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CWRR Links Pages

Golden Age of Railroading:
North American N-Z

railThe Narrow Gauge--DRGW & RGS: For the collection and distribution of information pertaining to Denver & Rio Grande Western and Rio Grande Southern narrow gauge railroads. (1/30/00)
railNarrow Gauge Circle: Literally the best D&RG narrow gauge site on the web, including virtual tours, maps, photos, and much more by Mark Evans. (7/3/97) 
railNarrow Gauge On The Net: A great site for those interested in US narrow gauge lines of yesterday and today, with prototype articles, tourist section, bookstore, modeling, building drawings, and more. Focuses on Western lines, but also includes some Eastern info as well. (3/17/98)
railNashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway: NC&StL Nashville, Paducah & Memphis Divisions. (5/30/01)
railNew Jersey Railroading History: Information on many of the hundreds of railroads that used to cross the Garden State of New Jersey. (1/30/00)
rail New York Central Home Page: Everything you ever wanted to know about the New York Central Railroad. Rich in history. (4-28-05)

railNevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County : Nevada copper mining railroads. Histories, rosters, maps, and photos of Nevada Northern, Nevada Consolidated Copper, Kennecott Copper - Nevada Mines Division, and BHP Nevada Railroad. (9/8/00)

railNext Stop, Aptos Station!: Dedicated to the preservation of western railroading with a special focus on railroading history in Santa Cruz County, California. (9/8/00)

railNYSW Employee Timetable No. 26: This is an HTML copy of Employee Timetable No. 26 of the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Company. (2/5/99)

railNineteenth And Early Twentieth Century Railroading: History and photos of railroading during this period in Colorado and other nearby areas. (7/28/97)

railThe Norfolk & Western Newsgroup: Newsgroup for discussion of the N&W. Modeling, historical discussions, questions answered and more. (3/28/99)

railNorfolk & Western Railway Homepage: Covers the N&W prior to its merger with the Southern Railway. Includes photos of N&W diesel schemes, information on various Divisions, and more. (8/3/97)

railNorth American Steam Locomotives: Tracking surviving steam locomotives in NA. Includes list, conceptual tours, virtual museum tours, and more. (5/9/97)

railNorth Platte Canteen: From 1941-46 more than six million servicemen who traveled through NE during World War II fondly remember the hospitality of the Canteen, where every troop train was met by volunteers who prepared and served sandwiches, coffee, and other 'goodies' during stops there. (8/3/97)

railNortheastern PA Rail and Anthracite Page: Information and photos of railroad action and structures in PA. (4/4/98)

railNorthern Pacific Railway On The Web: A great source of information for the NP fan or modeler, including an online history, engineering records, line overviews, and more added all the time. (5/9/97)

railNorthwestern University Transportation Library: Resources for transportation. (10/3/98)

railNPTellTale: An email list for fans of the Northern Pacific Railway. Anything relating to the "Main Street of the Northwest" is welcome, both modeling and prototype. (10/29/99)

railOhio Railroad Page: Photos of railroading in OH, PA, and WV, plus information. (3/10/98)

railThe Old Mainline: History of the Baltimore & Ohio railway, plus maps, photos, and more. (1/30/00)

railOntario Railway History Page: A brief breakdown of all rail lines that were constructed in the Province of Ontario, Canada. (5/9/97)

railOrville's World: This site is about my thoughts on past railroading and contains photographs of railroading in general. (10/24/98)

railOshawa Railway Company: Was born in 1895, and effectively died on May 2, 1964 when the line was 100% dieselized by the CNR, however, power was not shut off until July 2, 1964. (9/11/99)

railThe Overseas Railroad--FEC's Key West Extension: Images and text describing "Flagler's Folly," the Overseas Railroad to Key West (1912-1935). (10/24/98)

railPacific Coast Zephyr: Charts the rebuilding of a Budd 10-6 sleeper, plus a list of restoration parts from Monad Railway Equipment. (5/7/97)

railPacific Electric Railway Facts and Tours: Exactly what the title says, plus virtual tours of the various lines. (7/5/00)

railThe Panama Railroad: Dedicated to the First Transcontinental Railroad: The Panama Railroad, the most expensive railroad ever built. (10/2/98)

railPast Tracks: A Queen City Built By Rail: A history of the railroad industry in Buffalo and western NY. (5/10/97)

railPC Modeler Email List: This list is for discussion about scale modeling the Penn Central Railroad in miniature. Subjects about predecessor railroads(Pennsylvania, New York Central and New Haven) or subsidaries(ie. Lehigh Valley, etc.) are welcome as they relate to the PC. (1/30/00)

