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                   Model Railroad Layout Tours:
                            HO Scale (A-L)

Dates shown are original entry dates.

rail Abrams Railroad Empire: walk-around; operations focus; car card & DCC; 21 industries, 5 yards, 7 towns, and 2 interchange tracks; freelance model of the "Anachronistic Era." (3-18-05)
railAichtaler Eisenbahn: Paul Casper's free lanced H0 scale railroad set in the northern foothills of the Alps in Germany. (English/German) (7/1/97)
railAltezeitGruppe-Dorset Reichsbahn Gruppe: HO Finescale layout based in England based on a small German border town in Oberbayern during the 30's. (6/18/02)
rail Alaska Railroad Dual-Level: Photos, and Layout information on a private Ho scale Alaska model railroad. (11-17-05)

railAlvin All-Star Railroad: An educational experience designed to teach social studies, local history, and science content to a third grade class under the umbrella of model railroading. (4/9/02)
railAmerican Railways: A monthly newsletter about Samuel Stokes' freelanced railroad, plus information his N scale layout as well. (9/29/97)
railAngelo Battistella's Tall Pine Railroad: The world famous American style layout in Italy. (10/28/99)

railApplegate and Topaz Railroad: A home layout is under construction in Eastern Washington. Check in on progress photos and lessons learned. Earlier layout photos also provided. (7/12/02)

rail ATSF and Route 66: A Model Railroad of the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe (ATSF)line set in 1953 - 1954 along stretches the famous Route 66 highway. (4-5-06)

railAtlantic and Great Western Railway: The AGW stretches from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Missouri River and Gulf of Mexico. Freelance layout in the 1980's.  (10/25/01)

railArcadia and Betsey River Ry.: A standard gauge layout depicting logging operations in the Pacific Northwest circa 1953 featuring geared locomotives with DCC and sound. (8-28-05)

railAroostook Valley Model Railroad: HO scale model of the AVR in the Fall 1967. Presque Isle to West Caribou Maine. (6-17-03)

rail Axel's Train Homepage: Photos of various stages of the layout, some of the European locomotives operated, plus tips and tricks. (8/25/97)
railBadger Creek Lumber Company: Badger Creek Lumber Company is an HO logging layout, featuring Shay,Climax & Heisler loco's. This detailed layout was featured in Model Railroading Magazine Aug/Sept 2000. (5/05/01)

railBalboa Granada & Eastern: Originally chartered in California, the BG&E relocated to the Northeast as an operations-oriented freelanced 1941 era coal, freight, passenger traffic railroad. (5/30/02)

railBear Creek & South Jackson RR: A free-lanced imaginary subsidiary of the Southern Pacific slightly larger than 4'x8', but it packs quite a bit of scenery and operation into that small space. (1/23/00)

railBear Mountain Southern Pacific: HO scale fictitious railroad belonging to George Watson of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, depicting the upper west coast of North America in the years 1945 to 1975.  (8/20/02)

rail Bethlehem Steel Home Layout: Pictures of my home layout, the real Bethlehem Steel and the Philadelphia Bethlehem & New England Railroad(11-7-06)
railB&M/MeC Mountain Division: Dick Lord's double-deck H0 layout under construction. Trackplans from the Layout Design SIG, prototype information, and construction information available. (6/12/97)

railBicci & Onri RailRoad of Backwoods shortline/logging railroad. Enginehouse fire. 27 realistic photos published: RMC/Walthers. Diorama displayed: museums, libraries, train shows, live steamers (MD/CA). (5-4-06)
rail Bill & Tom's Milwaukee Road: The Dredgby Division: This site features historical information and links featuring the Milwaukee Road and a mythical "Dredgby Division." (7-23-03)

railBillings and Paradise Railroad: Modeling nine railroads in Central and Southern Montana with 38 pictures and historical text. (5/5/01)
railBlood Sweat & Tears Railroad: This highly-detailed switching layout is set between 1938-1952. There are more than 100  photos of this 12x16 layout.  (12/10/02)
railBlue Ridge Connection: An informative pictorial overview of an HO Scale home layout depicting railroading in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (4/4/98)

railBNSF modern western layout: A virtual tour of Milan Matejka's small HO scale BNSF model railroad. This layout from Czech Republic. (7-17-06)

railBonaventure & Chambly: Freelance HO layout depicting eastern Canada. CN (Class 1) and St-Lmabert & Chambly (Short-line).  (6-11-05)

railThe Bona Vista Railroad: Gerry Leone's freelanced railroad, set in the Upper Midwest of the '50s. Frequently updated with lots of construction and scenery photos. (7/9/00)

railBritannia Creek Model Railway: Freelanced HO scale logging line that links with a standard gauge branch line in the Upper Yarra Valley in Australia. (4-9-04)
railByron Creek: An HO scale layout modeled on the railways of New South Wales, Australia. (1/23/00)

