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CWRR Links Pages

Golden Age Railroading:
North American A-M

rail30" Gauge Logging: History and photos of 30" gauge logging railroads in California. (10/29/99)
railAddison Railroad: History and photos of the Addison Railroad, a branchline of the Rutland Railroad, from 1871 to 1961. (8/29/00)
railALCo-GE-IR Boxcabs Page: Photos, history, and more. (2/6/99)
railALCoHauler: Information and photos about ALCo diesel locomotives. (5/9/97)
railAll Aboard: The Role Of The Railroads In Protecting, Promoting, And Selling Yellowstone And Yosemite National Parks: A captivating thesis by Joshua Scott James, including photos and reproduced promotional items from the turn of the century. (8/25/97)
railUnofficial Algoma Eastern Railway Homepage: Information on one of Northern Ontario's historical railways for modelers, railfans and historians. (3/28/99)

railAn American Classic: Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: by Robert T. Royem. A brief history, with photos, of the D&SNGRR from the construction of the line to the present day operations. (8/25/97)
railAmerican Railroad Steam Engines with Sounds & History: Enjoy yourself while viewing beautiful pictures and hearing sounds of steam engines of various kinds and some history of each. (12/30/97)
railAmerican Railroad Women Research Project: Rail women's research site with info and updates about the project. Requests for input from women railroaders. (9/8/00)
railThe American West: The place to begin your research for those modeling the American West from the boom town days to the ghost towns, including railroading. (2/6/99)
railAnother Lackawanna Railroad Station: Railroading in New Jersey and New England over the years. (7/20/98)
railArchives of Appalachia: Railroads: Accessible materials documenting the cultural, economic, political, and social development of southern Appalachia. (8/14/97)
railArchy's Train Page: Histories of Eastern & Southern narrow gauge railroads. (11/22/98)
railArthur U. Gerber--Transit Architect: Arthur Gerber designed buildings for the interurbans and rapid transit lines under Samuel Insull's control. Examples include the North Shore Line, the South Shore Line, and the CTA in and around Chicago. Six stations are on the National Register of Historical Places. (11/2/97)
railArt's SP&S Homepage: Diesel and diesel rosters, photos, paint schemes, plus timetables, collectibles, and much more. (3/10/98)
railAtlantic & Yadkin Railway History And Modeling: Focus on history and modeling of a Southern Railway subsidiary shortline from Mount Airy to Sanford in North Carolina. (3/12/00)
railAustrian Ebepe Railroad: Austrian steam locomotives. (5/23/01)
railBaldwin Diesel Zone: A railfan website dedicated to Baldwin diesel locomotives. (9-21-05)

railBaltimore & Ohio Railroad Network: Articles about the B&O along with links to other sites that contain information about and/or photographs of the railroad. (4/10/00)
railBatman's Train Antiques: A true Railfan's website, with emphasis on railway archaeology, steam locomotive salvage, restoration, collectables, memorabilia. (9/8/00)
railBelfast & Moosehead Lake: Photographic history of Maine's Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad. (4/30/01)
railBirmingham Rails: A web site about railroads and industries in and around Birmingham, AL. This page is intended to share my interests in railroads, history of technology, and my perception that there is a lot of great railroad history and activity in Birmingham, AL.(9/8/00)
railBirth Of California Narrow Gauge: Discussing the history and preservation of narrow gauge railroading in the Golden State. (5/9/97)
railUnofficial Boston & Maine Railroad Page: An overview of B&M history, with photos and further references. A nice place to start your B&M research. (7/19/98)
railBoxcar Whitey's Boxcarfull of Lore, etc.: A compendium of railroad lore, tall tales, witticism, misrepresentations, traveling anecdotes,&c., written by the Illinoisan Gentleman of Leisure, Boxcar Whitey. (12-12-04)

railBRHS List: The purpose of the list is for historians, railfans and railroad modelers to discuss the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad and/or its predecessors. (9/6/98)

