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4.1 New Timetable

The moment a new timetable goes into effect, it will replace the previous one.

4.1.1 Notice of New Timetable

At least 24 hours before a new timetable goes into effect, notification will be made by general order. A track bulletin will also be issued at least 24 hours before the new timetable goes into effect and continue for 6 days after the effective date.

4.2 Special Instructions

Special instructions will replace any rule or regulation with which they conflict.

4.3 Timetable Characters

Timetable characters are letters and symbols located in the timetable station column. These letters and symbols indicate the special conditions at specific locations (such as yard limits and manual interlockings). A timetable station column may also include information on the method of operation (such as TWC, ABS, CTC, or DTC). Explanation of characters will be shown in the timetable.

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