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CWRR Links Pages

Modern Railfanning - North American Specific Locale

rail20th Century Railroad Club: Chicago railfan club -- organizes trips. (4/4/98)

rail Along The Rails: Mary McPherson is a lifelong railfan, writer and photographer. She is currently a conductor on "Amtrak's City of New Orleans," and her railroad writings comprise the contents of this page. (6-06-09)

rail Akron Barberton Belt: History of the A&BB including locomotive rosters, photographs, maps, and information on today's operation of the ABC Railway. (1-11-02)

railAlan Schenkel's Locollection: Featuring railfan pictures, recent news, information, and links to 3 areas: New York City area, Colorado and Wisconsin. (6/8/97)

railJohn's Alaska Railroad Web Page: Alaska Railroad photo rosters, current news, historical features, modeling, multi media and much, much more. This is the definitive Alaska Railroad web site! (5-20-03)

railBayfield Transfer Railway: Dedicated to railroads, both prototype and model, of northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (7/26/97)

railBlack Diamond: Information on coal operations in Lynch, KY. (9/12/99)

railBNSF's Funnel: And other hot spots of the Inland Empire. (2/4/99)

railCSX Boston Line: Railroad Activity on CSX's Boston Line Division. (11-24-03)

railBuffalo, Niagara and Lake Erie Railroad: Photos, maps, and information on the western NY rail scene. (5/7/97)

railCanadian Pacific's Ogden Shops: A virtual tour of the shop facilities. (4/8/00)

railCentral California Rails: Photos and features of railroading around the Stockton, CA, area. (10/4/98)

railCentral Florida Railroading: Maps and hostspot info for the CSX Bone Valley phosphate trains. (6/05/98)

railCentral Florida Railroadinig: A site about railroading and railfanning in the Orlando Florida area. Not the same as above. (9/9/00)

railCentral Indiana Railroad Information Network: A collection of timetable pages, photos, and information detailing several rail lines past & present in Central Indiana. (6/5/99)

railCentral Jersey Rails: Photo gallery, scanner frequencies, and other railfanning information for the central New Jersey area. It also features a model railroad. (3/1/98)

railCentral Jersey Railfan Page: Everything one needs for railfanning Conrail's Trenton and Lehigh Lines. Site includes monthly train logs, timetables, photo gallery, schedules, NORAC rules, radio alarm detectors, and more. (10/2/98)

railCentral Maryland Railfanning: Railfanning ex-B&O/WM lines in Maryland. (6/6/00)

railCentral Pennsylvania Railfan Guide: Information about one of the most beautiful and popular railfan destinations in the country. Featuring Conrail power and information. (2/15/98)

railCentral Virginia Railfan Page: Maps, hotspots, and everything else needed to railfan this region of the state. (5/7/97)

rail RAILChicago: Since 1996 - The Ultimate Source On Chicago Railroads. (3-3-02)

railChicago Area Rail Junctions: A look at major crossings in the greater Chicago area, including Northwest Indiana. Photos, historical information provided, as well as maps of the more complex junctions. (1/30/00)

railCG Communications North Jersey RailScan: Featuring LIVE railroad radio communications from Northern New Jersey. (9/11/99)

railCincinnati Railroad Club: The oldest and largest railfan organization in the Greater Cincinnati area, founded in 1938. (5/20/97)

railCincinnati Railroads: Dedicated to Cincinnati's railroads, past and present. (9/15/99)

railConrail Detroit Shared Assets Area: A look at and description of the Detroit SAA. (6/6/00)

railDelmarva Railfan's Guide: This site is designed to educate those unfamiliar with the area enough so that they can understand what should be where, and at what time. (9/20/99)

railDiesel Action: Sounds of NYC's Hudson River Division: High-quality stereo recordings of action on the famed "Water Level Route", featuring diesel trains of Metro-North, CSX, and Amtrak. Includes sounds of GE Genesis, EMD FL-9, EMD SD-40, and GE B23-7 locomotives. (6/6/00)

railDigital Desert: Cajon Pass: Photos and virtual tour of Cajon Pass. (8/25/97)

railDunsmuir Self-Guided Railroad Photography Tour: This guide is available from the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce for $3.50, shipping included. It features thumbnail pictures taken from 28 great train-spotting sites, and a map with explicit instructions on how to get to each of them. (12/11/97)

railDuplainville Homepage: History, photos, and current operations around Duplainville, WI. Where the old Soo meets the new. (10/12/97)

