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Model Railroad Manufacturers F - M

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rail51L: Manufacturer of a wide range of 4mm:1ft models suitable for the OO, EM and the P4 modeller. The range is predominantly freight oriented. (4/12/01)

rail Faller: Manufacturer of plastic structure kits, scenery, and accessories for model railroading. (German) (6/8/97)

railFast Tracks: Manufacturer of turnout jigs, point & frog jigs, track laying supplies. (3-9-06)

railFerfyx: HO scale Italian Locomotive and cars. (2-4-06)

railFidelis Models: Manufactures and distributes HO 1/87 military vehicle model kits for the railroad, scale model, and war gaming hobbyist. (7/9/00)

railFine Scale Miniatures: Limited run Craftsman Kits. You can build a contest quality model from these kits produced by George Sellios. (4/20/00)

railFINISHED Model Railroad Details: Welcome to Model Tech Studios LLC FINISHED Model Railroad Details, Buildings, Structures and Accessories. N Scale, HO Scale and O Scale designs that will improve the creative side of your Model Railroad Layout. From the small details up to the larger structures, these creations all add that extra scenic character that can bring your model railroad to life........... (11-25-09)

railFine Scale Miniature Trees: High quality sagebrush trees, Fine scale miniature tree armatures for the photo type FSM model train layout, and Tree Tutorial. (11-22-05)

railFleischmann: Manufacturer of European model railway equipment. (English/French/German) (3/30/98)

railFoothill Model Works: Manufacturers of narrow gauge decals, rolling stock, and structure kits. (5/4/97)

railFox Transfers: Manufacturer of waterslide decals of British standard gauge railroads from the nineteenth century to present day. 2mm/N, 4mm/OO, 7mm/O (4/12/01)

railFrateschi Trens Eletricos: Brazilian HO manufacturer of locos (G12, G22U, U20C, FA1, steam) , freight, and passenger cars. (English/Portuguese) (9/26/98)

railFreedom Train Shelving: Revolutionary train display with independent corners. (8-19-04)

railFrenchman River Model Works: Manufacturer of HO scale ship and Boat kits. Kits contain highly detailed resin castings, Britannia metal castings and brass parts. (3-5-04)

railFreshwater Models: Scale resin/wood/metal kits On2, On30, On3, G1 including turntables/other products. Custom resin/metal spincasting service. (3-11-06)

railThe Freightyard: Manufacturer of a variety of cast resin & pewter products including structures, vehicles and other detail parts for the N scale modeler. Also does custom paint and special run cars.(05/14/01)

railFunaro & Camarlengo: Manufacturer of finely detailed resin craftsman kits of freight and passenger cars, buildings and accessories. 1890's to the present with emphasis on transition era. (7-9-05)

railFun & Games: Offering figures in HO, S, O, 1/32 and Large Scale. The "People People" of model railroading. (6-15-01)

railG Action Models And Train Novelties: They sell and manufacture mainly G-scale models that are hand-made by a person, not a machine. (2/6/98)

rail Garden Junction Rail Supply: They design and manufacturer large scale (G-Gauge) resin cast buildings and accessories. They also carry HO and N scale building kits by JL Innovation, railroad gifts and clothing. (11/21/98)

railGarGraves Trackage: Makers of the Phantom Line O gauge track, plus Standard gauge, S gauge, and #1 gauge track. (9/23/97)

railGC Laser Innovations: Manufacturer of HO and N scale laser-cut, ALL plywood structures and detailing kits. (4-11-04)

railGecomodel: French prototype locomotives in HO and large scale. (2-6-06)

railGHB International: High quality, scale, underfloor, 3 styles, easy to install 'O' power trucks for the Corgi die cast PCC streetcar. (1/21/00)

railGHQ: Manufactures of Brittannia pewter N scale models, includes online catalog and direct ordering information. (7/3/97)

railGlenn Snyder Display Systems: Shelving for O gauge trains. (3/17/99)

railGlobal Outlet: Manufacturer of Brass Railroad Models in HO and O scale. (8-31-04)

rail Golden Spike Decals: Maker of custom decals in all scales and colors for your modeling needs. (1-22-05)