railPenn Central Railroad Home Page: One of the best online sources of railfan and modeler information about the PC, and its influence on Conrail. Includes many photos of equipment, maps, rosters, track diagrams, and much more. (5/9/97)

railPenn Central Transportation Company: An 'official' site for the defunct railroad, with history and more. (9/13/99)

railPennsy's: Information on Horseshoe Curve and some PRR photos. (7/29/97)
railUnofficial Pennsylvania Railroad Page: Historical information, images, and a question/answer forum for fans of the PRR. (5/9/97)

railPennsylvania Pages: An evolving site containing articles on PRR history, particularly as it relates to the Philadelphia area. (8/25/97)

railPennsylvania Railroad: Dedicated to the sharing of information relating to the late, great Pennsylvania Railroad, addressing both prototypical and modeling interests. (1/30/00)

railPennsylvania Railroad: Erie & Pittsburgh and Philadelphia & Erie Branches: Details the E&P and P&E branches of the Pennsylvania Railroad, plus PRR modeling information. (11/5/98)
railPennsy Talk: PRR-Talk is the Internet's first and largest mailing list dedicated to the Pennsylvania Railroad. Both prototype and modeling topics are welcome. (5/27/01)

railPennsylvania Railroad Homepage: Photos of PRR steam locomotives, hardware, collectibles, and more. (1/30/00)

railPoland, and its Railways: Images of steam and the landscape in 1992. (1-7-03)

railPostcard Views of Southern Pacific's Shasta Route: Many vintage postcard views of the SP, plus photos and other items of interest. (3/1/98)

railPostcards - Send A Narrow Gauge Postcard: We have an ever growing range of images. Now with a South African Gallery! (9/8/00)

railPractical Plan For Building The Pacific Railroad: A reprint of T.D. Judah's 1857 pamphlet at the Museum of the City of San Francisco. (8/20/97)

railPRRWires Email List: Devoted to the discussion of PRR electric operations, modeling, and memories. Plus successor roads such as CR, Amtrak, Septa, and others. (9/11/99)

railRail Photos Unlimited: 24,000 railroad slides and prints of railroad equipment including all major railroads, shortlines, industrial locomotives, cabooses, freight cars and much more. Visit our gift store including toys, jewelry, hat pins, nostalgic signs, puzzles and other great train gift ideas. (05-01-08)

railRailroad And Anthracite: The legacy of railroads, anthracite, and heavy industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Includes articles, photos, and more. (9/22/97)

railThe Railroad Art Of Chris Ashmore: Transportation art of Chris Ashmore. Drawings, paintings, and more. (9/11/99)

rail RailRoad Caboose List: Email list for discussing cabooses, their past and present use, and where they might now be found. Now featuring over 200 photos and links to 1000s more. (7-10-01)

railRailroad Extra: Deals with live steam in the news, technology, and related industries. Also disasters, oddities, stories and a complete book on the Running and Maintenance of the Steam Locomotive. (10/24/98)

rail Railroad Interlocking Towers Discussion Group and Web Site: To collect, discuss and disseminate data, history and images of railroad interlockings and towers in North America and elsewhere. Topics to be discussed shall include technical, operational, historic and human interest subjects, as well as links and sources of information and affiliation. (10-2-03)

railRailway Mail Service Library: U.S. Mail was transported in Railway Post Offices and storage mail cars on passenger trains between 1838 and 2004. (10-3-05)

railRailroad Stations In Massachusetts: Devoted to the location, history, and uses of railroad depots in the fourteen counties of Massachusetts. (9/8/00)

railRailroad Stations Of New Hampshire: Devoted to the location, history, and uses of railroad depots in the ten counties of New Hampshire. (7/17/98)

railRailroading Online: ATSF steam engine diagrams, BN diesel shops virtual tour, Fairbanks-Morse locomotives, the Wisconsin Central, and info on the IL Railroad Museum. (5/9/97)

railRailroads In The High Sierra: Histories of the Central Pacific and Boca & Loyalton with drawings, maps, photos, and modern touring of the lines. (8/25/97)

railRailroads Of Kansas: The history of railroading in the state. (5/10/97)

railRailroads Of Madison County: An historical look at the railroads of Madison County, IN, includes text and photos. (5/6/97)

railRailroads Of Western New York: A detailed historical examination of railroading in this region, with rosters, photos, maps, and more when available. (8/24/97) Today in RR history. Free downloads of software and images. Free classifieds and forum. Bookstore. (9/17/99)

railRailway To The Moon: Dedicated to information, photos, and history regarding the Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire. (5/9/97)

