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Selected poetry from

An Anthology of Steam Railroad Poetry

Volume 2

(Canadian Edition)

Edited By
Michael Gee

Text 1987 - 2005 All Rights Reserved

Redistribution without permission from the Author is forbidden.

Used with permission

To the Trackman

by M. H. Moses

Have you ever worked through a stormy night
While the mercury hovered low
And felt the wind through scanty clothes
As you bent to clear the snow?

Or perhaps you've walked the settling fills
While rain in torrents fell,
Or rerailed an engine down in the yards
On a night as dark as Hell.

You've tramped the cuts on frozen feet
Where rocks are apt to slip
And heard the scream of Number Three
As it roared through Murphy's Dip.

If you've stopped in a shack beside the track
After knowing the track was clean
Eaten a frozen snack from a paper sack
Then you know just what I mean.

You're in a class not known to brass
A He-Man rugged and stout
The one damn man in the railroad plan
They just can't do without.