railBritish Columbia Archives: An online listing of government documents and records, private historical manuscripts, maps, architectural plans, photos, videos, films, and more dealing with BC and the Pacific Northwest. (9/27/97)

railThe Broad Way: A Pennsylvania Railroad Home Page: Prototype and model data about the Standard Railroad of the World. (1/31/98)

railBrooklyn-Manhattan Transit: Dedicated to presenting the history of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation (1923-1940). (1/30/00)

railBUDD-RDC List: The BUDD-RDC list deals with the past, present and future of these unique Budd cars. (2-21-03)

railBuffalo Central Terminal Restoration: Comprehensive site showcasing the past, present and future of the New York Central's Buffalo Central Terminal. (11/2/97)

railC. Robert Craig Memorial Library: Established in 1994 to collect, preserve and make available to the public, materials that document the history of rail transportation in Canada, with an emphasis on eastern Ontario. These materials comprise books, slides, photographs, plans and magazines, as well as archival materials of Ottawa-area railroad-related organizations. (6/29/97)

railCatawissa Railroad: Restoring 13 cabooses, a tunnel, a train bridge, and more in Catawissa, PA. (5/7/97)
railCalifornia Zephyr Virtual Museum: Preserving the memory of the Silver Lady through the display of memorabilia, such as digitized postcards, timetables, diner menus, advertisements, and more. (5/9/97)
railCanadian Pacific Railway Archives: A showcase of some of the best photographs and graphic art from CPR's archives in Montreal. (5/14/01)

rail Canadian Street Railways: Each city street-railway system, and each interurban electric railway system, is listed with the start and end dates for revenue passenger operation, along with other available information. (10/13/97)

railCarolina Northwestern RR: The C&NW list is dedicated to keeping the memories of the Southern Railway subsidiary Carolina and North-Western and affiliated lines alive. (2-21-03)

railC&O's Piedmont Subdivision: This site chronicles the history and development of the C&O's Piedmont Subdivision and includes photos, maps, and modeling information. (12-29-02)

railThe Carferries Of Ludington: Dedicated to preserving the history of the world's largest fleet of railroad car ferries, which transported trains for the Pere Marquette, C&O, and Chessie System. (9/3/97)

railCar Ferry History: Auto Classics, Inc, listing of car ferrys now and then. (02-15-10)

railThe Carillon & Grenville Railway: Canada's Last Broad Gauge: A history of the Carillon & Grenville Railway, Canada's last broad gauge railway. Also covered is the subsequent re-use of part of the right of way by the Canadian Northern Railway and its abandonment under Canadian National Railways. (9/8/00)

railThe Centerville Depot: An overview of the histroy of the Centerville, CA Depot with a number of photos spanning most of the Twentieth Century. (1/30/99)

railThe Central And Seaboard: Photos of SCL and CoG memorabilia. (5/14/99)

railCentral Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum: Stereoviews, engravings, maps, and documents illustrate the history of the first transcontinental railroad. Alfred A. Hart and Andrew J. Russell stereographs. (3/28/99)

railSteam Operations of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway at Hinton, WV.: 1930-1956, with drawings of major structures and historical and operational details. (7-16-03)

railCentral Terminal Home Page: A detailed history and legacy of Buffalo's only remaining railroad depot from its construction to its demise, includes photos and Real Audio. (10/18/97)

rail Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad: Information about the interurban line that once connected Downtown Chicago with the Fox Valley communities of Elgin, Geneva and Aurora. (7/10/99)

railChicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad: All kinds of interesting stuff about this North American railroad that existed from 1849, when it was founded as the Aurora Branch Railroad, through 1970. (11/3/98)

rail Chicago & North Western Page: Collecting information on the C&NW through digitized postcards, photos, histories, and more. (5/6/97)

railChicago Interurbans Page: History and photos of Chicago's interurban railways. (8/2/97)

railChicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad: Historical and pictorial view of America's Fastest Interurban, the beginning and the end of the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee. (3/30/98)

