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Model Railroad Manufacturers Electronics/DCC

NOTE:  Software companies have been moved to their own section! (6/23/01)

railAccu-Lites: HO scale locomotive lighting and DCC products. (5/4/97)

rail Accurate Lighting: Manufacturer of lighting and repowering kits, end of train devices and high quality electrical components. (11-4-01)

railAlliance Locomotive Products Inc.: Repower motors for HO and N scales for many manufacturers such as Athearn and Rivarossi. (5-9-02)

railAmerican Science & Surplus: Ever-changing pile of incredible stuff at unbelievable prices: science and hobby kits, motors, tools and electrical components. (5/18/98)

rail Aros Electronics: Manufacturer of precision movement model railroad equipment. Products include transfer tables, digital turntable drive/indexing units & automation for moveable bridges. Scales Z thru G. (6-30-04)

rail A-Train Systems: Model railroad electronics and control - featuring A-TRACK, an easy-to-use, computer-based DCC system, with related utilities and equipment. (10-30-04)

rail Bakatronics, A Passion For Trains: Electronics, Coffee Tables, Plans and Fiber Optics for the Model Railroader. (1-29-05)

railBattery chargers, rectifiers and DC-DC converters: Manufacturer of battery chargers, rectifiers and DC-DC converters for railroad and station applications. (2-19-02)

rail Bazooka Electronics: Bazooka Electronics provides innovative electronic products for the model railroading enthusiast. (12-17-01)

railCVP Products: Easy DCC, Railcommand System, and more. (3/5/99)

railCTC the easy way: Assembled and tested field control unit works with most control systems. (12-5-02)

rail CTI Electronics: Manufacturer of computer controlled model railroad control systems and software for integrating a PC into the operation of your model railroad. (6/26/97)

railDallee Electronics Inc.: Model railroad electronics for the industry since 1976: digitized steam, diesel, electric, and other sound systems, throttles, detection circuitry / signaling and automation. (2/6/98)

railDCC Braking and Dispatching Controls: Controls for braking at signals, collision avoidance and station dispatching that require no additional computer or software. (12-31-02)

railDCC Plus a Division of Classic Trains Plus: DCC PLUS specialising in DCC and DCC Sound installations in Brass Locomotives. (11-17-06)

rail DCC Roundhouse: DCC Roundhouse specializes in the installation and sale of DCC and sound decoders. (11-17-04)

railDCC Train: LENZ, ATLAS, ZIMO, ESU Loksound, UHLENBROCK dealer. Wiring for DCC, installation of decoders, service, repair.  (1-24-04)

railDCC Uncoupling: DCC uncoupling cars in HO and N scale; plus a variety of DCC products and services. (6-20-04)

rail Decoder Installation Services: Installation & Sales of DCC products. (8-2-04)

railDecoders, software: LokSound, LokPilot, WinTrack, WinDigital, MacDigital, RailFiler, Edi, Ladegüter Bauer, (import and distribution for Benelux & France (Europe). (3-4-02)

railDigiToys Systems: Competence and security for the digital model railroader. (2/6/99)

railDigitrax: Makers of Digital Command Control (DCC) equipment. (5/4/97)

rail Doctor DCC!: DCC decoder installation, programming and service. Model railroad electronics consulting. All scales, HO our specialty. (4-7-04)

railDuneland DCC: This site is for a DCC decoder installation service, run by a hobbyist for hobbyists. Fair prices and good workmanship. (12-30-06)

rail Electronics, Computers and Model Railways: Devoted to PC control of Model railway and DCC - several projects to build, including popular Points controller. (2-2-02)

railElectronic Distribution Today: 100s of links to electronic parts distributors on the Internet. (12/10/97)

railElectronix Express: Leading distributor of electronic components and test equipment. Specializing in custom kits and value-added services. (12/9/97)

railGreen Steam Products: Innovative products for model railroaders including detection, automation, lighting, and others. (10/24/98)

railHeathcote Electronics: Manufacture and Sell Train Detection, Automatic Control and Signaling Electronic Products for Model Railways. (3-25-02)

railHKE Gmbh Model railway electronics | embedded control solutions: Looking for cheap but powerful decoders? (2-26-02)