railGoldline Products / Alamosa Car Shops: Manufacturer of craftsman kits for model railroaders in HO, HOn3, O, On3, S and Sn3. All parts and supplies except paint and glue are included along with detailed instructions and custom decals. (4/12/01)

railGold Medal Models: Manufacturer of etched brass detail parts for N and HO scale. (5/4/97)

railGraham Farish: Manufacturer of a wide range of British N Scale Wagons along with Locomotives, DMU's and Coaches. (4/12/01)

railGrand Central Gems: We are a manufacturer of realistic affordable trees and wooden truss brdges for N, HO , O scale railroads. Specializing in Pines, Spruce, Aspen, Oak, Fruit, Palms, Lodgepole Pine, Rock Molds, Lumber Loads, Fall and Summer colors on Aspen and Oaks. We pride ourselves on affordable pricing trees ranging from 3' to 20' tall. (5-29-06)

railGrandt Lines Products: Primary products are plastic architectural details and builders hardware in all modeling scales, plus a line of On3 and HOn3 craftsman kits. (8/10/97)

railGranville Buildings: Maker of toy train accessories and buildings. (1-2-06)

railGreat Decals: Decals for The Virginian Railway, New York Central, Florida East Coast, and Northeastern roads. (5/30/99)

railGreat Northern Sand & Gravel Company: Produces a variety of washed & screened scale sized Sand, Crushed Stone and Scenery products specifically for HO, but the materials can be used for all scales G to Z. (3/27/00)

railGreen Max: Manufacturer of N scale railway models. (Japanese) (7/7/00)

railGreenway Products: Custom painted beer cars, passenger cars, hoppers, custom train cases, trackside details. Wheelsets and drivers. Only quality model railroading found here. (9/11/99)

railArt Griffin Decals: Great N-O scale decal sets from the 1880-1950's freight and billboard box and reefer cars, decals signs for buildings. (7-15-01)

railGrizzly Mountain Engineering: Manufacturer of steam sound systems and related equipment. New and used brass. Custom painting, lighting and sound installation. (2/19/00)

railGuts, Gravel & Glory: Manufacturer of HO, N, and G scale structures and scenery. (7/28/97)

railGutzold - Modelleisenbahn: Manufacturer of German style locomotives. (4/12/01)

railHallmark Models Inc.: A comprehensive overview of one of America's longest lived Brass Import Companies. Full product listing and extensive information. (3/30/98)

railHandmade Accessories: Small Tasmanian manufacturer, producing good quality, innovative L.E.D. Signals, crossing lights, street / yard lights and basic detection units. All Handmade. (5-4-03)

railHanomag Lokomotiven - Bahls Modelleisenbahnen: Website about the locomotive builder Hanomag, with link to the site of Bahls Modelleisenbahnen, a Z - scale manufacture. (5/13/00)

railHanovale Model Castings: Kits of Australian HO scale standard gauge rolling stock, structures and accessories. (6-7-06)

railHartford Products: Quality rolling stock kits and parts for #1(G) Gauge. (12/13/97)

railHartland Locomotive Works: High-quality, affordable G-Scale locomotives and rolling stock brass, plus aluminum track and other accessories for the garden railroader. (11/9/98)

railHauler: Manufacturer of HO scale railroad related vehicles used in Germany, Czechoslovakia & Poland. Also produces armored railcars. (Czech) (4/12/01)

railHay Brothers Garage: Hay Brothers manufactures an extensive line of cast resin freight car loads and scenic details for the model railroader. (3-27-03)

railHeljan: Manufacturer of European structures, accessories, and more. Plus information on the Hejan First Club. (Danish/English) (8/14/97)

railHerpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH: Europe's largest manufacturer of model cars in HO. (English plus other languages) . (5/4/97)

railHighball Graphics Decals: They are in the business of manufacturing decals for New England Area Railroads. (7/9/00)

railHigh-Rails: Over-head roadbed support system for G, Lionel, O27, and O scale track. (5/4/97)

railHillcrest Shops: Specializing in 5" scale 15" gauge live steam locomotives and cars. (8-1-01)

