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Selected poetry from

An Anthology of Steam Railroad Poetry

Volume 2

(Canadian Edition)

Edited By
Michael Gee

Text 1987 - 2005 All Rights Reserved

Redistribution without permission from the Author is forbidden.

Used with permission

The Report

by O.K. Gibbings

"I want to know, " wrote the dispatcher to me,
"What happened last night when you stabbed No. 3?"
In a thousand miler, this message I sent,
Don't recall every word, but here's how it went.

" We stopped at the plug at Ten O Three. "
The hogger winked and said to me,
"When we get water, we '11 need some coal,
And we may as well eat, now we're in the hole.

The brains came running and we heard him shout,
He tripped on a tie and his lamp went out.
The air was so blue, we hardly could see,
When he yelled at the fire-boy, hogger and me.

"Just what are you doing? We can't stay here,
The varnish is due, and we're not in the clear. "
The hogger retorted, " Well, send out a flag,
cause I'm not moving till I clean out my bag. "

"We've been going for hours, I'm stirring no more,
Get back to the hack before I get sore. "
We took our 'twenty', got coal and had air,
Back on the train and with time to spare.

The 'PEG 'got by, scarce slowing a wheel,
I got the main gate and we hit the high steel.
Soon we were rolling, the speed was a fright,
Just another old drag that rolls through the night.

We hit the yard limits and all was serene,
Pulled into an alley and lined it back green,
Cut off the engine, sent it to the barn,
And that dear dispatcher is the end of the yarn!