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CWRR Links Pages

Model Railroading - North American A-M Trying to be the definitive listing of HO scale vehicles. (10-29-02)
railThe 7/32" Scale Info Site: "R scale" is the arbitrary name I've given to the railroad model building scale of 7/32" = 1 foot, which linearly is exactly halfway between O and S scales. (11/17/00)
railAll Gauge Page: Resources for O / O27 and other scales, information, layouts, articles, links, photo galleries, message boards. (2/5/99)

railAlltrains Discussion Board: Discussion board of all scale model railroads. (8-7-01)

rail Amtrak Modeling: We've got everything you want if you model Amtrak, or not. Even if you don't, check it out. If you don't understand something contact us. From an Amtrak modeling fourm where you can talk about railroad related issues to a photo gallery of both layouts. Come check us out.  (8-11-02)

rail Amtrak Modeling Layout: Here's a Website where you can find Pictures of different models and other sources of Model Railroading Information. (8-2-02)

railAmerican-Z: American-Z compiles and presents information on American prototype Z scale model railroading. (5/20/00)

railAnders Narrow Gauge Pages: Covering narrow gauge railways in modeling, history, drawings, and more. (12/6/98)

rail Animators and railroads: Model railroading in HO and Z (1:220) gauges. (9-23-02)
railApartment Railway: Large scale apartment railway, includes projects currently in progress, along with quicktime movies! (1/27/00)

rail Appalachian Railroad Modeling: Information on Appalachian railroads (L&N, N&W, Interstate, Clinchfield, C&O, and more). Includes trackplans, photos, maps, rosters, articles, and a bookstore. (5/30/99)
railThe Backwoods & Oddlot RR: A G scale model railroad featured in Garden Railways. (1-22-03)

railBadger Creek Railroad: Full of helpful tips and techniques on building an HO logging railroad (5/8/01)

railThe Bellaire Depot: Scratch building model structures using some old and new ideas. Building with solid foam, foam board, plastic cardboard and wood. (2-27-02)

railBig Red's Model Railroading: If you're interested in Lionel, Weaver, MTH, Williams or other O gauge trains this is the place for you. (7/23/97)

railBeginner Model Railroader's Homepage: Lots of information for the beginner, including Email newsletter, FAQs, and more. (7/28/97)

rail Ben's LEGO Station: For the LEGO model railroader. BN loco, Union Station, tips, and more all done with LEGO products. (11/14/97)

railBill's Hobbies: Mostly about my hobby of model railroading, home and club articles will be offered. (1/27/00)

railBinns Road: A site for fans of vintage toy trains, particularly those manufactured in the UK. (8-6-03)

railBoylerwerx: This site is about me and my freelanced N scale railroad The Grande Valley RR. (11/17/00)

railBNSF Modelers Email List: A discussion list for resources centered around the BNSF and its predecessors. (9/6/98)

railBrad's N Scale Station: This site is about N scale model railroading and includes features on Digital Command Control, and N scale model railroad pictures. (9/20/99)

rail Buurtstation Baarn: A TT scale layout. (4/10/99)

railC & C Railroad: Hand dug basement just for trains. (12-21-02)

railCanadian Prototype Modeling: Canadian boxcars made from homemade castings. Very nice work. (11/22/98)

railCanadian Pacific Railway Modeling: Modeling the Canadian Pacific Railway and photos of other Canadian prototypes. (4/8/00)

railCarr's Locomotives: Builder of 1.6 scale electric powered model locomotives for the large scale rail enthusiast. (1/28/99)
railThe Casting List: Topic of the list include: Scratch-building, kit-bashing, mold making, and casting of models of any type. (9/26/98)
railChesapeake & Ohio N-Scale Modelers Group: This e-group strives to preserve the memory of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad through N-Scale model railroading. Please come join us. (11-9-01)

railChessie - B&O - C&O - WM Modeler: This group is for communications among modelers of the Chessie System, the B&O, C&O, and the WM railroads in order to share information about the prototype that is useful in building scale models.   We hope that you will participate in this information exchange and further your enjoyment of the hobby of prototype railroad modeling. (5/02/01)
railChessie System: The East End of the Cumberland Subdivision: Dedicated to providing modeling information on the Chessie System Railroads (B&O, C&O, and WM) (5/01/01)
rail Chico's Corner: This web page will have some N Scale model railroading info and a little Santa Fe information, and might find a little BNSF included also. (9/12/99)