railUnofficial Chicago Great Western Page: Photos, historical, and technical information about the Chicago Great Western Railway. (10/2/98)

rail Unofficial Chicago Great Western Railroad/Railway Page : Valuable historical and technical information about the Chicago Great Western Railway, along with photos. (1/3/98)

rail Chicago Tunnel Company Railroad: Tells the story about a 60-mile, two-foot gauge electric railroad that operated 149 locomotives and over 3000 freight cars in small tunnels forty feet below the streets of downtown Chicago. (7/9/99)

rail Chicken Cars: Page about chickens and the cars they rode in. (4/6/99)

railChoctaw Terminal - Little Rock, AR: History and photographs of Choctaw & Memphis (Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf/Rock Island) freight station in Little Rock, Arkansas. (12-22-02)

railCleveland Union Terminal Collection: Online listing of engineering records at the Cleveland State University Library. (5/4/97)

railClimax Locomotive: History and photographs of the Climax Patent Geared Locomotive. (10/2/98)

railClinchfield Railroad: This collection is the collaborative effort of several Clinchfield railfans bringing to you the glory of this somewhat remote railroad. (9/13/99)

rail The Coal Belt Library: Prototype and model pictures, includes South East Coal Co. (9/13/99)

railThe Coalcracker: Paying tribute to past and present Pennsylvania anthracite miners and the railroads that haul the coal across the state. (10/2/97)

railColin Churcher's Railway Pages: A varied collection of Canadian subjects, including the Thurso & Nation Valley logging railroad, significant dates in Canadian railroading, and more. (9/27/97)

railColorado Lore, Legend, & Fact: Extensive information and photos of Colorado towns, mines, and history, much of which is tied up in narrow gauge railroading. (2/6/99)

railColorado Midland Railway: Images and short history of "The Pike's Peak Route", the first standard-gauge railroad across the Colorado Rockies. (9-2-02)

railColorado Railroads: Coverage includes historical, narrow gauge and tourist railroads as well as standard gauge. You will find out about the prototypes' history, current operations, and photos. Plus N scale modeling. (German/English) (2/6/99)

railColumbia County Logging Railroads: History and photos of logging railroads in Oregon. (8/25/97)

railConfederate Railroads: Maps and details of the railroads and equipment of the Confederate railroads. (3-25-02)

railConrail Cyclopedia: Your essential Conrail website. Over 1,000 high-quality photos covering all aspects of Conrail--locomotives, freight cars, MoW, shops, and more. Detailed articles for the modeler and railfan. Predecessors such as PC, LV, RDG, EL, and others also covered. From the fellow that brings you the NMRA Directory! (4/1/98)

railCopper Range Railroad Historical Page: History, models, and more about this railroad and section of the country. (5/7/97)

rail Copper River & Northwestern Railway: Historic run-down of the Copper River & Northwestern Railway, and Historic Kennecott-Alaska Minegroup during the early part of the century. (10/24/98)

railCotton Belt Railway Website: A history of the SSW in text and photos. (8/2/97)

railCraig's Railroad Homepage: Information about unusual narrow gauge railroads and past railroading operations in the Southwest deserts. (8/24/97)

railCritter Connections: Lots of information and photos of narrow gauge "critter" locomotives. (11/16/97)

railDanger Ahead--Historic Railway Disasters: Each accident described here is a story of human frailty, systems failure or just plain ignorance as well as examples of individual courage. (12/14/97)

railDave's Art Gallery: Though I like to paint and draw a large variety of subjects, I am most fascinated with trains. The love I have for trains combined with my artistic abilities allow me to express the true passion I have for these massive machines of yesteryear. Mainly PRR. (1/30/00)

railDenver & Rio Grande Western: Modeling, photos, memorabilia, and a lot more for the D&RGW. (9/8/00)

rail Unofficial Homepage Of The Denver & Rio Grande Western: This site give plenty of information about the D&RGW along with the Moffat Road. (3/30/98)