railEastern Iowa Railfan Page: Covers the Iowa Northern Railroad, Eastern Iowa railfan clubs, and other Eastern Iowa railfan issues. (10/2/98)

railEastern Pennsylvania Rail Page: J. Alex Lang's account of railfanning this area of PA, along with train logs. (7/28/97)

railElvas Tower, Southern Pacific Interlocking: Now out of service, Southern Pacific 's interlocking tower built in ~1910 directed rail traffic from 3 directions.  Rail traffic from Stockton, Oakland, & Roseville and beyond traversed the double tracked wye for over 90 years! (4/10/01)
railEric McFadden's Railroad Page: Railfanning information for eastern roads in the OH, WV, and KY area. (5/7/97)

raileXtreme Railfaning In South East Michigan: The art of railfanning in the Southeast Michigan area with photos, history, maps of Michigan Railroads. (6/5/99)

railFlorida Big Bend Railroading: The goals of this website are multiple: Trace the history of the railraods in the Tallahassee area; Provide information to visiting railfans; Provide pictures of railroad activity. (4/20/00)

rail Florida Railfans Website: Railfanning in Florida. (4-5-05)

railFor The Children Handcar Races: Annual Railroad Handcar Races and Railroad Fair. Benefits children's hospitals. Hosted by UPRR Employees. Chicago area. Coming August 20, 2000. (1/30/00)

railFrank's Wisconsin Railfan Page: Railfanning the various railroads in the state of Wisconsin. The site is just getting started. (10/25/98)

rail Gerogia Northeastern Railfan Club: The official fan club of the Georgia Northeastern Railroad, a Class III line that still runs first-generation diesels daily. (6-17-01)

railGerald's Railroads Of New Jersey: Photos, histories, maps, freight yards, and other information. (1/30/00)

railGreater Capital District Railfan Association: A Railfan's Guide to Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts. (8/14/97)

railGreater Rochester Railfan Page: Information on railfanning the local railroads such as Conrail as well as shortlines, plus structures, museums, railroad history, and more. (2/10/00)

rail High Iron to SandPatch: A sub site from HIGH IRON Online, a railfan magazine published by Iron Horse America Video. (11-3-01)

rail Hinz's Railroad Photography: My travels throught Iowa photographing trains, cabooses, cranes, bridges and other RR equipment. (6-22-02)
railHoosac Tunnel Then and Now: A look at the not so well known aspects on the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel in northwestern Ma. (1-12-05)

railHousatonic Railroad Unofficial Webpage: A look at a southwestern New England railroad. Photos, news, maps, historical info and modeling info. (5/27/01)

railHouston Port Terminal Railroad photo tour: Photo tour of the Port of Houston RR; includes both ground and air shots. (12-27-01)

railHouston's Premier Rail Page: Information for railfanning the Houston, TX, from a UP dispatcher. (11/22/98)

railHudson Valley & New England Railfan Page: Rail photos from New York's Hudson Valley and other scenic parts of New England, including FL9s, P32-AC-DMs, and GP-40s. (2/15/98)

railShortlines of Southern Indiana: Photos and info on shortlines of southern Indiana such as L&I, SIND, LNAC, MGRI, and PAL. (2-10-02)

railIllowa Rail: Covering the railroads of Iowa and Northwest Illinois. Includes trip reports as well as an archive. (5-16-02)

railInterbay Railroading: Railroading info for Seattle, Washington. Photos, news and tips. (4/20/00)
railInto Ferroequinology: Some information on railfanning sites around Selkirk, NY. (5/7/97)

railIntroduction to CSX's Plymouth Diamond: Tons of information about operations in this area of MI. (5/6/97)

railKankakee County Railroads: My site features photos of railroad operations from northern Illinois. (1-17-02)

railKentucky Railfan: Maps, photos, and more from KY. (7/5/00)

rail Klamath County, Oregon Railfanning: Also dedicated to the eastern slope of the Cascade Sub of the Union Pacific Railroad (formally Southern Pacific's Natron Cutoff completed in 1926. (11/20/99)

railThe Longview Yard: Railfan site based on UPRR and the rail yard at Longview, TX. Includes old steam photos. (2/4/99)

railThe Louisville Railfan: Pictures and railfan locations for the Northcentral KY and Southern IN area. (6/5/99)

railDirectory of Mexican railroadsAn index to Mexican railroads. (5/01/01)

railThe Mainline: Railfanning the Washington, DC, area. (1/30/00)

railMichigan Passenger Stations: Quality photos and brief histories of about 30 Michigan Passenger stations. (12/11/98)

