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Memorabilia Magazines

All links checked on 4/12/2001.  Dates shown are original entry dates.

rail48/ft. O Scale News: Official web site for 48/ft., O Scale News, bi-monthly magazine for those modeling in 1/48 scale, links. (6/5/99)

rail 1:64 Modeling Guide: The only all S/Sn-scale magazine in publication featuring the very finest 1:64 scale modeling in the world. (8-14-04)

railThe 7+ Narrow Gauger: A quarterly publication for riding-scale model railroaders and live steamers. (7/28/97)

railAust-N-Scale: A quarterly publication to promote N scale modelling. (7/11/00)

railAustralian Model Engineering Magazine: This Australian based magazine provides both prototype and modelling information on a wide range of railroad subjects. Mainly large-scale live steam. (6/5/99)

railAustralian Model Railway Magazine: The other modeling magazine. (7/11/00)

railBanen: Banen is the most widely read model and enthusiast railway magazine published in Danish, covering all of Scandinavia. (4/20/00)

railBritish Railway Modelling: Each month BRM features something for everyone with at least two layouts, informative articles, news of the latest products, 'Diary Dates' and 'Lock's Siding' with Jack the Station Cat. (10/31/99)

rail Canadian Railway Modeller: Canada'a only model train magazine covering the modelling and prototype action in Canada. (12-4-01)

railClassic Toy Trains: Information, FAQs, reviews, and more from Classic Toy Trains. (6/25/97)

railContinental Modeler: The exclusive monthly magazine essential for every enthusiast who models the railways of the world. Continental modeler each month shows you how to perfectly reproduce railway scenes and is filled with articles intended to inspire. (2/15/98)

railCTC Board Railroads Illustrated: Current issue, back issues, and contribution information for this monthly magazine. (5/10/97)

railEastern Railroad News On-Line Magazine: America's First On-Line Industry News Magazine, reporting railroad news in the Eastern and Midwestern United States! Daily news is offered in addition to bi-monthly features. (2-27-02)

railExtra 2200 South: A quarterly magazine dedicated to railroad diesel locomotives in North America. Extra 2200 South presents current and historical information, news, roster changes and photographs of diesels locomotives. (9/9/00)

railWelcome to Railfax: Extra 2200 South (Back Issues). Former publisher Railfax sells Issues 1-90 only, 1968-1990. Book: Rock Island Diesel Locomotives by Marre. (2-28-02)

railFinescale Railroader: Renowned for stunning photography as well as for unsurpassed coverage of realistic scale model building, superior layouts and dioramas, and prototype plans and articles. (7/7/00)

railFirkin Railroad Index & Timeline: Downloadable index of both model and prototype magazines, including prototype photographs. (4-3-02)

railThe Flimsy: A quarterly electronic publication for the American Model Railroader. (11-1-05)

railFlimsies: The weekly magazine of Western US railroading, includes photo section and more. (5/10/97)

railGarden Railways: FAQs about garden railways as well as information about the magazine. (6/19/97)

rail Gartenbahn Profi Magazine: German-language (English translations available) garden railroad magazine, focused on international garden railroading from scale 1:20.3 to 1:29. International contributors from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. (Deutcsh). (5-24-04)

railGrand Scales Quarterly: Specializing in 12" scale or larger gauge railroads. Features color photos, "how-tos", and articles on private & commercial trains. (7/11/99)

railHobby Merchandiser: The oldest and the leading trade magazine for the model hobby industry. Hobby Merchandiser is a trade-only publication and is not made available to consumers. (12/10/97)

railHot Off The Rails: Newsletter providing up to date information for the Australian Rail Industry, with corresponding web site with rail tenders, jobs and more. (10/2/98)

railInterRailNews: The first Italian Internet magazine devoted to trains. (Italian/English) (9/17/99)

railInternational Journal of Crashworthiness: Provides an authoritative forum for the publication of original research and applied work fundamental for researchers, engineers and designers. (6/19/98)

railITM Praktiker: ITM praktiker has developed hardware and software for a PC-controlled DCC-system: "DigiTrain" for do-it-yourself. (German) (1/28/98)

railiTreni: The oldest and most diffused Italian full-color railway magazine for railroad fans and modelers of all scales and gauges! (6/5/99)

railJunat: Magazine of Finnish railways and model trains since 1984. (7/23/97)

rail Koleje Male i Duze: Polish hobby magazine for railfans and railway modellers. (11-8-04)

railLGB Telegram: The official English-language quarterly magazine for fans of LGB trains. (8/21/97)

railLight Iron Digest: Pertient information for the narrow gauge, industrial, and short line enthusiest. (9/8/00)

railLOK Report: A non-commercial, European railways magazine in German language, published monthly. (German) (7/27/97)

railMain Two Foot Quarterly: Prototype and modelinging information for 24" and 30" gauge enthusiasts. (9/23/99)

railMainline Modeler: Model the mainlines of North America with Mainline Modeler Magazine. (9/20/99)