railDenver & Rio Grande Western: History, photos and drawings of D & RGW narrow gauge. (5/27/01)

railThe Diesel Shop: The home of First Generation diesels, with information, photos, catalogs, and anything else dealing with these locos. Also news of currently operating locos. (12/3/97)

railDome O' Foam: SP on San Francisco Peninsula; Western U.S. RR's, 1950-70's; photos, ads, maps, humor, weirdness; ex-SP Employees Corner. (9-11-03)

railDon Shorock's Railroading Pages: Neat stuff from the Erie Lackawanna and the Santa Fe railroads. (4/20/00)

railDon Strack's Utah Rails: History and information about Utah railroads. Also information about Union Pacific and Rio Grande. (1-31-02)

railDurand Railroad Days - Official Site: Celebrates the legendary railroad heritage of Durand, Michigan. Always held the weekend after Mother's Day. (3/5/99)

railPreserved North American Electric Railway Equipment: A comprehensive searchable database listing over 2,000 pieces of equipment. (5-5-05)

rail Electric Locomotives Of The Pennsylvania Railroad: Brief history of the development of electric motive power used on the PRR in the Northeast Corridor and west to Harrisburg, PA. (1/30/00)

railUNofficial EMD Homepage: Database of EMD builders numbers, production records, intended as a research tool. (6/05/98)

railErie Lackawanna Collection At Akron University: An online listing of primarily legal and financial materials used and produced throughout the EL's final reorganization and liquidation process that began in 1972 and ended in 1991. (10/4/97)

railErie Lackawanna Mailing List: Dedicated to the discussion of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad/Railway and its predecessors, the Erie Railroad and the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. (10/3/98)

railErie Lackawanna Railroad: George Elwood's huge EL site for the modeler or historian. From the beginnings to beyond the Conrail merger. (5/9/97)

rail Erie Railroad Personnel Rosters and Records: Designed for people researching family members who worked for the Erie, this site contains employee information, division rosters and history. (12-17-02)

railEureka Hill: The history and modeling of the Eureka Hill Railroad. (12-4-02)

railExisting Stations In New York State: A large data base along with some photos chronicling all stations in NY. (5/7/97)

railExotic Diesel Locomotives: Pictures and information about the Alco PA and FA, Baldwin Sharknoses and Babyfaces, FM Erie units and C-liners, and EMD E and F units. You'll also find photos of modern-day railroading. (10/2/98)

rail Explore Chicago: Transport Facilities: Captivating histories in text and photos of Chicago's railroad and elevated stations. (8/2/97)

railF-unit Roundhouse: Your source for news and information about General Motors F-series locomotives. (4/25/98)

rail Fallbrook Railroad: The Fallbrook Railroad was a part of the Pennsylvania Division of the New York Central Railroad. Photos and book offer. (6/05/98)

railFallen Flag Railroads Of New Jersey: Retrospective look at New Jersey's Fallen Flags through railroad maps, track profiles, physical characteristics, and operating rules. (11/9/98)

railFlorida East Coast Railway Key West Extension: Images and history of the FEC's Key West Extension, one of the grandest railway engineering projects ever undertaken. (9-2-02)

railFlorida Rails - Passenger Trains To The Palms: Historic Florida railroad timetables, online museum, A-Train simulations, regional rail directory and book list. (6/19/98)

railFonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad Page: The FJ&G was a short line Railroad that ran through Fulton and Montgomery Counties of Upstate New York. Photos and history of railroad, which closed 15 years ago. (10/2/98)

railFred's Erie Railroad Page: Devoted to the discussion and exploration of the Erie, Lackawanna and Erie-Lackawanna railroads. (4/20/00)

railGandydancer I: Old Motor coaches. (5/23/01)

railGandydancer II: Maintenance of way equipment. (5/23/01)

rail Gary's Railroad Site: AT&SF, SP, LA&SL: Focusing on pre-Amtrak passenger service in the West. Includes photos, schedules, recipes, and more. (10/2/98)

