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CTC Standing Pat With Partner

We will be forgiven if we don't act surprised at word from Ottawa that the Canadian Transport Commission upheld suspensions of a train crew leveled by CN following a derailment near Bathurst March 9.

While Wesley MacDonald if the most heralded of the four-man crew -- undoubtedly because of dispatcher's tapes leaked to the media following his harrowing ride -- there were others involved.

The public came to Wesley's defence after hearing the tapes, saying he deserved better than a medal that a career-ruining suspension that came with less than a year left in a 42-year employment with the company.

But like Mr. MacDonald said, one cannot expect a government investigative body to rule against a suspension handed down by a crown corporation such as Canadian National.

Mr. MacDonald my be happy, though that he doesn't live in the Soviet Union, where a number of government employees who were following traditional procedures are chopping salt in Siberia after the Chernobyl incident.