railH&N Electronics, Solder Flux, Solder: Soldering products for the modeler. We feature Supersafe Soldering Flux, the safe easy to use flux. We sell direct and through Hobby Stores. (4/21/98)

railHobby Gauge Electronics: Train detection, controllers, custom systems to layout specific requirements, DCC, and LED flashers, and accessories. All scales. (2/19/00)

railIngram Autocontrols: G scale block systems for automatic control of multiple trains on the same track. (8/16/97)

railInnovative Train Technology Co.: Manufactures sound effects for cab control or DCC. Whistles, horns, grade crossing, animals, nature, city, country, and more. (3/5/99)

railIntegrated Signal Systems: Manufacturer of HO signals and control electronics. (6-27-03)

railThe Innovator Line: by Alpine Division Scale Models. Walk-around throttle for HO and N scales.

rail IronPenguin Electronics: Arc Welders, tower beacons, emergency vehicles, sound modules, block detectors, trolley module. (8-18-05)

railLenz Digital Plus: Maker of Digital Command Control systems. (5/4/97)

railLED Lamps: Led lights, 5mm, 3mm, white, red, yellow, green, for RR Crossings, etc. (8-7-01)

railLight Bulbs Ent: Light Bulbs, hid lamps, fluorescent lights and all your lighting, ballasts & transformers from one great store. (7-1-03)

rail Litchfield Station - DCC equipment and installation: Litchfield Station sells DCC equipment and installs decoders. Litchfield Station also manufactures some exclusive DCC related products. (12-15-01)

railLogic Rail Technologies: Manufacturer of model railroad electronic products. (5/4/97)

railLoys Toys: We manufacture various DCC accessories, as well as specialize in DCC sales and support. (1/28/99)

railMärklin Digital: Description of homemade Märklin Digital Command Control system. (German) (5/4/97)

railMarson Electronics: Electronic controllers and functional equipment for model railroaders. (2/6/98)

railMashima Denshi Industry Company Ltd.: Manufacturer of 12V DC motors for all scales of model railroad locos. Wholesale only. (5/20/01)

railMcCullum Railroad Controls: Point to point model railroad controllers. (2-26-03)

railMiniatronics: Electronics for the hobbyist...incandescent lamps, LED's, switches. Manufactured products: Electrak Clean, Interior Car Lighting, Strobes, Power Distribution Blocks, Micro Mini Connectors, etc. (12-19-06)

rail Model RailWorks: Design and manufacture easy to use custom electronic microcontroller based solutions for Model Railroads. If you haven't been able to find a product that will do what you want, look no further and contact us with your request. (2-9-05)

railModel Rectifier Corporation (MRC): Manufacturers of model train control and sound systems. (7/3/97)
railModel Trains Electronics: Sound and voice recording modules sensor activated. RR crossing lights. Traffic lights. Easy to install and compatible with all scaled model railroad. (10-1-04)

railModellismo Portigliatti:Hardware and software to control layouts with digital systems and computer. Layout accessories. (English/Italian) (2/19/00)

railMouser Electronics: Over 70,000 electronic parts and tools from many manufacturers. Free print, online, or CD-Rom catalog. (5/18/98)

railMPLX Eelectronics Systems: MPLX Electronics Systems is an electric/electronic design and manufacturing company that provides solutions for model railroad electronics. (9-6-06)

railN Scale Lighting Products For Model Train Sets: We offer street lighting for your N scale train layout at very competitive prices. Our range includes light poles from the 1960 to 1990 era to complement your layout. Come in and find out more. (6-3-03)

railNCE: The Power Of DCC: manufacturers of the Powerhouse Pro, the simplest, no nonsense, easy-to-use DCC system available. (7/14/00)

railOak Tree Systems: Control and signaling electronics for model railroads, featuring the Railroad Control Interface for PCs. (4/20/00)

railOPI Industries: Manufacturer of HO and N scale Trac-Lite. (5/13/00)

railOTT Machine Services: Makers of OMS sound systems for steam and diesel 3-rail trains. (8/10/97)

railPapa's Trains: I provide a custom service for installing decoders, and re-motoring locomotives along with other installations. (2/6/98)

railP.H. Hobbies: Design and sell model train sound systems and power supply systems. (3/27/00)

railPhoenix Sound Systems: Model railroad sound systems plus online samples. (6/5/98)