railThe Midwest Railfan: Railroad photography from around the Midwest, plus railfan guides to Michigan and Ohio. (6-10-04)

railMile 262: Canadian National railroading in the Sudbury area, including Via Rail Canada. (7/20/98)

railMile 77: Operations of the Canadian Pacific Railway and it's leasees, Huron Central Railway and Ottawa Valley RaiLink, in the Sudbury, Ontario area. (10/12/97)

railMilepost 1147.2: Photos, sounds and videos of the BNSF, UP and others around the California Bay Area. (6/5/99)

railMinnesota Railroad Research Project: Information on railroading and scanner frequencies in MN. (5/7/97)

railMissouri Arkansas Area Railfan Network: Information and photos of past and present railroading in MO and AR. (3/10/98)

railModern Diesel Locomotive Photos: A website for the posting of railfan photos from the Indiana and Kentucky area. Also from railfan trips to other places. (7-5-03)

railMountain West Rail: Your one-stop site for railfan information, photos, links to great sites, and railfan tours in the Rocky Mountain West. (1/30/00)

railMuskegon's Railroad Crossing: Enjoy the past and present of railroad operations in Muskegon, MI. Muskegon currently is home to CSX and Michigan Shore. (1/27/01)

railNew Brighton, Pennsylvania. Home of the New Brighton Flyover: A look at the Pennsy Flyover at New Brighton, PA. (1-29-02)

railNew Brunswick Recreational Rail Riders: Site of a group of railroad motorcar operators and the line they run on in Canada's Maritime Province of New Brunswick. (4/30/01)

rail New Brunswick Railroads: Railroads of New Brunswick, Canada. Companies, locations, photos, descriptions. (4/20/00)

rail New England Railroading And Trains: Examining current and past railroads in New England in order to make the viewer aware of the rich diversity of railroading in the area. (11/14/97)

railNew Jersey Railfan: A lot of pics and news from all around New Jersey. (6-29-02)

railNew Jersey Rails: NJ scanner frequencies, CNJ equipment roster, and some other items about NJ railroading. (5/7/97)

railNick's Railfan Page: This guide is intended to give railfans a general idea of places that are fairly good places to watch and photograph trains along the CSX. (5/14/99)

railNiagara Regional Rail Spur: Photos, railfan information, and history of the railroading in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. (1/27/01)

railNorfolk Southern's GA Div. & CSX's Manchester/Fitzgerald Sub.: Devoted to railfanning these regions. (4/20/00)

railNorth Alabama - Middle Tennessee Railfans Email List: Homepage for this email list. (5/14/99)

railNorth Bay, ONT: Railfanning around North Bay, Ontario, Canada: ONR, CN, CP, and OVR. (1/30/00)

railNorth Carolina Rail History: The history of this state's rail system is a subject too large to be covered by a single web site, so this one only attempts to present a few interesting pieces of the past, plus railfan guide. (9/13/99)

railWNC Rails: WNC Rails is your source for great railfan photos from and around Western North Carolina. Visit WNC Rails today! (6-19-01)

railNorth Dakota's Railroad Page: All about ND Railroads, including photos, maps, frequencies, hot spots, and links. (6/5/99)

railNorth Georgia Railroad Pages: Focuses on current and past railroad operations around the Athens and North Georgia area. (1/30/00)

railNorth Jersey Rail Resources: Dedicated to providing proto and modeling info, photos, and events for the NJ, PA, NY area. (7/20/98)

railNorthern California Railroad Sightings: Railfan information, photos of UP and SP action in the area, model photos, and more. (3/10/99)

railNorthern Indiana Rails: Photos from around the area, places to visit, and news. (7/11/99)

railNorthern New England Railfan Site: The intention of this website is to provide the railfan visiting the North East some idea of what can be expected trackside at any given time, or day of the week. (9/19/99)

railNorthern Ohio Railfan: I'll list and describe various places in northcentral and northwestern Ohio where you can take pictures of these trains. (9/10/00)

railNorthWest Rails: Weekly news, feature articles and photography covering Pacific Northwest Railroading. (10/24/98)

railOhio Railroad Page: Features photos, images, and information on Ohio railroads past and present, and some in western PA. (12/7/97)

railOhio Railroads: The history and modern operations of Ohio Railroads. (1-29-02)

railOhioRails: Photos, timetables, radio frequencies, locomotive rosters, audio/video recordings, and much more to aid in railfanning the railroads of Ohio. (7/5/00)