railHK Resin Models: Vintage cars in HO scale. (6/12/01)

railHobby Craft of Canada: Canadian Importer of LifeLike Products. Specializing in HO & N scale models. (4/12/01)

railHobbytown of Boston: Intersting and informative web site unveiled by new owner of vintage HO locomotives manufacturing company. Hobbytown of Boston kits were designed for the pure craftsmen kit builder. (6/22/01)

railHobby Lubricants for model railroading: Supplies a complete line of lubrication for your engines and rolling stock and a superb residue free track cleaner. (7-12-04)

railHobo Rails: Garden Railroad, 1;20.3 scale, wood structures and accessories. (8-12-06)

rail'T Hollandsch Locaalspoor: We specialize in Dutch local brass railroad models with scales 1:43.5, 1:45 and 1:87. (11-10-01)

railHolland Scale: Scale H0, online shop Modelkits of Dutch buildings, scale H0, online shop. (Dutch) (9-4-01)

railHollywood Foundry: Manufacturer of the BullAnt range of power mechaisms in all gauges. (7-9-06)

railHornby: Hornby is a household name and is now famous as the UK brand leader in the field of Model Railways. (10/31/99)

railHotchkiss Manufacturing: A manufacture of Clear Case acrylic display cases for the collector and hobbyist. (6/26/97)

railHomaBed: The finest model railroad roadbed on the market. Homasote pre-cut roadbed, N-G scales, available in 60 and 45 degree profile. (4/3/99)

railHot Wire Foam Factory: We make tools for fast, fun and easy carving and sculpting scenery and scale models out of foam. (7-9-02)

railHouse of Duddy: We manufacture 11 different kinds two rail "O" guage flex-track, four "O" overhead power engines, 12" rr patches, catenary supplies and 110 page catalog. (8-18-03)

railHump Yard Purveyance: Purveys mechanical lever turnout controls. Uses a SS wire in a Teflon sleeve, really simple and slick. 6'length or less. (5-25-02)

rail Hunka's Custom Trains : Super detailing parts in HO. Specializing in Hi Noses for NS, Southern and NW engines. (4/12/01)

railHunter Scenery: Model railroad scenery and weathering products (9-1-06)

railIan Stoate Models: A supplier of quality modern-image rolling stock kits and custom loco repaints in British N Gauge. (9/12/99)

railIllinois Central Gulf Custom Decals : Custom made decals for Illinois Central Gulf Equipment. HO and N Scale (6-13-01)

railIndustrial Model Inc. / IMI Railroad: If you've always wanted a landscaped model railroad but didn't have the time, patience or space to build one, now you can have your own instantly with the IMI N scale railroad. (7/11/00)

railInnovative Scenicworks: Offers custom built scenery products and online model railroad equipment auctions. (4/12/01)

railInter-City Models: Home of 'modern image' highly detailed scale rolling stock, accessories and manufacturers of the 'Superollers' range of 'dirtied' wheels. (11/1/99)

railInterMountain Railway Co.: Manufacturers of highly detailed HO, N & O scale rolling stock kits and ready-to-run. (5/4/97)

railInternational Hobby Corporation: Those of you who are ardent model railroaders are quite cognizant of the quality product manufactured on behalf of IHC. (3/27/00)

railIsabel Central Enterprises: Has Modular Roadbed for G Gauge track, 1/25 scale handmade structures, cars and engines and railfan books. (5/30/99)

railItty Bitty Lines (IBL Products) Manufacturer of Z scale pre-formed layouts in kit form or ready-to-run. Also, Z, N, and HO scale cork roadbed switch pads, and hardwood display cases for Z through HO scales. (7/6/00)

railJAKS Industries: Home to Alloy Forms, FinestKind Models, Milepost Modelworks, Period Miniature and Scale Structures Ltd. (4-30-04)

railJeco AB: Producing Swedish models in scale 1/87. Wholesale dealer of Swedish models from Jeco, Roco, Lima, Arnold. Jeco Online shop for retailers. (Swedish/English) (6/19/98)

railJ.L. Innovative: N Scale and HO Scale Castings, including the Durango Press line. (5-19-03)