railThe Power Scaler: Designed specifically for N scale, the Power Scaler uses precision electronics to redefine the full scale throttle range of your power pack. (5/18/98)

railPTC Model III: The most advanced, reliable, and realistic turntable indexing system available today. (3/27/00)

railQSIndustries: Dedicated to the design and manufacturing of electronics for model railroading since 1982. (10/10/98)

railRail-Lynx Infra-red Command Control System: Rail-Lynx, makers of Infra-red cordless command control system. Also offers programmable circuit breakers, fast clocks, and other hobby electronics. (12-5-02)

railRailTronics: Software and electronic solutions for railroad hobbyists and enthusiasts. (10/30/98)

railRemote Control Systems: Manufacturers of digital radio control for trains. (12/13/97)

railRemote Control Systems Of New England: Track, battery and live steam radio control throttles. (5/30/99)

railRichmond Controls: Manufactures simple and special effects (Mars Lights, Gyralights, etc.) lighting modules for locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery items for all model railroad scales, Z through 1-1/2", as well as other specialty electrical and electronics items for model railroad applications. (3/27/00)

railRR-CirKits: DCC and DC Block Occupancy Detectors. Computer Interfacing. DCC Uncoupling. Information and PC Boards for DIY. (2/6/99)

railScale Like Ind.: Affordable electronic's for the demanding modeler, including EOD's, fiber optics, micro plugs, DCC plugs, and more. (2/19/00)

railScott's Odds-n-Ends, Inc.: Electrical "Odds-n-Ends" for Model Railroading Enthusiasts. Relays, spike protection, wire & accessories. (9-27-03)

railSignalMan 3.0: Computer control for model railways. (2/6/98)

railSignal Research: Roadmaster Digital Block Control (DBC) Train System. Allows independent control of up to 99 trains without any engine modifications. (7/9/99)

railSites & Lites: Custom installation of DCC. Custom design DCC and DC lighting systems. (7-17-01)

rail SKD Electronics: We manufacture a range of units which automatically control signals, points and engine speeds together with a variable speed clock, relay and timer boards. (5/13/00)

railSoundTraxx: Manufacturers of steam and diesel locomotive sound systems, throttles, and DCC. (6/5/98)

railSouthern Digital: Makers of DCC equipment. (7/3/97)

railSpringhaven Shops: Manufacturers of DCC-compatible power supplies and authorized Digitrax dealer. (2/19/00)

railSwitchMaster: Quiet and reliable slow-motion switch machines and accessories. (04/20/05)

railTCH Technology: Infrared positioning devices. Current detection devices. Automatic Staging controls. Signal controls. (3-4-02)

railTMI Digital:TMI Digital makes Crossing Signal Controllers, Block Detectors and Lighting circuits for Model Railroading. (2/12/10)

railTracTronics: Manufactures throttle, signaling, and computer control electronics products for model railroads. (5/4/97)

railTrain America Studios: Our Command Control Upgrade Board will allow you to run all your engines with the Lionel TrainMaster Command System and the Cab-1 Remote Control, in the full command mode. (11/9/98)

railTrain Mania: The most affordable Crossing Flashers, EOT, Train Detectors and Electronic Crossing Bell. (6-22-04)

railUmelec: Manufacturer of ATLplus and other DCC components. ATLplus is a very interesting solution for remote and signal controlled engines on your track. With their new digital block control you get security and automation for all the trains you don't control directly. This is all possible without using a PC. (5/20/01)

railViessmann Model Railroad Accessories: Manufacturer for model lamps, signals, cars with light, catenary and electronic modules (digital and conventional) for G, H0, TT, N and Z scale. (9-24-01)

railW.S. Ataras Engineering: Manufacturer of model railroad train detection and signaling products, and a distributor of products related to signaling and train control. (6/20/97)

railWestern Rail Products: HO, N and G/O Scale products to add life to your model railroad rolling stock, such as EOTs. (7/9/00)

railWirelessMicroColorCamSystem: Ride inside your engine. Affordable. As low as $79.95. "N" Scale or larger. Yes, it is that small. (10-14-03)

railZimo Elektronik: DCC model railroad control systems and accessories all conforming to the NMRA DCC standards. (5/5/97)

railZTC Systems: We manufacture DCC model railroad system components that operate to the NMRA standards. (2/6/98)

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