railGeared Steam Locomotive Works: Preserving and promoting information on geared steam locomotives: Shay, Climax, Heisler, Willamette, Dunkirk, and more. (10/2/98)

railGG1 Homepage: Detailed info, photos, rosters, and more about PRR, PC, CR, and Amtrak GG1s. (5/2/98)

railGeorgia RR - West Point Route List: The Pidcock Roads list is dedicated to keeping the memories of the Georgia Northern/Pidcock Lines alive. (2-21-03)

railGhosts Of The Southline: Abandoned towns along the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad in southern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. (4/10/00)

railGlass Insulators: Information, photos, and online resources for the study of railroad telephone pole insulators. (5/5/97)

railGolden Years Of Transportation: About the 19th and early 20th centuries, and what the early transportation was. (9/20/99)

rail Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad: The complete story of the GR&I, from land grant lumber road to rail-trail. (4/10/00)

railGraphite Horse: Drawings of turn of the century railroading. (5/16/98)

railGreat Locomotive Chase: The famous Civil War story of Andrew's Raiders. (5/9/97)

railGreat Northern Railway Page: A good resource for the GN fan, featuring timetables, photos, histories, maps, logos, and much more. (5/9/97)

railGreat Northern Empire - Then and Now: The Great Northern Railway and what is left of it today. A site for railfanning the old GN and for information about the Great Northern. Features the all time GN diesel roster, dispositions and worn paint schemes. (6-11-01)

railGreen Bay Route: The Green Bay & Western RR, its predecessors, and affiliated lines. Prototype and modeling information. (9/8/00)

railHarmer E. Davis Transportation Library UC Berkley: Houses one of the pre-eminent transportation collections in the US, and is the country's oldest university transportation library. Online catalog. (10/24/97)

railA Harvey House Web Site: The Harvey Restaurants, Hotels, and Lunch rooms -- and the Harvey Girls -- brought civilization to the southwest, and brought Southwest arts and culture to all America. This site tries to collect information about the Harvey experience. (1/30/00)

railThe Hoboken Shore Railroad Homepage: Information on the HSRR, complete with photos and maps. (7/20/98)

railHocking Valley Railway Historical Website: Designed to bring together fans of the HV and its successors (C&O, CSXT). Includes history, photos, and more! (1/30/00)

railHudson Bay Railway: A grandfather's account of a cold day in May 1929 on the railroad. (5/9/97)

railUnofficial Illinois Central Home Page: To provide a forum for information about the Illinois Central. (9/11/99)

railIndustrial Heritage Homepage: Preserving and sharing information primarily on Pennsylvania railroading, coal mining, and iron/steel making. (5/9/97)

railJeff's Date Nail Page: An extensive, illustrated site explaining date nails and the history of railroad tie preservation. (4/20/00)

railJoe's Southern Pacific Site: History, photos, and models of the SP and SSW. (8/2/97)

railJohn Fryar's Nickel Plate Road: An historical tribute and photos of the New York, Chicago, & St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate). (7/26/97)

rail Kettle Valley Railway: Information, history, photos, and more about the KVR in British Columbia, Canada. (5/7/97)

railKeystone Crossings: A fantastic source for the fan and modeler of the Pennsylvania Railroad and it's successors. (10/11/97)

railKipp Teagues' RetroWeb: Steam Locomotives: Photos and information on N&W 611 and 1218. (12/11/97)

railKishacoquillas Valley RR: A History of the Ol' Hook & Eye : The KVRR was a 9-mile shortline railroad in central PA. It also ran steam trains over a branch of the mighty PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad). (9/8/00)

railKodtrak: Historical info on NY Ontario & Western, Rail City, other railroads. Unofficial Midcontinent Railway museum and model railroad pages. Lots of pictures and some sounds. (6/30/97)

railLadder Track: Unofficial information on the Illinois Railroad Museum, railroad experiences, photos, and more. (5/9/97)

