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Model Railroad Clubs: Canada
| AB | BC | MB | NB | NF | NS | ON | PEI | PQ | SK |

Dates shown are original entry dates

railMaritime Federation of Model Railroaders: The Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders is an informal group of model railroaders in Canada's Maritime Provinces. (4/15/01)


railBow Valley Model Railroad Association: Calgary, AB. A private club consisting of about 20 members whose interests include most popular gauges. The group has two modular layouts, one "HO" and one "N" which it often displays at shows and other events. (7/22/97)

railCalgary British Railway Modellers: Calgary, ON. We are a small informal group modelling British Prototypes in: N, OO,OO-9, and O scales. (10/31/99)

railCalgary Free-mo Group: Calgary, Alberta. Calgary Free-mo group who we are, what we do and specs. Pics. of set-ups and general information including contacts. (3-15-04)

railCalgary Model Railway Society: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are open to all individuals interested in railroads - models & prototype. We organize Supertrain show, a Slide Night, Mini Meets, and publish a newsletter to inform the city's modellers of events. (1-12-03)

railCANTRAK:The Cantrak Society of Model Railroaders has been based in the Calgary, Alberta, area since 1976, specializing in "N-gauge" or "N-scale", with nine millimetres between the rails and a 1:160 size ratio. We are a module club, with members owning and detailing individual modules that can be joined together to make a much larger layout. (11/11/10)

railEdmonton Model Railroad Association: Edmonton, AB. This club has been active since 1946, and is now building a two-story mushroom-style 31' x 51' layout in a replica of a 1920-era freight shed. (5/4/97)

railEdmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers: Edmonton, AB. Three layouts open to the public; one HO (standard DC), one HO (DCC), and one N-scale. (5/18/00)

rail Iron Horse Park Miniature Railway: Airdrie, AB. Take a ride on a miniature 7.5" gauge train from the prairies to the coast. (2-20-02)

British Columbia:

railBritish Columbia Society of Model Engineers: Burnaby, British Columbia. Operators of the Burnaby Central Railway. 2+ miles of 7.5" gauge track. Raised track under construction. (12-30-02)

rail Mainland Modular Railway Society: Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. Building and displaying an HO Scale modular model railway using modified NMRA standards and running Digitrax DCC. (07-07-09)

rail Vancouver Island G Scale Club: Vancouver Island, BC. Modeling on Vancouver Island is diverse and rewarding. (11-27-05)

railVancouver Island Model Engineers: Our club is dedicated to the hobby of engineering in miniature. The members have many interests in small scale engineering however our main interest is on models that run on rails. (5/18/98)
rail The Vancouver TraiNgang: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Promoting N-Scale model railroading in the greater Vancouver area. New members always welcome. (7-9-05)


railAssiniboine Valley Railway: Winnipeg, MB. Assiniboine Valley Railway is a 3600 foot 1.5 or 7.5" gauge railroad on 6 acres that operates 5 open house weekends during the summer and the light show in December.  (12/21/98) REV (4/25/01)

railRenegade HO Modular Railroad Club: Winnipeg, MB. A little different than your average modular layout. (7/9/99)

railWinnipeg Model Railroad Club: A non-profit organization full of fun-loving members whose purpose is to promote the interest, knowledge, operation and enjoyment of scale railway modeling. (6/19/98)
rail Winnipeg N-Trak Model Rail Club: Winnipeg, Manitoba. N-Scale group based in Winnipeg, MB with a fully portable modular layout. (4-20-04)

New Brunswick:

railCampbellton model Railroad Club: Campbellton, New Brunswick. The club is mostly dedicated to 4x8 layouts. It is home of the " Campbellton Fantasy Lines ". Open House every weekend 1pm-4pm. (2-26-06)

railMoncton Model Railroad Society : Promoting model railroading and railroad history in Moncton, New Brunswick. (12/02/09)

rail Saint John Society of Model Railroaders:Saint John, NB. HO modular layout club (12-17-03)

Nova Scotia:

railAnnapolis Valley Model Railway Club: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Club description, location, contact people and links to 'Dominion Atlantic Railway' sites (our theme). (10-6-02)


rail Aberfoyle Junction Model Railway: Aberfoyle, Ontario. O Scale, 1950's setting, handbuilt locomotives, rolling stock & structures. Realistic scenery. Night Scene. Open to public 10 days/year. (2-3-07)

rail Barrie-Allandale Railway Modellers: Barrie, Ontario. Our HO Lake Simcoe Railway and Modular layouts enable any one to get involved no mater what his space limitations are. (2-15-05)

rail Burlington Model Railway Club: Burlington, ON. Permanent and modular layouts in N, HO and G scales. (7-8-03)

rail Central Niagara Railroad Club: St.Catharines, Ontario. Modeling the Canadian National in the Niagara Region between Hamilton and Fort Erie from the late 1970's to mid 1980's (2-10-05)

railChatham, Wallaceburg & Lake Erie Model Railroad Group: Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada. A Modular group from Wallaceburg, Ontario taking the Modalar to local shows in southwest Ontario.. (5-4-05)

rail Erin Mills Model Railroad Association: Mississauga, ON. The purpose of the Association is to promote, stimulate, foster, and encourage by all manner and means the art and craft of model railroading, more particularly in the Erin Mills, Mississauga area. (2/15/98)

rail H.O Model Engineers Society: hamilton, ontario. A club building a layout dipicting Southern Ontario in 1958 (11-9-04)

rail Lindsay & District Model Railroaders: Lindsay, Ontario. Club news, activities and items of interest which may be of interest to other modelers (11-12-06)

rail The London N'Gineers Model Railroad Club: London, Ontario. A modular N scale model railroad club located in London, Ontario (6-9-05)