railJLC Enterprises, Inc: Here you can find product and ordering information for the C/MRI System. (10-11-02)

railJocadis: Belgian railway models in HO and HOm, including a model of a Garratt steam dummy in HOm. (2-4-06)

railJoseph L. Mania Toy Train Reproductions: Reproductions of early toy trains. Repairs and restorations on all types of toy trains and accessories. (10/24/98)

railJTT Model Tree: We manufacture over 800 items on scenery products and model parts such as: Miniature Trees, Armature, Turf & Ground foam, Gravel & Ballast, Skylights, basswood, human figure, automobile, street furniture... for Model Railroading, Architectural model... (12-9-03)

railKadee Quality Products Co.: Manufacturers of rolling stock, couplers, trucks, and accessories in several scales. (5/4/97)

railKamloops Junction: We build true to scale in 1:24 (G Scale) prototypical just like the real ones with cedar in kit form or finished, Canadian prices. (12-17-02)

railKappler Mill & Lumber Co.: Manufacturer of precision scale lumber for the discerning craftsman. (3/27/00)

railKaslo Shops: Manufacturer of modern Canadian locomotive, rolling stock, and scenery cast resin kits in HO and N scale. (5/4/97)

railKato Precision Railroad Models : Manufacturer of quality HO and N scale locomotives, rolling stock, and track. Primary global website. (English/Japanese) (7/14/00)

railKato USA: Kato's website for their US operations and production. (5/4/97)

railKee Corporation, Korea: Specialized in scale model for industries and hobbyists. They are also looking for overseas partners who can represent us or have a consortium business. (2/19/00)

railKerroby Models: Australian manufacturer of detail parts and figures. Example-cattle available by individual breed, sheep shorn and unshorn, and koalas. (6-27-03)

railKeystone Model Works: Manufacturer of museum quality 1/4 in. scale rolling stock with prototypical draft gear. (11-8-02)

railKE-Wiz Pty Limited: Manufactures of HO scale Sydney, Australia, suburban railway kits. (4/12/01)

railK's G Scale Buildings: Handcrafted all wood buildings. Custom building you may want also done. (8-25-04)

railKibri: Manufacturer of plastic structure kits, scenery, and accessories for model railroading. (German) (4/12/01)

railKingMill Enterprises: Laser-cut craftsman model kits in HO, N and O scale. (11-4-04)

railK.I.S.S. Method Inc.: Manufacturer of clear plastic track planning tools for N, HO, and O. Circles, easements, turnouts ,rulers and more. (5/20/01)

railK-Line Electric Trains: Manufacturer of the highest quality O gauge and O scale trains. Features new products, collector's club, and retailer listings. (10/30/98)

railKohs & Company: They offer you the latest information about their brass O scale model train locomotives and equipment. (4/6/99)

railKorber Models: Manufacturers of HO, O, and G Scale building kits. Specializing in industrial and trackside structures. (7-14-04)

railKramer Products: Train hobby figures, miniatures and animations for toy and model trains. White metal detailed castings for railroading modelers and automobile enthusiasts. HO, G, and O scale. (4/20/00)

railK & S Scenery Products : Realistic trees at reasonable prices. New products coming throughout the year. (7-6-01)

railLa Vecchia Stazione: Model railroad fan. (3-18-06)

railLo Cascio Originals: Produces fine miniature scaled railroad accessories in HO and N. (7/11/00)

railLaBelle Woodworking: Manufactures quality wood model railroad kits for some of those hard to find older style HO Passenger & Freight Cars, HOn3 Passenger and Freight Cars, HO Traction kits, O Scale passenger & Freight Cars, O Scale Traction and On3 kits. (7/17/98)

railLangley Miniature Models: Langley produce over 1000 kits in 00, HO, N, 0, and 009 & 0/16.5 (00 and 0 scale narrow gauge) . (7/11/00)

railLARK Model Works: N Scale Structures (11-2-05)

railLarge Scale railroad supplies, materials, bridges and structures.: Manufacturer of G Scale train supplies, materials, bridges and structures. Our online store carries those hard to find items for your large scale railroad. (8-26-06)