railChuck's Page: Website featuring freelance narrow gauge modeling in HOn30 and On30. (11-14-03)

railHO Large City with skyscrapers & lots of pics: Description and many pictures from the build up of a large city model railway. You'll also find pictures from a faller barracks diorama and pictures from model railway events. (6-25-03)

rail Clifford Martin's N Scale Atlanta Olympic Train: Cliff's tribute to the 1996 Olympic Games with an entire train in N scale. (9/20/99)

railC&O New River Subdivision: Information for modeling the C&O Railroad in the New River, particularly during the steam to diesel transition era. (6/6/99)

railCoil Couplers Of America: Online Tutorial for Lionel Trainmaster Command & Control, news and information. (1/28/99)

rail Collector Shows Southeast Michigan: A list of Collector Shows in S.E. Michigan. Model Railroad & Toy Train Shows, Toy Shows, Hobby Shows, Doll Shows, Beanie Shows. (4/10/00)
railConrail Modeler: This group is for communications among modelers of the Consolidated Rail Corporation -- CONRAIL. We discuss the scale modeling of CONRAIL from its creation in 1976 as a ward of the federal government until its breakup and subsequent inclusion within CSX and Norfolk Southern. We hope that you will participate in this information exchange and further your enjoyment of the hobby of prototype railroad modeling.  (4/30/01)

railConrail Cyclopedia: Your essential Conrail website. Over 1,000 high-quality photos covering all aspects of Conrail--locomotives, freight cars, MoW, shops, and more. Detailed articles for the modeler and railfan. Predecessors such as PC, LV, RDG, EL, and others also covered. (4/1/98)
railCordova Bay Station: Canadian Railroad news. (12-19-01)

railCybertrains: A site made for train lovers and the page mainly focuses on model trains. (5/16/98)

railda Trains!: A varied collection of information on model railroading that defies categorization. Info on N scale modeling, SP, narrow gauge, and more. (8/2/97)

railDan's Railroad Site: Photos of my HOn3 layout and prototype photos of NKP 587.

railDCCWiki - Making DCC understandable for all: DCCWiki is a DCC encyclopedia for DCC written collaboratively by many of its readers with a goal of promoting DCC and making it understandable. (12-19-05)

rail Don's Live Steam Page: A collection of information and photographs about the live steam hobby. (10/27/99)

railDT&I Modelers Page: Photos, articles, DT&I email list, and much more for the modeler or railfan. (9/6/98)

railEastern Narrow Gauge Cooperative: A forum for the exchange of information and ideas on the full range of model railroading associated with the East Broad Top Railroad. (7/26/97)

railEmmetts Hobbies And Stuff Page: This website is about me, my life, and my trains. I model in G scale and have an outdoor layout, as well as a few indoor ones. I run live steam and LGB, and build my own buildings. (1/27/00)

railEspee Modelers Home Page: Tons of SP prototype photos along with information on modeling all aspects of the Southern Pacific. (7/3/97)

railEvert's Model Railroad Page: This site documents the construction of my N and HO scale layout. It contains several Cadrail track plans and lots of pictures of the layout in progress. (11-1-02) A website where you can sell your quality craftsman kits or buy them from others. FSM, South River, Master Creations..... (5-21-02)

railThe Gauge-Model & Railway Chat Forum: 1 - Kitbashing; 2 - Scratchbuilding; 3 - Photography; 4 - Tips on making trees; 5 - How to paint the scenery (4/30/01)

railGauge 1 Model Railroading: Dedicated to #1 (1:32, 45 mm gauge) model railroading. Probably most comprehensive manufacturers address list, news from the scene, literature, and more. (10/21/97)

railA Glass Half Full: Articles for Railroad Hobbyists and Railroad Photo Galleries. The site includes useful railroad articles for hobbyist, photo galleries, plus other areas of interest. (4-23-03)

