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  • Riding the rails - Bakersfied to Fresno A new article with beautiful pictures from David Crammer
    Riding the rails - Bakersfied to Fresno by David C. Crammer

  • The Shore Line East Commuter Railroad in Pictures The Shore Line East Commuter Railroad's operations officially started in May 1990.Prior to the May 1990 start-up an inaugural train operated on April 23, 1990 from new haven to Old Saybrook, Conn. Read and look at over 20 images of this comunter line.
    The Shore Line East Commuter Railroad in Pictures Robert A. LaMay

  • Runaway Train! Listen again to the full 21 minute audio as Wesley MacDonald takes the ride of his life on a runaway CN freight. Now for the first time on the Web, see the images of the aftermath and the first meeting of engineer and the dispatcher who was in constant contact with him. Also, over 30 pages of press reports, railroad and union documents showing that Mr. MacDonald's real nightmare only started after the derailment. Updated transcript the suspensions, arbitration and final vindication of Wesley MacDonald.
    Runaway Train!

  • The Shadow of a Train - Steam in Poland! This article orginally appeared in the Polish Magazine "Polityka" and has been translated and reprinted on the Cyberspace World Railroad with full permission.
    The Shadow of a Train by Marek Sarjusz-Wolski

  • The Grand Canyon Railway Ride along in the cab of #4960 on the Grand Canyon Railway as we travel from Williams to the rim of the Grand Canyon!
    Cab Ride on the Grand Canyon Railway by David C. Crammer

  • Roseville to Sparks and Back on the Southern Pacific Ride along on a Southern Pacific freight as we travel from Roseville to Sparks and back the next day. Get the feel from the cab of what is involved with running a heavy freight!
    Roseville to Sparks and Back on the Southern Pacific by David C. Crammer

  • Normally change happens over much time. Change in procedures tend to evolve as do changes in landscape. Change came to Tuscola, IL. fairly rapidly. Here is a story about my family's memories with Tuscola, IL, and TY Tower.
    The Ghost of TY Tower by Daniel S. Dawdy

  • Peter van der Els is back with his account of the opening day of the RTM Railway Museum Complete with many color pictures, read this and then go to Peter's History of the RTM below.
    Dutch Museum Railway Officially Opened by Peter van der Els

  • Trestlewood Furniture Story. In 1904, the Southern Pacific's famous "Lucin Cut-Off" in Utah carried it's first train. The jewel of this new line was a wood-frame trestle spanning 12 miles of the Great Salt Lake. With traffic on the lines stopped in 1959, the trestle was salvaged in 1993. Read how one mans idea to use the beautiful redwood for furniture. I was first contacted about a Web link, however, when I saw what they had done, I asked for a story on the whole idea and operation.
    Trestlewood Furniture Story by Gary Evershed

  • Paul Tupaczewski is back! This time he and two friends meet up in the Windy City for some railfanning and "fine beer drinking". Well, the railfanning was that point of the trip until they met up with yours truly :-) Will Chicago ever be the same... Will Joliet survive... Will Eola.. ah never mind, you get the idea.
    This will be a multi-part part series with many pictures.
    Chicago Odyssey - Part One by Paul Tupaczewski

  • Altoona Railfest '95...A weekend of fun for thousands! The morning of October 14, 1995, dawned damp and dreary. Not a day to be hanging around outside watching trains, so it seemed. But that morning, hundreds of people arrived at the Altoona Railroaders' Memorial Museum in downtown Altoona, Pennsylvania, to help celebrate their first ever Altoona Railfest. Though the early turnout was a bit lighter than expected due to the inclement weather, it was obvious that many people were going to show up during the course of the weekend. Most hotels in the Altoona area were sold out for the weekend, and people came in from as far away California for the event. Paul Tupaczewski takes us there with 36 full color images.
    Altoona Railfest '95 by Paul Tupaczewski

  • Steamtown's grand opening this past July 1st, 1995. Paul Tupaczewski takes us there to tell us all that went on and show us the sites in 30 beautiful images!
    Steamtown's Grand Opening by Paul Tupaczewski

  • have a swamp where do don't want one, and want to build a swamp where you don't have one. What do you do...Call Conrail!
    The State of New Jersey did just that and tons of dirt are being moved to accomplish this task. describes this movement along with beautiful pictures.
    Conrail's Dirt Trains by Paul Tupaczewski

  • Peter van der Els treats us to a fascinating look at the historic roots of the Dutch narrow gauge network. Using historical and contemporary photos, he traces the history of the Rotterdamsche Tramweg Mij.
    A Dutch Narrow-Gauge Network: the Rotterdamsche Tramweg Mij by Peter van der Els

  • Andrew Toppan gives us a little background on the Maine two foot railroads and the move to Carver, Massachusetts back in 1946. Named the Edaville Railroad, it evolved into a "Family Fun Park". Now, some 47 years later, the Maine two footers return home in style. Follow Andrew's descriptions and pictures as the equipment makes the trip back to Maine on a fleet of antique trucks!
    New off site link with a return to the CWRR
    Maine's Two Footers Come Home by Andrew Toppan

  • Paul Tupaczewski has written "New Jersey Transit's U34CH's: The Last Hurrah" which chronicles the General Electric U34CH, from inception to their last run. He has also included many beautiful images (JPG format) so you can follow along on the "Farewell to the U34CH" excursion on August 27, 1994 sponsored by the United Railway Historical Society.
    New Jersey Transit's U34CH's: The Last Hurrah by Paul R. Tupaczewski

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