railLake Michigan Car Ferries: Beginning in 1892, Lake Michigan's railroad car ferries maintained a vital link across the big lake for nearly 100 years. Information on operations, history, current news, and more. (9/3/97)

railA Lehigh & Hudson River Railway Scrapbook: A personal collection of L&HR photos, history, and memorabilia. (9/11/99)

railLehigh Valley: A good source of information and photos for the fan and modeler of the LV. (5/10/97)

rail Library of Congress Railroad Map Collection: 1828-1900: Included in the collection are progress report surveys for individual lines, official government surveys, promotional maps, maps showing land grants and rights-of-way, and route guides published by commercial firms. (10/2/98)

railThe Little Railroad That Could: by Anthony Young. A history of the Florida East Coast Railway. (8/20/97)

railLittle River Locomotive Company: Live steam locomotive websites, narrow gauge steam locomotive information, all steam locomotive related. (9/11/99)

railLiving With Steam: The Sounds Of Railroading In Buffalo: Featuring vintage sound recordings of trains pulled by steam and first generation diesels from the 40s and 50s. (4/25/98)

railLoggers, Railroads and Pine: This site is devoted to preserving and sharing the history of logging and railroading in and around the "Lucky Land of Lassen," located in Northeastern California. (12-7-01)

railL&N - NC&StL Email List: Homepage for this group's email list. (5/14/99)

railLost Engines Of Roanoke: A call to save four Norfolk & Western steam locomotives that are rusting away in a scrap yard in Roanoke, VA. (9/25/97)

railLost and Found Railroad Photographs: PRR, PC, CR, EL, and GTW photos from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. (1-29-02)

railThe Louisville & Nashville Project: The one-stop website for L&N information, photos, etc. Promoting and preserving the greatest railroad of the South. (9/17/99)

railThe E.B. Luce Collection: Turn-of-the-century train and trolley photographs by Worcester, MA based photographer Edwin B. Luce. (12-19-02)

railMack's Train Stuff: Recollections of railfanning on the Katy, Frisco, and Rock Island through photos, histories, rosters, and more. (5/9/97)

railMaine Central Railroad: Photos, roster, modeling, and more. (6/5/99)

railMaine Central Remembrances: Dedicated to the Maine Central Railroad. Will have rosters for locomotives, rolling stock, cabooses and other items. (3/5/99)

railMaine Two-Footers: A comprehensive collection of information and photos of just about every locomotive and rolling stock of the 2-foot railroads of Maine (1879-1935) The site also covers modelling information about the Maine lilliputs. (5/13/00)

railMaine Central Railroad: MEC site remembering the former stations in Ellsworth, Maine. Plus a complete list of stations, Steam and Diesel engines. And, HO scale models. (6/1/99)

railDavid Rumsey Map Collection: A wonderful collection of North American maps from the 18th and 19th century. (7-26-01)

railMarty T. Myers' Library Of Railroad History: Articles on Midwestern railroading by Marty Myers. (8/29/97)

railMid Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild: Home page describes the organization. Links to other pages takes the user to our schedule of events. Includes a membership application. There are no fees involved in membership. (7-10-01)

railMidland Continental Railroad: A history of this line which ran from Winnipeg to the Gulf. (5/9/01)

railMike's railroad page: Maps, pix of B&O (signals and Camden Yards), Baltimore & Annapolis (maps, history), PRR (pix of Orangeveille in decay). (3-16-02)

railMile Post 67: Dedicated to railroad preservation and history in the state of Michigan. (5/9/97)

railMilwaukee Road: This page has a wealth of info on the Milwaukee Road, plus some photos of CP Rail and Wisconsin & Southern. (7/17/98)

railThe "M" In The MKT: Covers the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroads Missouri operations (1870-1989). Includes history, maps, photos, current operations information and more. (2-25-02)

railMNN Railroad Pages: Gallery of Russian locomotives, collection of locomotive models. (7/9/99)


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