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Shore Line East Shore Line East

The Shore Line East Commuter Railroad in Pictures

by Robert A. LaMay

All Images & Text 1998 Robert A. LaMay

The Shore Line East Commuter Railroad's operations officially started in May 1990.Prior to the May 1990 start-up an inaugural train operated on April 23, 1990 from new haven to Old Saybrook, Conn. Each time the train made a stop it was met by the local citizens. Fanfares by bands, speech-making, and a closer look at the new commuter equipment.

The equipment purchased already had a long history with railroads outside Connecticut. Most of the equipment came from Pittsburgh, Penn. It was used in the commuter operation known as PaTrain. After the service was discontinued it was put up for sale. The timing was perfect for Connecticut. The equipment consisted of a pair of F7 locomotives numbered 6690 and 6691. Their history went back to Southern Pacific, Texas & New Orleans, and Wellsville, Addison & Galeton respectively. The passenger rolling stock's history began on the C&O. This was made up of seven 102 seat Pullman-Standard coaches and three 52 seat Pullman- Standard cab cars. Cab cars had their own HEP units on board.

Still additional power was still needed to protect schedules and act as back up if needed. Three locomotives were leased from the Guilford Transportation Industries (GTI) in the form of one ex MeC GP7W (Wide cab) no. 471, and a pair of ex MeC GP38's nos. 253 and 257. Since these were originally freight locomotives they lacked HEP. The three ex MeC units were eventually purchased outright.

All PaTrain equipment was taken to GTI's shops at Waterville, Me. For upgrading and repainting. This equipment along with ex MeC units were painted in the Connecticut Department of Transportation's official colors worn by the New Haven Railroad back in the late 50's to late 60's. This being the McGinniss scheme of bold patterns of red, black, and white.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation - Rail Operations owns the equipment and the buildings in which they are housed. Amtrak is currently under contract to provide the service, operate the equipment, and do the maintenance and repairs. Initially the service was from Old Saybrook to new Haven, Conn., with stops at Westbrook, Clinton, Madison, Guilford, and Branford. Small stations with handicapped access were build at each stop. When new schedules were introduced February 1, 1996, service was extended to new London, Conn. With a pair of morning and evening trains.

What follows now is a photo display with more about Shore Line East's operations and equipment status.

Select F7A no. 6690 is shown returning back to Union Station in New Haven, Conn. Taken from the 4th floor of the public parking garage.
Current Status: Used primarily for special moves.

Select F7A no. 6691 idles just outside maintenance shop building with a test train of rebuilt SPV 2000's. These are called "Constitution Liners". Shown at new Haven, Conn.
Current Status: Used primarily for special moves.

Select GP7W no. 471 sits at the platforms at Union Station in New Haven, Conn.
Current Status: Stored out of service in New Haven, Conn. 9/93

Select GP38 no. 253 is shown with 1995 Special Olympic special pulling eight Pullman - Standard passenger cars. Train is approaching the Leetes Island section of Guilford, Conn. 7/95
Current Status: Stored out of service in New Haven, Conn. 9/93

Select GP38 no. 257 awaits for its evening commuters at Union Station, Conn. 7/94
Current Status: Stored out of service in New Haven, Conn. 9/93.

Select Pullman-Standard coach no. 1602 in storage in New Haven, Conn. 2/96

Select Pullman-Standard Cab Car no. 1682 in storage in New Haven, Conn. 8/96

Select Cab car 1693 along with a pair of coaches with a GP40-2H departs Union Station at New Haven, Conn. 9/93

Select Cab car no, 1001 sits in yard at new Haven, CT 8/96

Select Interior view of the business section of no. 1001 3/96

Select Interior view showing passenger section with 2-2 seating 3/96

Select Cab car no. 1673 with consist layover at New Haven, CT 8/96

Select Four Constitution Liner coaches sit in storage yard at New Haven, CT 4/94

Select Interior view of standard coach with 3-2 seating 3/95

Select A Special Olympic special rolls through Stoney Creek, Conn. 7/95

Select First of the series (ex B&O) GP40-2H no. 6694 waits for clearance from Old Saybrook, Conn. For express trip to New Haven, Conn. 5/96

Select GP40-2H no. 6695 (ex B&O) rolls across the Four Mile River at East Lyme, Conn. On its way to New London, Conn. 6/96

Select GP40-2H no. 6696 (ex C&O) sits at Union Station at Hartford, Conn. With special which arrived from Bridgeport, Conn. with parade participants. 9/28/96

Select GP40-2H no. 6697 (ex C&O) prepares for its westbound trip to New Haven, Conn., from Old Saybrook, Conn. 3/97

Select GP40-2H no. 6698 (ex Clinchfield) moves by the tower at Old Saybrook, Conn. on its way to New London, Conn. 7/96

Select GP40-2H no. 6699 (ex Clinchfield) sits outside maintenance facility in New Haven, Conn. in between runs. 4/97