railRailway Women In Wartime: Welcome to this collection of photographs. It was amassed while researching my book Women Workers on the Railways 1830-2000, forthcoming from Cassell. (9/8/00)

rail Reading Railroad Page: Photos, maps, rosters and historical information relating to the Reading Railroad. (6-30-01)

railReading Talk Email List: Dedicated to discussion of Reading Company prototype and modeling topics. (11/9/98)

railRemembering The Rutland: Dedicated to preserving the memory of the late, lamented Rutland Railroad through photos, prototype information, and modeling. (11/21/98)

railRich Tubb's Erie Lackawanna Page: Photos, historical resources, and more about the EL. (4/20/00)

railRichmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad: The place to start for the modeler and fan of the RF&P. Includes maps, photos, resources, modeling ideas, and more. (7/26/97)

railRio Grande Southern Homepage: John Humphrey's site on the RGS containing a brief history, what can be seen today, and modeling the RGS. (7/2/97)

railRio Grande Southern - Interesting Info: Timelines, remaining equipment, references and other information about the Rio Grande Southern railroad. (9/8/00)

railRio Grande Southern Railroad Technical Information Page: Designed to disseminate information of interest to the RGS enthusiast, model railroaders and rail fans in general. (4/6/99)

railRob's Pennsy Homepage: Freight roster, surviving steamers, decal information, bibliography, photos, and more on the PRR from Robert Schoenberg. (10/4/97)

railRob's Web Depot and Train Museum: Some unique content about trains as well as my musum of interesting train stuff. (1/30/00)

railRochester & Eastern Rapid Railway: Information and photos about an interurban railway that ran from Rochester, NY to Geneva, NY. (9/30/98)

railLost Engines of Roanoke: Site dedicated to saving 4 Norfolk & Western steam engines rusting away in Roanoke, VA scrapyard. (9-23-02)

railRoyal Hudson Unofficial Homepage: A comprehensive site about the Royal Hudson(s). History, roster, specs, photos, and excursion information. (3/15/98)

railRutland Railway Island Line: A personal tribute to the line. (9/19/99)

railSacramento Northern Online: Bringing together the information on SN. History, equipment, books, modeling, and more are covered. (5/9/97)
railSanta Fe Railway Eastern Archive: Historical information relating to the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. and Railroad Co. including evaluation photos, personal histories, Click books, train orders, track charts, car folios, etc. (7-31-02)

railSanta Fe Subjects: This site covers a range of subjects related to the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. Subjects will be added and existing ones expanded as time allows. (7/20/98)

railSeaboard Air Line: Photos with historical text on the SAL. (2/6/98)

railSeaboard Air Line Passenger Station: A brief history and description of the restoration of this station in Charlotte, NC. (8/22/97)

railSeaboard Air Line Unofficial Homepage: A very personal look the Seaboard Railroad. (5/14/99)

railSeaboard Coast Line Homepage: Covering every aspect of SCL. (6/19/98)

railThe Shawmut Line: News, photos, and information about the Pittsburgh & Shawmut. (12/21/98)

railSierra Railroad: CA's Golden Shortline: History, Railtown tour, news, map, and more about the past and present operations of this line. (5/10/97)

railSlim Rails: Celebrating the glory of narrow gauge railroading such as the Southern Pacific NG, Durango & Silverton, EBT, Tweetsie, and more. (5/9/97)
railSmokebox Auctions - Realtime Railroadiana Auctions: Smokebox Auction is an online railroadiana web-site listing items from tickets, to totems to nameplates! (5-17-02)

railOfficial Railfan Website Of The Smoky Mountain Railroad: The only website dedicated to the history of the Smoky Mountain Railroad and its predecessors (Knoxville, Sevierville & Eastern and Knoxville & Carolina Railways). (9/8/00)
railSouthern Pacific: Northern California Branchline Bibliography: A bibliographic collection of articles on subjects regarding northern California SP branch lines. (5/9/97)

railSouthern Pacific Railroad 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Operations: Articles concerning SP's operations during the quake. Presented by the Museum of the City of San Francisco. (8/25/97)

railSouthern Railfan: History, modeling, photos, and more from Tom Daspit. (4/18/99)

railSouthern Railway Home Page: An unofficial Southern Railway Page containing Society information, photos, graphics, rosters, and historical SOU information. (11/8/97)

railSouthern Railway System: This site exists for the purpose of helpinging others to learn more of the history and operations of the Southern Railway System, its subsidiaries, and its predecessors. (2/9/98)