rail Laser Horizons: Manufacturer of N & HO scale passenger car sides. (5/20/01)

rail Nigel Lawton HOn30/009 W G Allen Vee Tipper Kit: This site contains details a range of HOn30/009 scale 'critter' locomotive and car kits with an industrial narrow gauge theme.  The website also includes chassis kits and very small motors and has many pictures of both models and prototypes.  All items may be purchased on-line and supplied world-wide.  Prices from $5. (12-22-04)

railLBF Company: Manufacturers of HO and N Scale model equipment. (5/30/99)

railLGB Of America: Makers of world famous G gauge trains and accessories. (5/4/97)

railLight Rail Products: 1:24th scale streetcar and traction - high quality detail parts and kits (5-20-04)

railLife-Like Products: Manufacturers of Proto2000, scenery, structures, sets, and more. (1/23/98)

railLiliput: Modelleisenbahn made by Bachmann. (10/31/99)

rail Lineside Models: N and HO scale vehicles for train layouts. The models are cast in resin and have pewter wheels. Some kits come with photo etched parts and other pewter parts. (4-30-03)

railLines West 1/29th scale parts: Mfgr of cast resin 3 axle Commonwealth tender Trucks and other 1/29th parts. (12-29-03)

railLinkaWorld Building System: linka® is a system of reusable, rubber moulds used to make highly detailed brick, stone, and timber buildings and other scenery structures. (4-27-04)

railLionel Trains: Official website of the famous O gauge manufacturer. Free downloads, Kids Club, catalogs, and much, much more. (8/10/97)

railLittle Engines That Can: Manufacturers of trackless passenger trains for the railroad enthusiast wanting to earn extra income, while still railroading. Run it at birthday parties, festivals, etc. (7/9/99)

railLive Steam Locomotives (Roger Goldmann): Precision 7 1/4" - 7 1/2" gauge locomotives. UP 4-6-6-4 Challenger, UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy. Rough & machined castings. Chassis-on-air models: USRA Heavy Pacific, 2-8-0 Consolidation & USRA 0-6-0 Switch Engine. Reproduction railroad drawings. (8-25-03)

rail Lucchini Rail Models: Italian locomotives in 0 gauge all in brass made by hand for collectors. (6-6-01)

railLone Star Bridge: Builder of 1:20 Finescale Garden Railroad museum quality mahogany and brass truss bridges; circa 1800's. (1-3-05)

railMain West Models: Manufactures a range of diesel locomotive replacement mechanisms, ready-to-run Locos, and carriage kits based on Australian prototypes. (10/13/97)

railMajorFrn's Realistic Scenery Co.: Makers of realistic diorama quality trees for Model Railroaders in all scales. (2/19/00)

rail Malcolm Mitchell Design: Manufacturer of British outline (mainly Great Western) finely detailed locomotive kits in 4mm and 7mm(O) scales, in etched brass & nickel silver. (7/17/98)

railMain Street Heritage Models: Manufacturer of HO scale polyurethane resin building kits for models of American small town commercial and industrial structures. (4/12/01)

railMain West Models: A Division of AR Kits. Australia's largest range of model railways detail parts. (7-17-05)

railMaquetas Guimar: Largest scale models for architecture, modeling, education, design company in Latin America. Over 35 yrs on the market. The highest quality and best price. Over 2000 different models. (Spanish) (4-14-05)

railMason's Trains: Mason's Trains builds incredible precision-engineered live steam locomotives and so much more! (1-16-06)

railMason Scale Models: Styrene Laser Cut kits of Prototype Railroad structures. (2-29-04)

railMa&Pa junction: Authorized Williams train dealer. Specializing in Williams electric trains. Secure mail order web site. (5-10-02)

railMärklin: Official European website for this manufacturer of quality trains in many scales. (7/3/97)

railMärklin Netherlands: Product information, support, clubs, and more from Märklin. (Dutch/English) (5/9/97)

railMarks Toy Box: Custom Built 1/64 scale. (11-24-02)