railBywater Railroad: HO scale model railroad layout site with photos and text showing the building progress. (10-20-04)

railCarleton Model Railroad: A photo tour of a freelance, double deck HO scale model railroad in Saint John, New Brunswick.  (4/05/03)

railCamas Prairie Rails: A site dedicated to preserving the history of Idaho's Shortline on Stilts. Featuring my Camas Prairie switching layout. (10-11-03)

railCarolina Central of SC Division of Southern RR: A Division of the Southern RR, the Carolina Central RR HO Scale 85 feet layout built by Ross-Gail Allen Railserve in 1997. Double Main Line with various business spurs. SystemOne DCC All Code 83 Track. Hidden Stagging, Car Card system used for operating. (10-19-05)

railCashaway Valley Railroad: Jim Thompson's HO DCC freelanced railroad set in South-central WV circa 1964. Information on modeling with DCC included. (01-08-09)
railThe CB&Q in Wyoming: This site has information and photos on the CB&Q in Wyoming, and the model railroad being constructed based on it. (5/5/01)

railCherokee & Great Smokey Mtns. RR: The C&GSMRR runs through the HO scale hills of Ravenshire. Many photos and descriptions!! (3/15/98)

railChessie System - C&O Mountain Subdivision VA.: Ho scale railroad set in the mid 1980's on ex C&O Mountain Subdivision. Layout primarily focuses on area between Charlottesville and Staunton, VA. (9-23-04)

railChessington (Chalk Lane): This is an E.M.layout based on the ex-Southern Railway unfinished branch line in Surrey (England). It is named Chessington (Chalk Lane) and features the Art Deco style of architecture. (5/18/00)

railChicago, Pittsburgh & Eastern: An HO Scale, free-lanced regional carrier that operates in 8 states and is based in the Pittsburgh industrial area in the mid 1960's. (11-13-05)

railCincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton Ry.Co.: The railroad was started in January of 1997 and has progressed rapidly. The railroad has over six hundred feet of mainline track, not including any yards, sidings or industries. (7/9/00)

railHO large city: Hundreds of pictures from the building of a large city model railway, large dioramas, pictures from different model railway events, and many more. (7-15-03)

railCitrus Heritage Lines: The fictional CHL, a modern tourist line, showcases Southern California's trolley heritage, primarily through Pacific Electric red cars. (3/1/98)

rail Clinchfield RR In Florida: Modeling the Clinchfield, in HO gauge. Real photos of Clinchfield RR. (7/9/00)

railColorado Midland: Patrick Popes freelanced HO railroad that is located on the Colorado Kansas border in the mid to late 80s. Complete with a brief history of the railroad and lots of photos of the layout and crew. (7/9/99)

railColumbia River Steel Corp: The hypothetical HO CRSC, located in Eden Prairie, MN, is the focus of a section of Milwaukee Road mainline west of the Twin Cities. Features heavy industry, such as a blast furnace. (7/5/00)

railConowingo Central Railroad: A freelanced, HO scale, single-track railroad running from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay to the coal fields in southern Pennsylvania in 1958. (7/9/00)

railConrail's Pittsburgh Line in HO Scale: The Pittsburgh Line in N scale depicts Conrail's line from Altoona, PA to Pittsburgh, PA, mountain railroading at it's best.  (8/19/02)

railCortland, Aptakisic & Washtenaw Railroad: 'As the crow flies!' The CAW is your best partner for freight in the 50's and our passenger service probably will get you there! (3/28/99)

railCraig Bisgeier's Housatonic Railroad: Describes the HO scale 1892 era model railroad layout being built by Craig Bisgeier. Also includes layout design and construction tips. (1/27/01)

railCraig's Model Railroad: An HO scale freelance late diesel model railroad based on a fictitious branch of Norfolk Southern. Industries include coal mining, oil refining and electrical power production. (7/9/99)

railCSX East Rail Layout: Prototype layout based on CSX's industrial switching operations in Miami, FL. (8-4-06)

rail CSX's Philadelphia Subdivision Layout: Bruce Friedman's HO layout models modern CSX from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Full operations with a double track helix and DCC. (5/24/99)

rail CSX's KP Subdivision Layout:  Based on the north end of the old Clinchfield Railroad line from Elkhorn City, KY, to Kingsport, TN. Static pictures are accompanied by operating session webcam images.  (3/11/02)

rail CSX SIO Line: Freelanced HO scale model railroad set in the mid 1990's. (4-22-06)