rail Merrickville Model Railroad Club: Merrickville, Ontario. Parent/Child model railroad club. Meets Thursdays at 6:30pm at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Merrickville (8-17-06)

railModel Railroading club: Carleton Place, Ontario. The Mississippi Valley Associated Railroaders of Carleton Place is a non-profit club established in 1987. (10-29-04)

rail Muskoka Model Railway Club: Bracebridge, Ontario. HO and N layouts. CN Muskoka 1945-1950. Meets every Wednesday. (6-28-04)

railOttawa Valley Associated Railroaders (OVAR): The largest railroading club in the Ottawa, ON, area. (6/19/97)

rail Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society: Ottawa, ON. Our goal is to promote friendship and have fun through garden railroading. (8-16-02)

railOttawa Valley HOTrak Modular Club: Ottawa, ON. A modular/freemo group, featuring standards, track diagrams, and photos. (6/19/97)

railOttawa Valley N-TRAK: Ottawa, ON. We have been around for 23 years, the club was founded with six charter members in May 1976, and have a membership of about 20. (9/12/99)

railRichmond Hill Live Steamers: Richmond Hill, ON. live-steam club dedicated to building operating scale model, steam, electric desiel locomotives-5 gauges of track, 31/2 acres. (4/17/01)

rail Thames Valley Modular RR Club: Describes our Club, our modular, mobile 12' x 45' RR display and our annual show and sale, for the 13th year is in April/02. (9-9-01)

railModel Railroad Club Of Toronto: O Scale layout (120' X 40')with nine scale miles of track of fictious "Central Ontario Railway" set in '50s or '60s. (9/8/00)

railWindsor Modular Railroad Club: Windsor, Ontario. Windsor and Essex County's HO Scale Model Railroad Club (9-9-05)

rail York Railway Modelers: A 1600 sq. ft. permanent HO scale club, modelling Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways in Southwestern Ontario in the 1950's. (1-28-02)

Prince Edward Island:

rail Half Nuts Model Railroaders: Half Nuts Model Railroaders are located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island (PE). We have a round-robin operating group operating on several HO scale layouts in the area. We enjoy working on each others layouts as well as other layouts in the area. (01-15-08)


railAssociation des Modélistes Ferrovière de Montréal (AMFM). Montreal Railroad Modelers Association (MRMA): Montréal, PQ. CANADA CENTRAL HO Layout. The largest HO Layout in Canada. History, Layout Plans, Pictures, Films, etc. (2-28-02)

rail European Train Enthusiasts "Greater Montreal Chapter": Greater Montreal & South Eastern Ontario, Quebec. European Train Enthusiasts is the premiere North American organization focusing on European railroading. (12-4-03)

rail Free-Modu-Rail de la Capitale: Quebec City, PQ. A group of round-robin modular railroaders. An old modular group now reworking modules to Free-Mo standards and Digitrax DCC. (English/French) (07/02/07)

rail Modelistes Ferroviaires de Gatineau: Gatineau, PQ. HO model railroad club. We have a permanent layout, and meet every Tuesday evening. (3/13/07)

railLes Modelistes Ferroviaires de la Mauricie Inc: Club de HO au Canada/HO club in Canada. (9/24/99)

railMontreal Live Steamers: Montreal, PQ. A live steam club since 1934, with photos, info, and more. (5/18/98)

railMontreal NTRAK: Montreal, PQ. Club history, modeling tips, layout information, and more. (English/French) (8/21/97)
railQuebec Model Railroad Society: Sainte-Foy, Quebec. The Quebec Model Railroad Society, a not-for-profit organization, was created in 1965. It is financed thanks to the contributions of its members and its activities. The QMRS offers its member railroad modellers: • a meeting place where they can exchange ideas and information; • partners possessing numerous talents ranging from history to electronics, to the operation of railroad companies, etc; • a 300 m2 building comprising two rooms for N and HO layouts, a meeting room, a wood-working and painting room, as well as an additional room for the maintenance of railroad equipment, not to mention an exterior layout at a scale of 1 ½ inches to the foot; • a specialized library containing a vast number of magazines and books dealing as much with model building as with real railroads. (10-11-05)

rail Société de Modélisme Ferroviaire de Québec: Sainte-Foy, Quebec. La Société de modélisme ferroviaire de Québec (SMFQ), organisme sans but lucratif, a vu le jour en 1965. Elle est financée grâce aux cotisations de ses membres et de ses activités. La SMFQ offre aux modélistes ferroviaires membres : • un lieu de rencontres et d'échanges; • des partenaires aux talents multiples allant de l'histoire, en passant par l'électronique, le fonctionnement des compagnies de chemins de fer, etc.; • un bâtiment de 300 m2 comprenant deux salles pour les réseaux N et HO, une salle de réunion, une salle de menuiserie et de peinture de même qu'une autre pour l'entretien du matériel ferroviaire, sans compter un réseau extérieur à l'échelle de 1 ½'' au pied; • une bibliothèque spécialisée renfermant une multitude de revues et de livres portant autant sur le modélisme que sur le domaine ferroviaire réel. (10-12-05)

rail West Island Modular Railroad Club: Dorval, QC. We operate an HO scale modular layout located in Dorval, Quebec, on the west end of the island of Montreal. (8-9-06)


railEcho Valley Railway Guild: Regina, SK. An HO modular association. (4/05/01)

railPrairie Rail Workshop: Saskatoon, SK. An informal group with a common interest in model railroading. Photos, articles, and more. (6/29/97)

railRegina Model Railroad Club: Regina, SK. Formed by a group of people interested in the hobby. The club was formed in 1958 and this will mark our 40th year in existence. (3/15/98)

railSaskatoon Railroad Modelers: Saskatoon, SK. Scratch building articles, particularly in large scale, plus photo tours of model railways. (1/30/00)


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