railMarx Trains: The New Marx Trains began in 1991 to again produce tin lithographed toy trains in the design and spirit of the Louis Marx heritage. (11/9/98)

railMaster Creations: From museum-quality collectible kits to rolling stock, simple buildings, and the many detail parts needed to complete a model railroad correctly. (2/6/99)

railMatysik Displays, LLC : Manufacturer of ShelfTrax. A unique precision milled wooden display shelving system. Also offering wooden and acrylic display cases. (5/20/08)

railMazel: Czech manufacturer of railroad models for scale H0 and TT, civic buildings, rail buildings, rails, spreadings, vacuum formed models and more ... (1-6-06)

railMcHenry Couplers: Manufacturer of a full line of HO scale model railroad couplers. (12-1-01)

railMDM Locomotive Works: Manufacturer of 1 1/2" scale diesel locomotives, power trucks & accessories for backyard railroads, kit - semifinished - ready to run. (7/9/99)

railMehano: Mehano products including its HO models locomotives etc, online store. (8-13-01)

railMemory Lane Studios: Manufacturer of "Easy to Make" Laser Cut Craftsman level kits and other Model Railroad related scenic details and tools. (9-18-04)

railMetal Master Fab: 0 & G scale wall & ceiling mounted train bridges to allow running trains around the room. (4/12/01)

railMicron Art: Etched metal structure and vehicle kits in Z, N and HO scale. (10-29-02)

railMicro-Feinmechanik (8/20/09)

railMicroscale Decals: World's largest producer of model railroad decals, plus online catalog. (5/4/97)

railMicrobrush Disposable Applicators: They make very small applicators for glue and paint. (1-30-03)

railMicro-Trains Line Co.: Manufacturer of N, Nn3, and Z scale rolling stock, couplers, and accessories. (5/4/97)

railMike Beeson Models: Live steam locos, plus coaches and other rolling stock and track. Everything for the garden railway enthusiast. (5/13/00)

railMilanova Stran: TRAMODEL-production of GM EMD-16 locos, YUGO car, tramways etc. in HO scale. (Croatian) (2-26-04)

railMiller Engineering Micro Structures: A leading manufacturer of photo-etched kits for the model railroad enthusiast and miniature collector Z and N scale. (9/26/98)

railMiniaturmodelle: The official homepage of Miniaturmodelle, a manufacturer of HO gauge models of Soviet and Russian railways and cars products. (5-1-04)

railMiniatures by Eric: Mfg. of brass castings and urethane Hawaiian R R kits. (6-29-01)

railMiniature Model Tree: Model Landscaping: Handmade miniature tree for architectural model, model railroad, and dioramas. (6-2-05)

railMinifigs: N scale military vehicles from WW2 era, many variations of the Sherman tank, trucks, jeeps, cannon and accessories for that flat car load or the whole train. (7-15-01)

railMiracle Glue: Miracle Glue is stronger than Super Glue and as it contains no solvents it doesn't dry in the bottle. It dries clear and flexible and is foam safe. It will glue virtually anything. (9-19-02)

railML Designs: Custom building of rolling stock & structures; Custom painted birds, animals and figures; Kit assembly; Diorama & module design construction. (10-28-02)

railMK Modelbouwstudio's Netherlands: Producer of small series brass etched or resincast Dutch models in H0 and O scale. Models ranging from 1863 to the 1950's. (Dutch) (2-5-03)

railMocalova Model Works: Manufacture of N and HOn30 kits and detail parts. (6-22-05)

railModel Building Services: Offers you the opportunity to own professionally crafted, fully assembled buildings for your train layout, diorama, or display shelf. (3/17/99) 

railModel Manufacturing Nico Wuenderling: Hand built accesories for HO scale model railroads. German underground / subway / tube stations. Complete landscape scenes. Marklin, Frateschi, Puren. Worldwide shipping on demand. (5-15-05)

railModeler's Choice Model Railroad Products: Manufacturer of model railroad structures and freight cars. (12-24-02)

rail Model Memories: Custom designed kits and accessories to enhance your buildings, tracks, rolling stock, and fences that will bring your HO or S scale project to life. (9/23/97)