rail Ohio River Valley Shortline & Regional Railroads: Short Lines operating in Kentucky: At current time covers most of the Greater Louisville Area with MMTC Updates at least once a week (6-29-03)

railOhio Railfan Haven: News and information on Ohio railroads and railfanning. (12-7-02)

railOmaha Area Train Photos: Photos by Don Wetmore showing the variety of railroad activity in the Omaha, NE area. (5/7/97) REV (4/22/01)

railOn The Bell At XN Tower: A railfan site dealing with the CSX Baltimore Service Lane and Eastern Gateway Service Lane in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. (5/6/97)

railPacific Northwest Railroading: Information on railroading and modeling this region of the country. (5/6/97)

railPH Junction: Photos of railroad action in the Midwest of modern mega-systems and favorite fallen flags of the 80s and 90s. (3/10/99)

rail Philadelphia: Local Rail Action: The site features mainly CSX and NS activities in and around the Philadelphia area. (6-6-01)

railPhil's Railroading Page: A railfan guide to CSX's Baltimore Division. (5/7/97)

railPiedmont Railroaders: Club interested in all aspects of railroading in the Piedmont area, with railfan and historical information. (8/29/00)

railPoint Of No Return: Timetables, photos, guides, and more for railfanning southeastern PA. (5/7/97)

railThe Powerton Report: Rail and model railroad activities in Southeast Wisconsin. (5/12/01)

railProvidence & Worcester RR.: This is a Discussion/Railfan Group On The Providence & Worcester RR. This Site is Devoted to the P&WRR!. (8-6-01)

railQuebec City Railfanning: Railroad activity in and around Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (2/7/98)

railRail Wisconsin: Wisconsin Central, Wisconsin & Southern, Union Pacific, and Canadian Pacific. (9/19/99)

rail Railfan's Guide To Interstate 75 in Northwest Georgia: Maps, photos, scanner, tips, and more for this area. (9/18/99)

railRailfanning Atlanta, GA: Information on railfanning this area by David Jaquay. (8/21/97)

railRailfanning In Alabama: Images of modern railroading, fallen flags, and even some rarely seen pieces of rolling stock and motive power - almost all from the Alabama area. (9/11/99)

rail Railfanning The Pennsylvania Railroad's West Slope: Directions, points of interest, maps, photos, and more. (2/10/00)

rail Railfan's Guide To Springfield, MO: Crossroads Of The BNSF: Railfanning BNSF's ex-Frisco mainlines and operations in and around Springfield, MO. Lots of mainline action. Also covers Missouri & Northern Arkansas RR and other SW Missouri railroad hotspots. (1/30/00)

railRailroad Stations of Maryland & West Virginia: Photographs and information regarding existing railroad stations in Maryland and West Virginia. (6/6/00)

rail Railroading In Delaware: History and railfanning information for the First State by Tom Gears. (7/27/97)

railRailroading In New England: Find out what's going on in northern New England: GRS, NS, CR, MBTA, and more. (10/2/98)

railRailroading In Northern West Virginia: Deals with the railroads in northern West Virginia, where mountain railroading is the norm, not the exception. (12/11/98)

railRailroading Redneck Style: Dedicated to the operating of railroads in the South. (9/11/99)

railRailroads of South-Central Tennessee: Covers the Chattanooga Subdivision of the CSX Railroad mainline, from Wartrace, TN, to the Cumberland Tunnel south of Cowan, TN, and the short lines that connect to it. (9/11/99)

rail RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA: Tracking the movements of Conrail's Harrisburg and Reading Lines. Well, now NS's Piedmont and Penn Lines. (5/30/99)

rail Rails And Trains In Ottawa, Canada: Lists train clubs, hobby shops, sights, museums, scanner frequencies, and more for the region. (5/6/97)

railRails In Toronto: Detailed information on railfanning the Toronto, Canada, area, includes maps, photos, and more. (10/13/97)

railRails Northwest: Information for the railfan visiting the Northwestern United States. (1/28/98)

railRailways In The Niagara Region: Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Port Colborne. Niagara Region of Ontario. News, maps, photos, radio channels, links and more. (11/3/98)

railRichard's Railfan Roundup: Information for the Kansas railfan. (8/13/97)

railRochelle Railroad Park: The Rochelle Railroad Park is the perfect getaway for the whole family. With over one hundred trains passing by each day, there is never a dull moment. The park fits snugly into the east quadrant of the crossing of Union Pacific's former C&NW main and BNSF's Aurora, Illinois-Twin Cities line. (8-20-01)

railRochester Railfan Network: Photos, news, freqs, and more. (9/19/99)