railGlobal Modeling Network: Global portal dedicated to promoting the Model/Hobby world. Create your FREE web page with our online web page creation tools. Share your past and present projects and experiences. (4/10/00)

railGrandpa John & Colin's S Scale Model Railroading Adventures: S Scale Model Railroading News, Events, Layouts, Links, Photos, Manufacturers and more. (8-13-04)

railGrant Knowles Narrow Gauge Home Page: Grant Knowles's home page containing C&S (HOn3) and DSP&P (Gn3) modeling info and pictures, plus narrow gauge railfanning articles and more. (7/14/00)

railHirst Arts Fantasy Architecture: Create your own detailed stone buildings for garden railroads. This system lets you build any layout and floor plan you want. (9/11/99)

railThe HO Beer Car Collectors Web Site: A List with pictures of all known HO scale beer cars. (4/8/00)

railHO Presenting the unique or unusual, exceptional values, and sights worth seeing with an emphasis on High Quality Scale Modeling and Scale Model Railroading. Although "HO" is in our name, we do include other scales when warranted. (9/8/00)

railHO Turnout Construction: Details of a method of constructing HO turnouts to USS Co. pattern using copper clad ties. (4/8/00)

railHOn2 1/2 Page: All you ever wanted to know about HOn2 1/2 and more by Bob Hayden and Dave Frary. (10/17/97)

railHOn3 Email List Webpage: Information on the email list, plus some other HOn3 information. (10/5/97)

railHOn3 Model Railroading: Home of the HOn3 Email List, HOn3 layouts, modeling tips, and more. (2/6/99)

railHome Depot: Home of the HOn30 Mail Car mailing list. (7/2/97)

railJohn Hill's Model Railroading Site: A variety of subjects from N scale, NTrak to model railroad electronics. (2/6/99)

railIronrail's Wings and Rails: This site is for all train and military aircraft lovers. I am a BN, BNSF modeler and have a 18' x 13' layout. I love to take photos of trains and aircraft. Check out my web site and let know what you think. (11-17-01)

railJohn Keenan's Model Railroad Page: Stories, poems, graphics, fallen flags, and more. (8/16/97)

railJun's @Gauge 1 Page: The site about European Gauge1 modeling. Specially many tips for digital, sound and electronics work.(5/02/01)
railJust Trains: Everything from models to the real thing. (5/30/99)

rail Karayan's Unitrak Page: Information and tips about Kato's Unitrack: how to buy it, use it and improve it. (7/23/97)

railKim Thurlow's N&W Portfolio: For enthusiasts and modelers of the N&W Railway. (7/14/00)

railModel Railroading Knowledge Base: General information and tips about model railroading, especially for smaller scales such as Z, N and HO. (10-31-02)

rail Layout Design Primer: From the Layout Design SIG, it's a document intended to assist the beginning to intermediate railroad modeler become familiar with basic and advanced layout design concepts and practices. (8/23/97)

railLayout Design SIG: Aiding efforts to design and create layouts that achieve owners' layout goals (with minimum space and cost), avoid common design flaws, and include prototypical and model design features that maximize operating and visual interest. (6/29/97)

railLee A. Gautreaux's Home Page: Detailed information on SP, SSW, and T&NO rolling stock and MoW equipment, plus information on modeling the equipment. (1/31/98)

railLGB And Large Scale Modeling Archive: The METZBAHN Modeling Archive was created to provide big train operators with information on kitbashing and customization of LGB and other large scale model trains. (2/6/98)

railLGB modular layout: LGB modular layout. (4-12-02)

railLittlefoot Trains: All sorts of information on model railroading, covering a wide spectrum of topics. (3/1/98)

railLive Steaming: A clearing house for Live Steam and Model Engineering around the world. (12/3/97)

railLong Island Trains Webring This is a webring connecting many websites about real and model trains on Long Island.  (4/25/01)

railMarklin-Users.Net: Some prefer to call it model trains, some call it toys, and some collect them for value. There are many aspects of the hobby. (5/20/00)

rail Matt's LEGO Train Depot: Everything you need to know about building a LEGO railroad layout, from track plans to construction using LEGO products. (11/14/97)

railMatt's Model Railroading: Where the masters of model railroading hang out! (4-18-03)

