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Model Railroad Manufacturers N - R

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                                    Dates shown are original entry dates.

railNarrow Gauge & Industrial: Specialist manufacturer and publisher of kits, books and magazine covering Narrow Gauge & Industrial model railways - mainly UK & Europe. (3-17-02)

railNational Balsa: Where our number one goal is to save you money. We provide some of the best quality balsa and balsa products to be found anywhere in the world. (7/7/00)

railN-deavour: Small N scale structures for layouts. (1/21/00)

rail New England Rail Service: Manufacturer of HO scale Pullman Parts Line and HO freight car details through its subsidiary, Standard Car Company. (12-6-03)

rail New England Scene: Manufacturer of typical small town, North Eastern U.S. structure kits, some with Maine 2 foot themes. HO/HOn30/S/O. (10-25-03)

railN-Gauging Bridges: Offering a number of designs of wooden hand crafted bridges and trestles in Z, N, and HO scales. (5-4-04)

railN.J.International: Model railroading accessories in HO, N, and O scale. (4/27/99)

railNOCH: Produces everything you will need for model train scenery. (German/English soon) (3/1/98)

railNorbrass: Portuguese Brass Model Trains 1:87 scale. (6-7-02)

railNortheastern Scale Models: We are a manufacturer of model building supplies and laser cut kits. (4/20/00)

railNortheast Model Products: Northeast Narrow Gauge offers modelers a selection of large scale model railroad kits based on the narrow gauge railroads of North America. (2-13-07)

railNortheast Narrow Gauge: Northeast Narrow Gauge offers modelers a selection of large scale model railroad kits based on the narrow gauge railroads of North America. These kits are oriented to those who enjoy the process of building and are suitable for both beginners and the experienced alike. (11-3-06)

railNorthwest Shortline: Provider of specialty products for precision work on model building and drive mechanisms. (1-21-02)

rail Norwegian railroad models: High quality models of Norwegian Locomotives and wagons in HO and O-Scale. (7-13-04)

rail Nu-line Structures: Manufacturer of fine HO and N scale structures and detail parts. (6-16-03)

railN Scale Kits: American intermodal and flat freight cars (5-5-08)

railN Vision models: Taking N scale to the limit! Offering quality finescale 1:160 models that are custom built to order. (7-7-05)

rail O gauge dual action animations: Bring your layout to life with dual action animated modules (6-15-01)

rail O-Scale-Models: Manufacturer of super-detailed ready-to-run models in O-Gauge (scale) at reasonable prices. (English/French/German) (2/19/00)

railO-Scale Traction: (7-11-01)

railOK Streamliners: Manufacturer of all metal passenger cars in HO and O gauges. Custom service available. Downloadable catalog. 100% Made in USA. (4-26-05)

railOddball Decals: Decals in HO scale for Missouri Pacific, Chicago Northwestern, Chicago Great Western, and other railroad, plus online color catalog. (8/13/97)

railOld & Weary Car Shop: A small business dedicated to producing hard to find model railroad items mainly for railroads in New York State. (7/6/00)

railOlsen's Toy Train Parts: A high quality parts reproducer for your Lionel, AF, Marx, AMT and Noma trains and accessories. (7/22/97)

railOMS Sound: Sound systems for 3-Rail O gauge trains. (11/9/98)

rail On-Trak Model Products: Manufactures the former SS Ltd/Walker Model line of vehicle kits in HO and O scale. (6-30-03)

railOnline Metals: An online small quantity metals supplier. Stock includes Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Tool Steels, Plastics and more. (4/12/01)

railOrange Vista Traction Products: HO scale trolley line poles, structures, and accessories. (9/15/98)

railOregon Rail Supply: Describes their entire product line of HO signals and other products. (9/11/99)

railOS Live Steam Locomotive: Models powered by steam which has been produced by heating water with coal or LPG. Gauges range from 3.5 inches to 7.5 inches. (9/25/97)

rail Overland Models, Inc.: Importers of quality brass models. (3-3-05)

railOut West Lumber Loads : Manufacturer of lumber loads for flatcars, window kits, and accessories. (8/10/97)

railOzark Miniatures G scale detail parts: Manufacturers of G, 1:20.3, 7/8 White metal detail castings. Also Logging equipment, steam donkeys. Manufacturer of G, 1:20.3, 7/8 dimensional lumber, operating wood doors windows & siding. (1-14-03)

railPacific Western Rail Systems: Producers and distributors of high Quality, assembled freight cars in HO and N. (7/9/00)

railPalace Car Company - Precision Scale Model Railroad Products: Palace Car Company, manufactures interior kits for HO scale Model Railroad Passenger Cars. (1-11-05)

rail Paragon Narrow Gauge: Suppliers of the Roy C. Link range of 7mm scale 2 foot gauge industrial narrow gauge kits. (4-11-05)

