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10.1 Authority to Enter CTC Limits

CTC limits are designated in the timetable. A train must not enter or occupy any track where CTC is in effect unless:

Blocking or marking devices must not be removed until track and time has been released to the control operator. Other movements must not be authorized into the limits unless also granted track and time.

10.3.2 Protection of Machines, Track Cars, or Employees

Machines, track cars, or employees will receive track and time in the same manner as trains.

Machines, track cars, or employees must be clear of the limits before the employee granted track and time releases the authority. If track and time is granted to protect maintenance work, the employee must notify the control operator when the work is complete and the track is safe for train passage.

10.3.3 Joint Track and Time

Before track and time is granted for machines, track cars, or employees in the same limits with a train, each foreman and a crew member of each train must be notified of each other.

When track and time is granted to protect maintenance or repair work, trains must not receive track and time within the same limits, unless the trains and foreman in charge of the work understand the conditions and movements that will be made.


10.3.4 Record Track and Time

The employee requesting track and time will state name, occupation, location, and train or other identification. The employee will then repeat the authority granted. If the authority is repeated correctly, the control operator will acknowledge. The train can make no movement until the engineer understands the track and time granted.

The control operator must maintain a record of authority . granted including the time the track and time was released.

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