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Wesly MacDonald

The first time I heard the Runaway tape, I was literally frozen. This is not a Hollywood fiction where some never seen person yells, "cut", and the actors get up and go on with their lives like it never happened. No, this was much more tragic in that although the tape ends with Wesley MacDonald walking away from what well have could have been his last ride, the story did not end there. When we first put this tape on the Web, it generated a lot of conversation. I think people were generally affected by what they heard. Many of you are railroaders or have loved ones who are. You know all too well the horror of what a runaway really is. I, like most of us, will never know that feeling of helplessness, knowing that you are trapped on board and there is nothing you can do but ride it out and pray for the best.

What follows is the whole story of what Mr. MacDonald faced as he climbed out of the wrecked cab window. Wesley MacDonald survived this incident only to find his 43 year career and pending pension in jeopardy. Wesley's worst nightmare started after the train he rode to it's derailment was over. Many of us only see the headlines and do not know of the events which happen after. We would hope that Wesley's story is not the norm, but fear that it might be. We are not presenting this story as an indictment to anyone person or organization. Let's just let the facts speak for themselves and realize that the system worked in this case. Wes would have had birthday on November 28th. He was a loving husband and father. It's in his memory we present this story and pray none of you railroaders ever have to face what he did.

Daniel Dawdy
Ribbon Rail Productions
November 1997

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