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Selected poetry from

An Anthology of Steam Railroad Poetry

Volume 2

(Canadian Edition)

Edited By
Michael Gee

Text 1987 - 2005 All Rights Reserved

Redistribution without permission from the Author is forbidden.

Used with permission

Bill Endicott


(Bill Endicott was a B & B foreman at Lindsay, Ontario for years. Froats in the poem was his superintendent at Belleville, Ontario, division headquarters at that time.)

A man from Lindsay named Endicott Bill
Came down to Trenton to tunnel a hill.
He hung up his coat and pulled down his cap.
Says "Bald headed eagles, this is no time to nap.

Now, Endicott Bill is the kind of a man
Who does his work the best he can.
Every one of his men thinks he is just the boy
And working for Bill they sure enjoy.

He started to dig at the side of the track,
A great big hole where he placed his jack,
On a six foot tile he started to shove
Then the din rolled in from up above.

He scratched his head and says, "This won't do. "
"If the dirt comes down we can't get thru. "
So he drove some piles, built a roof above,
And ever since then it's been shove, shove, shove.

Now men do come and men do go
To inspect the work away down below.
The tile is all gone, the work is first rate.
But Bill and his gang are out under the lake.

If he has good luck and the pipes don't leak
We'll only see Bill about once a week.
But if the water comes in and he can't get boats.
"By the bald headed eagle " he'll wire for Froats.

It's about sixty miles to the other shore,
Where he hopes to reach in six years or more
Then Bill will stand on his throne and say,
"I connected her up with the U.S.A. "