railCumberland Southern Lines: Contains corporate history, operating methodology, assorted forms, a detailed track plan, a system map, and over 2 dozen photos. (1/28/99)
railThe CyberSpace Railroad Museum:  A 4x8 fantasy them has led this builder to construct a museum layout that will feature a variety of motive power and equipment through multiple eras of railroading.  (4/05/03)
railDavid R. Holsinger (Composer/Conductor) HO Lines: David R. Holsinger (Composer/Conductor) HO Lines: Although David R. Holsinger is a noted Composer and Conductor of American Band music, he is also an avid HO enthusiast. This site contains photos and captions detailing both his old "Box Canyon" Layout and the new "Any Time Any Spring" project.  (4/05/03)

railDM&IR Project Layout In HO: Watch the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range in HO Scale progress from benchwork to its current state. Includes LDE's of Missabe sites, prototype and model information and layout building progress. (8-3-05)

railD&K Railroad: Layout built entirely from styrofoam; All hand made trees; All trestles and buildings and their materials made from scratch. (1-31-05)

railD&R Division of Norfolk Southern Modelers: A private 8' by 29' modular layout in HO scale that travels to a variety of shows. Highlights include DCC with NCE and computer automated trains. Over 115 Norfolk Southern locomotives!  (3/11/02)

railD&RGW over La Veta Pass: A layout under construction devoted to reproduce standard gauge Rio Grande main line over La Veta Pass (Colorado) in '40s years. (4/5/02)

rail D&S Lines: D&S Lines is a freelance layout built over the last 10 years and rebuilt in Nov. 2000. (3/28/02)

railDeadwood City (Co.) Railroad: A small (6'x6'9") HO scale freelance layout based in the Colorado area featuring Santa Fe and Rio Grande operation. (3/12/00)

raildel Roy Creek Railroad: the del Roy Creek is a fictitious freight hauling shortline based in the late 1960's. (9-3-04)

railDennis Glynn's Union Pacific Layout: A two level model railroad based on the Union Pacific.  (3/11/02)

railDiavastes Train Station - HO & O Railroad Layout Tour: Home page containing both HO and 027 layouts. Complete with detailed drawings, links to popular sites (including NMRA), Downloads, ideas and of course - photographs.  (10/01/01)

railDudler's Homepage: Westport Terminal RR (freelance private road name layout in modules) and the Bahnhof Naumburg (model and prototype). (5/24/99)

rail Duffage: A layout built in the UK. (9-10-05)

railFirst Try: First attempt at a complete layout with landscape and a working layout. The yard is to the right with the town to the left. (5/20/00)

railEagle Pass & Moose Lake Railroad: The Eagle Pass is an intermountain connecting road that links the Southern Pacific (my favorite road) with an imaginary medium sized town (Eagle Pass) served regionally by the EP & ML Railroad. Eagle Pass is home to several industries and has regularly scheduled  passenger service provided by the Southern Pacific. The road is mountainous with deep valleys, streams, and long steep grades.  (9/12/02)

railEast Central Indiana Railroad: A modern short line operating out of Henderson in North Central Indiana southward over the ex-New York Central (CCC&StL) North Vernon Secondary purchased from Penn Central and Conrail. (9/26/98)

rail Eastern Missouri Railway: A fictional bridge line operating in and around St. Louis, also featuring the Missouri Pacific and St. Louis Union Station. (1-26-05)

railElliana and Heritage RR: A freelance HO scale railroad with lots of action! Tips and stories about the creation of the E&H RR. (12-25-03)

railErie Lackawanna In HO Scale: If you are interested in the Erie Lackawanna check out my version of it in HO scale. I make my modeling in a small spare-room and try to build my version of the EL in the early 70s. (7/9/99)

railErie Lackawanna Scranton Division in 1975: Prototype information and HO scale model, includes plans, present-day photos, and prototype operations information.  (2/10/03)

railThe EU-BAHN: A Freelanced Home Layout project based on European Prototypes. (7-16-05)

railBob Boudreau's Fundy Northern Railroad: Information on Bob Boudreau's modeling, with a clinic on model railroad photography. (4/30/01)

railThe Franklin and South Manchester Railway: Located in the heart of the Fine Scale Miniatures factory on the second floor of a building in downtown Peabody Square, Peabody Massachusetts. (9/8/00)

railFrisco Railroad: This is a web site of my model railroad and some photos of real railroads. (4-14-06)

railFred Miller's HO Trolly Models: This site was developed to share photos and information about my HO Traction modeling as represented in the Town & Country Traction Company in Gotham City. (10/27/08)

railGauley River Railroad Model Railroad: This site shows construction progress of building a 10 x 10 ho scale model railroad. While sometimes the progress gets slow, the owner of the site and model railroad, will update it with pictures of recent railfanning trips. (5/5/01)

rail Great Northwestern Railway: A freelanced HO scale switching layout. (11-12-08)

rail John Allen's Gorre and Daphetid - A Reminiscence: Newly discovered photos and slides in gallery format with accompanying commentary and research pages featuring all three Gorre layouts. (4-3-06)

railGrafton & Greenbrier Railroad: Lin Young's freelanced HO modern railroad running through WV and linking the East Coast with the Midwest, North, and South. (6/30/97)

