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Wesley MacDonald

Here is the complete 21 minute sound file of an actual runaway freight on the Canadian National's Nepisiguit Sub as recorded by Newcastle Sub Dispatcher. Wesley MacDonald is trapped on the runaway with over 30 cars, two engines and no air, traveling at speeds over 70 MPH. As we understand it this tape is now used as a training aid by the CN, but this is not staged. You will hear the events just as they unfolded back on March 9th, 1997.

The Nepisiguit Sub is located in the CN's Atlantic Region and runs from Brunswick Mines to Nepisiguit where it joins the New Castle Sub.

My thanks to John Reay for orginally making this file available to us.
Check out John's great Canadian MLW/Alco Pages Web Site!

Hear the Runaway!

RealAudio You will need the RealAudio Player to hear this. It's available for free downloading on their site for all platforms. Because of server load, I would advise downloading the sound file first and playing it on your local machine. I have tested RealAudio on a 486/33 without problems. The file is just under 1.4 meg. I can not convert this to a wav or au as it is a 22 minute sound file. In those formats, the size would much to large. Internet Explorer 3.0 does have RealAudio built in, but I have had problems with it and would recommend if you do also, download the player direct from RealAudio.