railHO Model of Mauch Chunk, PA, CNJ Station in the 1940s: ..keeps track of the progress of this UK model. Prototype building / track plans, historical photographs of the riverside area of Mauch Chunk. (11-17-03)

railMellow Mike's Image Gallery: Photos of extremely realistic contemporary freight cars and vintage buildings. Weathered to match prototypes. HO unless otherwise noted. (6-9-04)

rail Michiel's Railmodel Pages: Pictures and info about (HO) modeling, pictures of diorama's and many many more. (French/English) (9/24/99)

railMicro Layouts for Model Railroads: A large, varied gallery of very small (under four square feet) layout plans and photos from all over the world. (4-24-04)

railMike De Good's Models: 8 brass working models from the first engine in England to the 999. (10/29/99)

railModel Railroading: General guide and introduction to modeling featuring excellent model photographs. (8-2-05)

railA Model Builders Showcase: A collection of some fine examples of scratchbuilt and customized structures and models. (9-18-02)

railModel Building 1st Quality: MB1Q offers a collection of different areas ranging from trains, cars and layouts to construction techniques in German and English. (3-30-02)

railModel Information for modeling modern intermodal transport including railroad intermodal rolling stock, trailers and containers. (3/5/99)

railModel Railroading In New York's Southern Tier: Model railroading events, shops, and people in New York State's Southern Tier (Binghamton area). (5/20/00)

railModel Train Journal: Our mission is to provide an online resource devoted solely to all facets of 3-Rail, O-Gauge Model Railroading. (11-21-03)

railModel Railroading With The Weathering Doctor: Get that realistic look for your layout by using the right weathering techniques. Tips, photos, and links. (5/20/00)

rail Modeling The New York City Subway: Ever think of building your own subway or el? These pages contain information on how to build model layout that will blend both elevated and subway lines. (7/28/97)

railModeling the Norfolk & Western Railway: Modeling the N&W in N scale during the late 1960s, with info for the 1950s also. (7/20/98)

rail Modeling The Soo Line: Modeling the Soo Line and its predecessors. Prototype and modeling information. (9/30/98)

railModel Trains International: Model Trains International magazine's official website. MTI is an independent British magazine specialising in diverse prototypes and small layout ideas. (7-18-01)

railModelrailroad Technical Information: Basic and advanced info from wide experience and education. Discussions of: Speed, Testing, Repowering, Motors, Gears, Adhesion, Weight and more. (9/30/98)

railModel Railroading On Long Island: A 4-star cable access show in New York about model railroading. Includes show schedule. (8/25/97)

railModel Railroading With Larry Puckett: Photographs, links to hot new web pages, up to the minute updates, DCC, computer applications, and additional information that didn't make it into my latest article. (5/16/98)

railModel Train Magazine Article Index: An index of almost 50,000 articles from American model railroad magazines from the 1930's to the present. A must for any model railroader. (7/5/00)

railThe Model Railroad Magic Website: A resource of tricks, illusions, and special FX including circuitry and "scale" audio files. (7/14/98)

railModel Train Information Website: This is a website full of model train information for DJH Bassett-Lowke and Bachmann with links and guestbook. (8-28-02) is an online discussion forum and photo gallery. We cover all scales and gauges from Z to large scale Live Steam. Membership is free and open to all. (11-21-04)

rail Modeling Southern New England: Modeling philosophy and details together with a layout tour of a small layout set in southern New England. (9/26/98)

railModel Rail Web: Modelrailweb contains layout photos, trackplans, tips, techniques, basics, rr links and free web page publishing to promote the hobby. (5/01/01)
railModern Tank Car Homepage: Photos of various modern tank cars, with HO scale modeling of specific prototypes. Descriptions of the modeling techniques and resources used are provided. (1/28/99)

railModel Train Links: A resource for model train collecting links. (2-27-03)

railJon's Unofficial Monon Web Site: Monon pix, some memorabilia, model railroad projects, etc. In its infancy. Should lean more towards modeling as it develops.
railMoose Valley Model Railroaders Alliance: The Moose Valley Model Railroaders Alliance is a group of prototype and Prototype/freelance modelers who operate in a prototypical manner on several different railroads. (5/16/98)


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