railSteam In Ohio: Tracking existing steam locomotives still in use or in museums/parks across the state. Photos, maps, and other necessary information for visiting the locos yourself. (3/10/98)

railSteam Locomotive Restoration: Restoration of a standard gauge 0-4-0T, 0-6-0T, Plymouth yard engine, and Fairmont motor car. (5/9/97)

railSteelWorking: Historical and contemporary articles and photo gallery on the steel industry in Western Pennsylvania, along with information on the role railroads played. (10/4/97)

railStreetcar Philadelphia: Information on trolley operations in Philadelphia and Norristown, PA. (10/2/97)

railSussex Branch Memorial: Memorial to the Sussex Branch of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad. (1/30/00)

railSwitch Back Gravity Railroad: The best resource for information on the interesting Switch Back Gravity RR located in Lehighton, PA. (10/19/97)

railTabor & Northern Railroad: Brief look at the shortest standard gauge railroad in the world. (4/2/99)

railTaplines-Shortlines, Industrial & Narrow Gauge Railroads of the SouthEast: Photographs, maps, history and rosters of shortlines, logging, mining, industrial and narrow gauge railroads of the old south. New material added every month. (8/14/97)

railTexas Steam: Intended to provide accurate, current, in depth information about surviving steam locomotives in Texas, and steam locomotives with Texas roots but which now reside elsewhere. (9/22/99)

railThousand Islands Railway Historical Page: Dedicated to presenting the history and useful information to rail enthusiasts who are interested in North America's shortest railway in history (3.32 mi). (7/20/98)

rail Restoration of the North Toronto Station: Follow the restoration of the North Toronto Station; Toronto's first "grand station." (7-25-01)

railTown Of Chatham, NY: Historical photos of railroading in the area on the B&A and Rutland. (9/19/99)

railTrains All Stopped At Gerber In Busy Bygone Years: An article about the town of Gerber, CA, and role the Southern Pacific played. (8/25/97)

railTrains! Trains! Trains!: Test your knowledge of rail history as you enjoy a variety of moving gifs and sounds. (1/16/98)

railTranscontinental Railroad Website: Historical information, photos, and more about the important railroad. (5/6/97)

railUltimate Steam Page: Information on continuing efforts to build new and better steam locomotives, previous projects like the ACE 3000, and steam news. (10/2/98)

railUniversity Of Connecticut Railroad History Collections: The official repository of the records of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. The University also holds 30 other collections related to railroad history in the Northeast, primarily CT. Site provides the listing of the collections and links to more information about some of them. (11/2/97)

railVintage Railroad Postcards: Send an electronic, Vintage Railroad greeting card (postcard) to someone today! Free! (4/20/00)

railWarren Calloway's Norfolk Southern Railway Homepage: Photos and history of the original NS by renowned author, Warren Calloway. (5/14/99)

railWarren Calloway's Seaboard Air Line: Photos and history of the SAL and SCL by renown author, Warren Calloway. (5/14/99)

railWeb Lurker's DOME.main: History of all dome cars built by RR, with cross references to secondary RR ownership, tourist lines, and car names. (9/15/99)

railWest Side Lumber Company: Information and history of the WSLC, a logging railroad located in the Sierra foothills in Tuolumne, CA. (1/16/98)

railWestern Maryland Railway...Yesterday And Today: Dave Cathell's experiences with the WM past and present through photos and detailed captions. (9/17/97)

railWestern New York Railroad Archive: A collection of historical railroad information from Western New York State, with information about all types of rail travel: steam railroads, interurbans, and streetcar lines. (8/14/97)

railWestern Pacific Railroad Information: Preserving the memory of the Western Pacific Railroad with information for railfans and modelers alike. (7/20/98)

railWestern Pacific Virtual Museum: Preserving the memory of the "Wobbly" through the display of memorabilia, such as postcards, timetables, and more. (8/25/97)

railWestern Washington Steam Railroad Page: For all you folks who are interested in steam locomotives and want to know where in Washington you can go to see them. (10/17/97)

rail The Wild West: This website show a model of "the Wild West" 1860 with trains, cowboys, soldiers and Indians built in HO-scale. (11-10-01)

railWisconsin Logging Railroads: County by county survey of logging railroads that operated in the Badger State. (6/30/98)

railYosemite Valley Railroad: Jack Burgess' site devoted to the study of the YVR along with excellent information about modeling the line from this famous modeler. (5/9/97)

railThe Zephyrville Times: A personal recollection of railroading told through several essays and photos on topics such as SF cable cars, Wyoming Fast Freight, Nebraska Zephyr, and more. (6/30/97)


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