   261      Port Charlotte, FL -               7:10a   10:55a
                           Texaco Rally Conv. 909 Kings Hwy               
4:35p   7:15p   289  Ar  Ft. Myers - Travel Plaza  Dp       6:30a   10:15a

C--Direct transfer from train to motorcoach for connecting passengers only. 

Operated by Martz Tampa Bay.

Note--Service for passengers with disabilities and senior citizens is available between Orlando/Tampa and Pinellas/St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and Naples. Wheelchair accessible van available with 48 hours advance notice. Local transit connections available with SCAT at Sarasota for Venice and South Sarasota County.

Orlando - Hotels and Attractions

Door-to-door shuttle van service is provided between Amtrak's Orlando station and Orlando-area hotels and attractions. Vans meet the arrivals and departures of all Amtrak trains at Orlando. Arrangements may be made by calling 407-826-9999 or with a coach USA representative at the orlando station upon your arrival by train.

Operated by Coach USA.

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  • Explore America Fares, North American Rail Passes, and USA Rail Passes are not valid on the following Thruway Services:
    • Charlottesville - Washington
    • Deland - Daytona Beach
  • Most of the unidentified stops are the Amtrak station.
  • Baggage carried on the Orlando/Tampa - Ft. Myers buses to all southbound stops and from selected northbound stops. (2K) These schedules are unofficial, but are authorized by Amtrak. Official schedules are available at
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