railMIBA: The German "Model Railroader": Web-Site featuring European - mainly German - Model RR. Books, videos, and previews of publications are available. (German) (5/16/98)

railModel Railroader: Information, classifieds, magazine index, and much more from this Kalmbach publication. (6/18/97)

railModel Railroader: Information, classifieds, magazine index, and much more from this Kalmbach publication. (6/18/97)

railModel Railroad Hobbyist Magazine: Totally electronic, totally interactive, and totally free general model railroading mediaZine. Completely hobby advertiser-supported so is forever free for model railroaders to download and read. Typical issue size: 100+ pages.(3-25-09)

railModel Retailer: Kalmbach's monthly trade magazine covering the business of hobbies. (6/18/97)

railModern Railways: Provides the up to the minute information of the latest industry events. Dedicated to comprehensive professional coverage of railway operations in Britain and overseas. (9/23/99)

railNarrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette: Packed with how-to articles and features of interest to model railroaders. High quality photographs accompany feature articles of model railroad layouts each month. (9/12/99)

railO Gauge Railroading: Information about the magazine and video, plus modeling information. (6/18/97)

rail Railroad Explorer Magazine - Trains of Northeastern North America: Railroad Explorer Magazine features spectacular photographs of classic and modern era prototype railroading in the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada. (9-7-04)

railRail Line News: The exciting publication that focuses on keeping active model railroaders up-to-date on new products and new hobby developments. (3/10/99)

railLe Rail Miniature Magazine - Q.R.L.&P.Co: In french, this website contains information about Canadians Railways and Quebec, Railway, Lights & Power Company. (9/9/00)

railRail Photo Ads A FREE classified ad site for modelers and collectors where photos can be attached to the ads. (4/13/01)

railRail Privatisation News: This fortnightly newsletter has become the most authoritative source of up-to-the-minute information on the restructuring of Britain's railway industry. (7/29/97)

railThe Railroad Press: Features very high quality color and black and white photography of modern and historical railroading, plus detailed articles and maps. Also publishes books, such as Alcos To Allentown. (3/15/98)

railRailbusiness. Railbusiness is a weekly newsletter about North American freight railroad industry news, information and analysis. you can receive newsletter via email! (4/13/01)

railRailfan & Railroad: The official site of R&R from Carstens. (10/18/97)

rail Welcome to Railfax: Back Issues "Extra 2200 South" (#1-90 only) by former publisher Railfax. Book "Rock Island Diesel Locomotives 1930-1980" by Louis A. Marre, publisher Railfax. (11-15-01)

railRailpace Newsmagazine: Hot news, photo gallery, online store, and more from this monthly magazine of railroading in the Northeast US. (6/19/97)

railRailroad Model Craftsman: Official website for this magazine. (2/6/99)

railRailway Age: Industry magazine for US railroading. (9/23/99)

railRailway Digest Magazine: Australia's leading railway news monthly, published by the Australian Railway Historical Society, NSW Division. (8/1/97)

railRailway Gazette International: First choice for railway business information worldwide. (12/14/97)

railRailway Magazines/Books etc.: For Sale Railway & Model Railway Magazines, Books, Catalogues, etc. (6-1-03)

railRailway Modeler: Great Britain's leading model railway magazine with the largest circulation by far. If you are an enthusiast for railways of the British Isles, you will not wish to miss the many articles published each month. (2/15/98)

railRailway World: A long established, authoritative monthly magazine produced to the highest standards. Devoted to carrying all the latest news and views on the current railway scene. (9/23/99)

railRealidad Ferroviaria: The leading Latin American Spanish-speaking railway publication. (Spanish/English) (12/23/98)

railrelhobi Magazine: Online Indonesian model railroad magazine, to be updated forthnightly. (10-12-01)

railS/Sn3 Modeling Guide: Published six times per year to provide the S scale (1:64) model railroader with information and entertainment. (6/18/97)

railSteam In The Garden: Articles, events, online museum, videos, photos, and much more about garden railroading. (6/19/97)

railToo-Too Twain Newsletter: A monthly Newsletter for 3 rail semi-scale model railroaders. Tips on Sound installations, upgrading your trains, and consumer reports on new products. (6/5/99)

railTrains: Kalmbach's magazine dedicated to the glory of railroading, past and present. Includes Trains News Wire, a regularly updated report of rail news. (6/18/97)

rail Trens & Modelismo: Amateur magazine about real railroads and model railroads in Brazil. Each number is 16 pages, black and white, offset printed, portuguese text only. Price is R$ 8,00 per issue. We will accept trades with other amateur magazines. (1-1-02)

railTrolley Talk: A bi-monthly magazine for trolley fans. (3/10/99)

railUrban Transport News: Your complete executive briefing on trends shaping the mass transit industry. (7/19/97)

railU.S. Rail News: Since 1978, it has covered the trends legislation, personalities, regulations and technological developments that directly affect railroad operations. (7/19/97)

railZtrack Magazine: The only magazine in North America devoted to Z scale model railroading. (4/8/00)

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