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Photos courtesy of Bessie MacDonald
Scans by Paul and Sean McGraw
Scan editing and retouching by Ribbon Rail Productions

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Select "They had never met and only communicated over the radio. I guess Dad went to Moncton to look him up. Mom said that he went in the office and stood behind Alphie and said "Hello Alphie". Alphie immediately recognized the voice. Many tears were shed that day I have been told."

Select Aftermath of derailment. The mess took a couple of weeks to clean up.

Select Lead unit GP402L (GF-430c) #9457 comes to rest in a snow bank. Wes was originally in the 1st unit and climbed outside to get into the 2nd as he thought his chances of surviving the crash were greater. (Guess he was right!)

Select Another shot of lead unit GP402L (GF-430c) #9457.

Select Trailing unit GP402L (GF-430c) #9548 was split for the lead unit.

Select Close up of second unit.

Select Close up of second unit. It's this window that Wes crawled out after the derailment.

Select This was taken the afternoon of the accident just after Wes was released from the hospital. When asked how he got out of this alive he replied, "The fella upstairs wasn't ready for me I guess".

Select Taken two days after the derailment finds both units back on the rails.

Select Close up of the brakes of the engine and it does not show any hot spots.