railThe Passenger Car Company: 1.6 scale Streamlined passenger cars. Assembled or kits available. Painting all parts available. List of cars, parts and prices. Images available. (4/20/00)

railPaul's Trains: Custom made large scale cedar and brass Howe bridges made to your specifications. (4/12/01)

railP-B-L: Manufacturer of finescale Sn3 models and equipment. (7/6/00)

railPeco: British manufacturer of track, switches, and accessories. (5/4/97)

railPecos River Brass: Importer, wholesaler, distributor and retail sales of brass in HO and N. (7/6/00)

railPennsylvania Heritage Models: Produces replacement power chassis in both S and O gauges. (1-26-02)

railPetite Pines Northern Model Tree Manufacturer: PPN makes fine scale model trees suitable for all scales that will fit most any budget. (3-30-04)

railPhil's Narrow Gauge: Quality built, rugged rolling stock, kits and parts. F scale, 1:20.3. (4-20-03)

railPiko: Piko was an East German Factory and is now a very modern German manufacturer. (7-2-06)

railPine Tree Models: Manufacturer of quality N Scale kits. (4-24-06)

railP.J. Fusco Toys Of Steel: Operational O gauge catenary system, bridges, and stations made of metal. (7/6/00)

railPlano Models: Specializing in Photoetched detail parts for the model railroading industry since 1989. (4/12/01)

railPlastruct: World's leading supplier of Plastic Scale Model Parts for every facet of miniature scale model building. (10/25/98)

railPotomac Steam Industries: Specializing in prototypical motive power for the garden railway. (5/4/97)

railPowerline Models: Manufacturers of RTR HO Australian Prototype Rolling stock and Locomotives. (3-24-02)

railPrecision Locomotive Works: Exclusively N Scale - Custom painters specializing in Santa Fe and other western roads. (5-8-03)

railPre-Size Model Specialties: Pre-Size is a manufacturer of model railroad scenery accessories specializing in tunnel portals, retaining walls, abutments, bridge piers, culverts and loads. (5-7-02)

railPrecision Miniatures: Manufacturer of South African Railway steam engines, rolling stock, and lineside structures in HO scale. (7/7/00)

railPrecision Craft Models: Quality in Model Railroading Products. (1-23-06)

railPrecision Scale Co: Kits and super detailing parts (1-29-05)

railPrestige Series Architectural Models: Provider of rail related replicas of prototypes offered in both Hand crafted rail related models and kits. (2-6-07)

rail Pro Model Builders: Resin car kits HO scale 2 kits offered currently. (7-13-01)

railPROTO:87 STORES: After about 13 years, we are still the only manufacturer and supplier of HO scale actually accurate (and hence actually realistic) track and track parts. The site is quite large compared to most and we have lots of prototype and helpful info for folk who just want to browse. We were awarded a rare NMRA track standards compliance warrant.(2/12/09)

railPromotex / Herpa: HO scale vehicles for the collector and hobbyist. (3/27/00)

rail Prototype Models: Manufacturer of modern North American prototype's. Products include, Details, Locomotive Kits, Rolling Stock, Structures, and many more items. (6-24-01)

railPutt Trains Inc.: S Gauge Model Trains American Flyer compatible or S Scale. (8-17-04)

rail PVRFD Model Railroad Decals: Decal manufacturer for Brazilian railroads, such as ALL, RFFSA, FEPASA, FCA and others. Custom service available. (Portuguese). (2-11-02)

railQ Connection: Currently provides products relating to the CB&Q; Laser-cut structures, rolling stock, detail parts, some decals, paint, apparel, and other miscellaneous products. (2/19/00)

railRail Classics: Importers of PRR "HO" scale brass products: steam locomotives, motive power, rolling stock and structures. (9/17/98)

railRail Systems Company: Builders of ready to run 1.6" scale and larger live steam/diesel models and track laying systems. (5/30/99)

railRailmaster Exports: New Zealand company producing pewter kits and built models of Sn3 locomotives, autos, and figures. (1-23-02)

railRailroad Graffiti Exchange: Making available collectible, fully decorated, limited production cars in HO-scale, as well as a range of graffiti decals in O, S, HO & N scales. (4/20/00)

railRailroad Express: Layout Details make all the difference! We offer precision "O" and "G" Scale detail accessories, from real hay bales to Windmills and Whiskey Kegs. (4-6-05)

railRailroad in a Box: Railroad in a Box is a kit-built, light weight, portable model railroad layout. (1-22-07)

railRailroader Hobbies: Backdrops for model rail layouts from around the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, or New Zealand. Photo realistic actual locations. (3/27/00)

railRails Unlimited: Manufacturer of decals in HO and O scale. Also of Urethane cars in O scale.(6/19/98)

