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Schedule effective: October 30, 2006

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Amtrak California's Stockton Thruway Bus Connections

Connecting service to:

Station stops are the Amtrak station unless otherwise noted.

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Stockton - San Jose

Bus Number                 R32/3911   R3901    R3913    R3915    R3917    R3903
Days of operation            XSSH     Daily    Daily    Daily    Daily    Daily

San Joaquin
Connecting Train              R711     R701     R713  R704,R715   R717     R703
   ACE Sta              Dp           C11:25a           C 5:21p           C10:20p
   Amtrak Sta.          Dp QC 9:00a  D11:30a  C 2:35p  C 5:35p  C 8:05p 
   ACE Sta.                   9:30a
Lathrop - ACE                 9:48a
Tracy - Wendy's            AD10:02a  D11:55p  D 3:00p  D 6:00p  D 8:30p  D10:50p
Vasco Road - ACE             10:32a
Livermore - Transit Ctr.     10:37a  D12:25p  D 3:30p  D 6:30p  D 9:00p  D11:15p
Dublin/                     D10:20a           D 3:40p  D 6:40p  D 9:10p
  Pleasanton - BART
Pleasanton - ACE            A10:45a
Fremont/Mission San         D11:26a  D12:45p  D 3:55p  D 6:55p  D 9:25p  D11:35p
  Jose - Park & Ride        
Great America - Amtrak      
Santa Clara - Caltrain      D11:15a
San Jose                Ar   11:40a    1:15p    4:25p    7:25p   B 9:45p  B11:55p

A -- Tracy - ACE
b -- Bus - bus connection guaranteed.
C -- Train - bus connection guaranteed.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
R -- All reserved train or bus.
Q -- This is a different bus.
W -- SSH bus operates a few minutes later.

San Jose - Stockton

Bus Number                    R3912   R3914   R3216   R3904   R3968   R3910
                              Daily   Daily   XSSH    Daily   Daily   Daily
San Jose                Dp  b 7:00a b 9:20a b12:05p b 2:40p B 5:00p B 6:40p
Santa Clara - Caltrain                        ----                    6:50p
Great America                                12:16p                   7:05p
Fremont/Mission San           7:25a   9:45a  12:34p   3:06p   5:30p A 7:30p
  Jose - Park & Ride
Pleasanton - ACE                            A12:56p                   7:50p
Dublin/                       7:45a  10:05a  12:50p           5:50p   8:05p
  Pleasanton - BART
Livermore - Transit Ctr.      8:00a  10:20a   1:04p   3:35p   6:055p  8:20p
Vasco Road - ACE                              1:09p                   8:25p
Tracy - ACE                                   1:39p                   8:50p
Tracy - Wendy's               8:25a  10:45a   1:35p   4:00p   6:30p 
Lathrop - ACE                                 1:53p                   9:10p
Stockton, CA 
  Amtrak Sta.           Ar  C 9:05a C11:30a  C2:40p   4:55p  C7:20p   9:35p
  ACE/SP Sta.           Ar           11:40a   2:15p C 5:05p   7:30p C 9:50p
San Joaquin
Connecting Train              R712    R714    R716    R704    R718    R703

b -- Bus-bus connection guaranteed.
C -- Train-bus connection guaranteed.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
R -- All reserved train or bus.
Q -- This is a different bus. 

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