railRose City & Northwestern Railroad: Dedicated to railroading in and around Portland, OR, and other locations in the Pacific Northwest. (7/26/97)

railRoseville Yard Report: A weekly listing of UP/SP consists seen in Roseville, CA. Brought to you by Railroad Hobbies. (9/18/97)

railRun 8: Railfanning information for the Seattle, Puget Sound and Northwest United States areas. Maps, photos, timetables, historical information. (1-6-02)

railRutland Railroading 2000: I have set up these pages as a way to focus on the current period, that is, the railroading I see every day on my noontime walks in the year 2000. (4/20/00)

railScanning Central Ohio: Railroads : Radio frequencies for railroading in Ohio. (9/17/97)

railSoutheast: Learn about train watching in the Southeast by reading detailed information about specific railroad locations and lines. (5/27/01)

railEncyclopedia of Southeastern Railroading: Detailed information about railroads, industries, operations in the Southeast 1941-1982 and instructions for painting models. (4-26-02)

rail Southern California Railroad Frequencies: A listing of radio frequencies for railfanning Southern CA. (4/4/98)

railSouthern Pacific In Texas: Photos, maps, radio info, timetable and more for Corsicana and the SP Ennis Sub-Division. (12/30/97)

rail Southwest Shorts: Photos, news, and information on shortline railroads of Texas and the southwest. Includes pages on the South Orient, Santa Fe Southern, TXU Electric lines, and many more! (9/9/00)

railTehachapi Loop: Stationary photos of train winding through loop. (6-17-02)

railTehachapi and Dunsmuir RailCams: operates two remote RailCams in California that only activate when a train is within range. (6/6/00)

railTexas Railroading: Information on railroading and stations in Texas. (5/7/97)

railToronto Railway Club: With over 900 members, serving the Railway Industry. (3/10/00)

railTrain Chasing In The Pacific Northwest: A collection of photographs and other railfan type Information collected by PNW chapter of the NRHS members and from other sources. (8/22/97)

railTrain Watching Around Pittsburgh: Maps, photos, and railfan information for railfanning this part of PA. (7/1/97)

railTrainsCan: Provides information on railways and railway-related subjects everywhere in Canada. This information is from the perspectives of the railway industry, history, and rail fans and modelling. (12/21/98)

railTrains In Oklahoma: Serving members of both model railroad and prototype-oriented railroad organizations in central OK. (5/7/97)

railTrains On The Web: For those interested in the Union Pacific across Wyoming, and other railfan interests, such as Conrail's ex-Middle Division. (7/19/97)

railTreaders Train Page: A page for the railfan of the greater Walla Walla Valley area. (7/20/98)

railUltimate Northeast Corridor Railfan Guide: Your source for Amtrak NEC railfanning information. (10/2/98)

railUnofficial Boston & Albany Page: Current photos from the Conrail era, line maps and info, and more. (9/19/99)

railUS Railfans: Galleries showing action across the USA. Pictures divided by location and railroad. Pick up a few useful railfanning locations. (1/30/00)

railUtah Rails: The history of the railroads that run or have run in the state of Utah and the locals. (11/17/00)

railVancouver, WA: Information on railfanning Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas. (5/01/01)

railVancouver Train Spotters: Photos, news, and info for the Vancouver railfan. (12/14/97)

rail VC Tower: VC Tower is the last interlocking tower in operation in the state of Oregon, and may already be the last operating interlocking tower in the USA. (7/6/97)

railVirginia and Carolina Southern: This site features photos, links and information on railroading in North Carolina and Virginia. (2-21-03)

railVirtual Train Watching In Iowa: Recent railfan excursions, hotspots, and more information. (8/13/97)

railWalt's Trainland On The Web: Pictures, sounds and other cool info on railroading in Eastern New York. (2/4/99)

railWebcams: Links to live railroad web-cam's US & World-wide. (5/27/01)

railWest Shore Line Homepage: Information, photos, and news about the west shore area of the Hudson River in NY. (5/9/97)

railWestern Rails Home Page: Information about railfanning all the desert areas of Nevada and California, including Cajon and other locales. (5/6/97)

railMountain State Rails : A forum community studying and discussing all aspects of West Virginia railroading both past and present. (9-1-05)
railWC2scale: Thousands of prototype photos on the Wisconsin Central. (2-8-04)

railWisconsin Historic Rail Connection: An illustration of the restoration and operation of railroad motorcars and of the people involved. Many pictures and stories are featured. (6/5/99)


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