railRailway Design Associates: Product information on their HO, N, and O scale building kits.(5/4/97)

railRailway Engineering: The finest turnouts made, plus switch stands, motors, track laying tips, and more. (7/28/97)

railRailway Recollections: Railway Recollections manufactures high precision model railroad kits - specializing in narrow gauge. Check out our HOn30 Climax Loco! (12-30-02)

railRail Scale Miniatures: Manufacturer of Canadian railroad related structures in limited runs of HO scale craftsman kits. (8-21-02)

rail Rail Town Model Railroad supplies: Wholesale/Retail New Spherical Water Tower kits in HO scale. New Self Storage Facility kits in HO scale. (11-21-03)

railRail Yard Models: Our goal is to produce craftsman style model kits of special interest railroad equipment from the 60's, 70's and beyond. (11-7-02)

railRapido Trains: Manufacturing high quality models of modern passenger trains. (5-13-03)

railRealistic Backgrounds: We sell backdrops (pre-made and custom) for model railroads, as well as accessories and model buildings. (4/20/00)

railReboxx: Model train boxes, foam inserts, and accessories. (8/9/97)

railRed Caboose: Manufacturers of prototypically authentic, detailed injection-molded plastic HO and N scale rolling stock kits. (3/27/00)

railRed Cap Line Passenger Car Interiors: Red Cap Line product line with prototypically correct passenger car interior parts and details. Including detailed part discriptions and photos. (7-25-06)

railRedcraft Precision Railway Models: Manufacturer of 7mm brass industrial loco kits incorporating solid profile screw together chassis. (04/12/01)

railRem's Railroad Models: HO, O, and S scale narrow gauge kits. (3/27/00)

railResin Unlimited: Manufacturer of unique vehicles, ships, locomotives, and details. (7/9/99)

railR.F. Giardina Company: Manufacturer of parts for American Flyer S, HO, and O. (9/26/98)

railRG Enterprises: Manufacturers of HO scale Howe Truss and Trestle kitset bridges and three versions of electronic throttles/controllers. (9-2-01)

railR&G Railroad Company: Providing you with the best in wall or ceiling mounted "G" and "O" Gauge railroad trains and setup designs. (4/10/99)

railRib Side Cars: Milwaukee Road's distinct rib side cars in HO scale. (7-18-04)

railRicks Electric Train Repair: Quality repairs and service of Lionel, American Flyer and other major brands of trains, transformers and accessories. (9-8-02)

rail Rio Grande Models: Manufacturer of HO, HOn3, Sn3, On30 and On3 kits and parts. (1-29-05)

railRivarossi: All the Rivarossi products come from prototypes existing in reality and they reproduce, in the finest details, the original models.(1/21/00)

railRiver Raisin Models: Manufacturer of high quality 3/16ths scale brass model railroad equipment for over 12 years.(4/12/01)

railRix Products / Pikestuff: Online catalog of products, direct ordering information, plus Rix layout tour. (7/3/97)

railRKS Trains Plus: Australian manufacturer, dealer and distributor of N and HO detail parts, decals and other fine imported products.(4/12/01)

railRMI Railworks: Your single source for personal railroad supplies. For the finest quality engines, cars, castings, track, structures, and controls please visit today.(3/27/00)

railRoco: One of Europe's most prestigious model train and model railroad equipment manufacturers. (4/3/99)

railRod Miller's Web Pages: Site describes custom drives, scratch building services, upgrading and repair, and DCC services offered by Rod Miller.>(5/13/00)

railRolling Rails: Rolling roads to assist in testing and construction in all gauges from N gauge to O gauge. (8-20-03)

railRollins Railroad Design: Electronic kits, HOn30 kits, Class A Climax kit, Speeder kit. (3/27/00)

railRoss Custom Switches: Manufacturer of Switches for O Gauge. (11-20-05)

rail Roundhouse Engineering: UK Manufacturers of live steam locomotives in 32mm and 45mm gauges. (10-15-05)

railRoundhouse Trains (aka Model Die Casting): Manufacturer of Roundhouse locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories in HO, N, and G gauge. (10/12/97)

railRTrains: New Portuguese manufacturer produces HO wagons of Portuguese Railways. (Portugese)  (6-19-02)

railRTR Models SA P/L: Manufacturers and sells HO scale model railway rolling stock and line side structures based on the Broad, Narrow and Standard gauge prototypes seen in Australia.>(7/22/97)

railRuco European models: Ruco is a small company producing plastic articles and very high quality railroad wagons. (7-2-06)

railRusty Stumps Scale Models: O,S,HO and N laser kits and detail castings (including stumps); roofing materials including corrugated metal; laser cut windows, doors, fencing. (12-3-06)

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