railModel Train Roadbed: Homasote Roadbed by California Roadbed Co., Inc formerly know as HOMABED. (3-11-04)

railModel Oil UK: Manufacturer and mail order distributor of lubricant's suitable for the model engineer and enthusiast. (5/30/99)

rail Model Power : Model train products in N, HO, O and G scales; model buildings, figures, supplies and accessories. (5-21-06)

railModel Railroad Industry Association: MRIA is the organization of manufacturers and vendors of model railroading products. (5/4/97)

railModel Railroad Stoneworks: HO and N scale prototype stone arch bridges for the discriminating modeler. (5-31-01)

railModel Rail Stuff - formerly Mr. Plaster: Manufacturer of coal, stone, and assorted loads and scenic details. (12-1-01)

railModel Railroad Warehouse: Manufacturer and distributor of HO Cannonball, Red Ball, and Hometown kits. Troop car kits and prototype information available on website. (3/27/00)

railModel Tech Studios: Model Tech Studios LLC was founded in 1988 and continues to lead the industry in fine scale model details, scale building scenes, and scenery designs.(11/25/09)

rail Model Tech Studios: O HO N scale detail parts and kits. (4-16-02)

railModel Tractors: Model Tractors in 1:160,1:87,1:32 (German) (11-21-03)

railModel Train Display Cases: Model train display cases for many gauges. (2/19/00)

railModel Trucks And More: Canadian model trucks manufactured in HO 1/87 scale for the model truck collector and model railroad enthusiast. (3/27/00)

railModelCrafters: Designers of unique trains--military, special markings, army, navy, and more in G, O, HO, and N. (11/9/98)

railModel Railroad Specialities: Gondola load and accessories. (3-26-06)

railModel Tech Studios: Creative N HO S and O Scale structures, super details, 3D Backgrounds and Rolling stock (9-2-06)

railModelWorks International: Manufacturers of fully engineered large scale live steam locomotive kits for assembly without the need for extensive skill or workshop facilities. (12-6-02)

railModratec: Signal interlocking mechanical lever frames. An innovative blend of technologies allows the average modeler to design and build fully interlocking mechanical lever frames. (7-27-03)

railMountain Blue Miniatures: An Australian manufacturer of 1:48 O Scale fine quality railroad figures in pewter. (4-4-06)

railMountain Car Company: 1/8 scale railroad equipment made to be run and ridden on, Prototypical scale and paint schemes. Both rolling stock and Locomotives! (5-23-03)

railMountain Modelcraft: Mountain Modelcraft specializes in making realistic model trees, foliages, bushes, ballasts, and adhesives. Great for all your model landscaping and scenery. (5-1-03)

railMountain Thunder: Design and Fabrication of model train layouts. (3-22-05)

rail Mouse Models: Mouse Models is pleased to announce its first kit: The Cemetery, an all plastic, HO scale construction kit. (12/14/97)

railMPLX Electronics Systems: MPLX Electronics Systems is an electric/electronic design and manufacturing company that provides solutions for model railroad electronics. (7-27-06)

railMR Custom Service: We custom build any kind of model you want , from locomotives to entire layouts. (9-26-02)

railMt. Albert Scale Lumber Co.: We specialize in the manufacture of fine scale lumber for model makers. (3/27/00)

railM-tec modeling technology: Manufacturer of trees, pines to palm trees. Miniature neon lighting kits for DPM bldgs and others. Custom Model Building. (4-4-03)

railMTH Electric Trains: Official website of MTH Electric Trains- the leading manufacturer of O gauge model trains. (7/17/98)

railMTS Imports: Shows O & HO scale brass models that they import, plus photos of models that are in stock or will be available in the near future. Pricing information also. (10/12/97)

rail Muella Scale Models: Designs and manufactures scale model structures in half inch scale or more commonly known as "G" scale. (2/5/99)

railMusket Miniatures / Rustic Rails: Manufacturer of HO and N scale early American people, animals, wagons, structures, metal details and scenery. (12/21/98)

railMyMemoirs Video: Learn advanced model railroading skills by example - watch up close and personal in clear digital video and sound. (7-28-04)

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