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Train Brakes Inadequate?

FREDERICTON (Special) -- A new type of brakes on freight trains is causing a safety problem according to Liberal MLA Frank Branch of Nepisiguit-Chaleur.

During question period Tuesday, Branch asked Transportation Minister Robert McCready if he was aware that trains with the new brakes ``are going through the stations without stopping where they used to stop.''

McCready replied :If I were driving a rig like that, I'd park her somewhere.''

Branch eventually got to his point that CN employees are being blamed for accidents he thinks should be blamed on equipment.

He said engineer Wesley MacDonald, who rode a runaway train for 20 miles before it derailed near Bathurst, should be treated as a hero and not disciplined.

He asked McCready to take the matter up with CN officials.

``A case of this kind where a person who was really a hero gets punished for the neglect of people at the top is really a shame.''

McCready said his understanding is that the train had too many loaded ore cars, but agreed to check with CN ``and find out exactly what happened there.''