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Engineer Escapes Unscathed

CN public affairs representative Steve McIntosh said an investigation into the mishap was ongoing but brake failure was suspected.

"CN workcrews are pushing lines to the side in order to clear the line and service to Brunswick Mines should be back to normal by Thursday noon." Mr McIntosh said, when contacted by telephone.

The actual amount of diesel fuel leaked from the locomotives is not known, but Mr. McIntosh said he didn't suspect it would create an environmental problem.

"It will be a few weeks before we can determine the exact cost of the damages," he said.

The St. Anne regional Fire Brigade was on sight Monday concerned about the possibility of an explosion from the diesel fuel that had spilled from the locomotives.

A recovery operation is now being conducted by CN, and the mine's environmental people and mine manager Jim Schnarr said he was unable to determine Brunswick's loss at the present.

"Once the clean-up is completed, we will then have to determine what amount of concentrate is usable and what's not usable," Mr. Schnarr said.

Bathurst MLA Paul Kenny, contacted Tuesday in Fredericton, stated he was "very shocked at the derailment" and felt there should be an independent inquiry into railway safety in New Brunswick.

He pointed our since January, there have been five derailments in Nova Scotia and two in New Brunswick.

"This certainly puts an onus on CN to clean up their act," he said, adding he intends to recommend a CN inquiring to the legislature.

Mr. Kenny was also concerned about the fact a 28-car train was being operated by one man with no conductor, brakeman or caboose.

"CNR has removed a lot of its track repairmen and maintenance people over the past number of years. We have witnessed drastic cutbacks in Bathurst and the rest of New Brunswick. Maybe CN should reconsider retaining more track people to maintain these tracks and survey the tracks as they've done in the past," he said.

Mr. Kenny stressed Monday's incident could have been more serious, especially if it occurred in a heavily populated area, such as West Bathurst or downtown.