railGreat Northern - Down Under: My layout is based on the Great Northern in NW Montana in the 1950's. It is built for operation with DCC and uses car cards and waybills. (12-21-03)

railGreat Lakes Eastern Railroad Company: The new Great Lakes Eastern has changed focus to a fictional former Guilford (MEC) branchline in western Maine, reaching from Leeds Jct. to near Quebec City. (5/05/01)

rail Grosser's Nostalgia Trip: Grosser's Nostalgia Trip, an HO scale layout with many memories of structures and places scratch built by Renee Grosser on the railroad. It is mainly our 1950s version of the Soo Line and Great Northern railroads at Glenwood Minnesota and Waite Park Minnesota. (4-9-06)

rail Hampton & St Martins Railway: This southern New Brunswick railway was abandoned in reality in 1940, but continues today in model form. Website has prototype and model info and photos. (1-3-05)

railThe Heartland Rocket: Offers a beautiful virtual tour of the layout and services for fans of model railroading: chat, web forum, webring, links, card service, and more. (9/26/98)

railHO Gauge Model Railroads of Northwest Arkansas: HO Gauge Model Railroads of Northwest Arkansas. Based on prototypes, all operational using DCC and switchlist or car cards. (11-10-05)

railAn HO Scale Mini Empire: The Clarksville B&O is a small (8x8.5 feet) HO scale layout created by a father and son team. (12-27-04)

railHO Trains & Miniature Dioramas: Take a tour of many HO scale dioramas that will find a permanent home on my 8'x18' layout. (3/11/02)

railHolzheimerbahn: Swiss HO layout, Point to Point type, prototypic operation, self constructed models, and many features, build by Hugo Schwilch. (English/Deutsch) (5/27/02)

railIceman & Son's HO Railroading Page: A small layout with many pictures. This site is Santa Fe, with all the paint schemes from '75 to present. (6/15/01)
railInteractive Model Railroad Gallery: Computer controlled European model railroad. (8/25/97)

railInyo & White Mountain Railroad: Jeffrey Sipress' highly detailed HO layout depicting Eastern CA in the 1930s through 1950s, with some narrow gauge. Featured in August 1998 Model Railroader. (6/30/97)

railIron Ore Railway: Bo Justusson's HO layout depicting a branch line for transport of iron ore from a mine on a mountain down to a main station that has a small harbor and an outgoing track (thought to lead to the national railway network). (7/1/97)

rail Jersey Northern Railroad: Double deck, point to point free lance layout. (3-26-06)

rail Jims Model Train Site: Website for the Cheasepeake and Santa Fe Terminal RR, a shunting / point to point HO scale railroad. (4-25-06)

railJoshi's Museum of Miniature Trains: Describes a private museum of miniature trains at Pune in western India. A rare opportunity for students in India. (5/11/02)

railKade Railroad in West Virginia: The Kade Railroad and its connections with both the Baltimore and Ohio and the Western Maryland from Grafton WV west. (9-15-03)

railKen's Model Train Page: Progress of my basement HO layout based on the Chessie System from Pittsburgh to Cumberland set in the late 70's - early 80's. Also includes pictures of my railfanning trips.. (12/10/01)

railKen Nelson's Poco Valley Lines: A tour of Ken Nelson's fictional Poco Valley Lines set in the Northeastern United States in the 50's and 60's. (3/11/02)

railLackawanna Terminal: Steve Kay's HO freelanced railroad complete with history, trackplan, and equipment information. (6/30/97)

railLambing Flat: An HO layout based on an imaginary cross-country line of the NSW Government Railway of Australia, and information on the steam era of the NSWGR. (3/5/99)

railL & L Railroad: Larry Epkins' free-lanced HO railroad that offers continuous running, lots of staging room, an open time period, both pssenger and freight operations, and room to add an upper level. (11-22-06)

railLehigh Valley Railroad, PA Div.: A layout based on the Lehigh Valley Railroad and it's connections, in 1972. (2-5-05)

railLogging RR in Austria, Europe: Lots of scratch-built American logging RR models and rare European prototypes. (6/12/01)

railLone Pine Model Railroad: An American based model railroad in H O scale. Modelled in the 1950's with a focus on Union Pacific. (4-2-06)

railLone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad: Freelance railroad built with walk around operation in mind as well as scenery, lighting, and sound design. (7/4/02)

railLong Island Rail Road Montauk Branch: An HO scale shelf layout depicting Long Island City in September 1963. David Barrow's domino construction style was used. (2/10/03)

rail Los Angeles Model Railroad: Bruce Petty's model railroad follows the Southern Pacific prototype as it was in the 1960s at Burbank Tower in Los Angeles, California. (5/05/01)

railLos Feliz & North Western Railroad: John Bruce. (8-27-03)

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