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Prototype Photo Galleries - World

| Australia/New Zealand | Austria | Belgium | Cyprus| Denmark | Finland France |
| Germany | India | IndonesiaItaly | Japan | Luxembourg | Mexico | Netherlands | Norway | Russia |
| Sri Lanka |South Africa | South America | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | United Kingdom/Ireland

railEMD Export Page: Photos and information about EMD locomotives from around the world. (7/20/98)

railFreefoto: Hundreds of railways photos online. (2/4/99)

railHotmetal - Alan's Steam Portfolio: Hot Metal, a portfolio of high quality steam loco action photos from around the world, taken by acclaimed UK Railway photographer Alan Crotty. (4-30-02)

railMarkus' Steam Pages: Picture galleries of the last regular Steam trains worldwide. The website starts with some spectacular Steam lines in China. More countries such as Cuba will follow soon. (4-7-03)

railMichael Taylor's Einbahn Page: Eastern North America from 70s & 80s, US Steam tourist lines, UK trains of the 70s and European trains from 2000-2002. (4-8-03)

railRacy's Railroad Page: A quality rail website, featuring news, information and photos of trains, monorails, maglevs and light rail from around the world. You can even have YOUR photos put on Racy's Railway! Updated frequently. (6-28-02)

railRail World Photography: Photo galleries dealing with European lines and locomotives. (4-3-02)

railRemco's Railway Pages: On these pages you find a collection of railway pictures. These pictures are sorted by country. (10/12/97)

railStation Juinen: Train visits around the world like museum lines and special rides. (11-27-02)

railTrails And Rails: Railroad Pictures from various places around the world and US, including the CA Zephyr and others. (5/7/97)

railTrainmaster: Devoted to model railroading and European railroad prototype pictures. (French) (8/14/97)

rail TrainPage: Devoted to trains all around the world, but specializing on European railways (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands), Model railroading section, photo albums, and others. (French/English Nov-Dec) (7/29/97)

rail World Wide two foot railroad listings: Two foot (60/61 cm) railroad listings. (1-17-05)

Australia / New Zealand:

railRailways of Western Australia: Photo Gallery of Western Australian Prototypes (2-9-02)

railAustralian Railway Detail Photos: This site allows between 10 to 20 detail Photographs of any Australian Railway equipment, to be displayed so that other modellers may benefit from the detail photos. (1/27/00)

railDoug's Page: Photos of Australian, U.S. and New Zealand diesel hauled trains. (7/10/99)

rail John Hurst's Railway Photograph Catalog: Photos of British and Australian railways. (10/26/97)

railMark Bau's VR website: Preserving the memory of the Australia's Victorian Railways (8-15-02)

railPeter Haworth's Australian Railways Website: Nearly 400 photographs of railways throughout Victoria, Australia. Railroads include V/Line freight and passenger, Freight Victoria, STEAMRAIL and many more. (9/11/99)

railSteel Ribbons: Photos and data of TranzRail, New Zealand's only railway company. (9/11/99)

railVictorian Railfan Web Site: Photos and other information about railways in Victoria, Australia. (4/3/99)


railJST's Railpage: You will find reports and pictures of railroad museums and also of "steam trips" in Austria. (German/English) (7/11/99)





Cyprus Government Railway: A celebration of a little known railway that died in the fifties. It is quite unique and has some amazing pictures of prototypes. (7/10/99)




railSpiffy Steam Locomotive Gallery: Swedish, German, American and primarily Danish steam locomotive pictures. (4/25/98)




railNorwayRail: Photo's and sounds of Norwegian railways. (10/12/97)


railBLJ Byvalla Långshytte Järnväg 1891-1964: Historical and photos from an old railroad in Sweden. (8-22-03)

railMitt jobb som tågvärd: Photos from Sweden. (Swedish) (3-31-02)


railSublimitetsakademien: Scandinavian railway pictures. (5-5-05)

railRailscenes by Ollie!: A site with European, mostly Scandinavian prototypes of interesting sites that begs to be modelled! (6-3-01)

rail(Swedish) Photos from Sweden and other places, information about railways in Sweden, links to railways world wide.(Svenska/English) (11-20-04)

railTrains..Not only The Model: Pic's of a Swedish narrow gauge railroad. (1/27/00)


railTour de France: A Rail-Travel to the most interesting Railway Lines in France. (German) (12-29-01)


railBahnfoto-Online: Over 300 railway pictures, especially German trains. (4/20/00)

railBahnfoto: Rail-photography from Germany in various categories. (9-26-03)

railEisenbahnarchiv: The greatest German online photo galleries with historic archives. Pictures from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and all over the world. (4/22/00)

rail Eisenbahnwelt: Pictures from German locomotives 80-90ies. (German/English) (11/22/98)

railFrieder´s Eisenbahnbilder: A lot of pictures from Railroads in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. (German). (6-5-02)

rail Kamphausener Eisenbahnseite: Photos of Railways in Germany, including famous "Schienenbus" and all German Railways from the 1934 Timetable. (German) (1/30/00)

railThe Railbus: Information and pictures about the German Railbus in Europe and around the world. (4/25/98)

railThe Rodgau-Railways: Offenbach near Frankfurt / Main. Information and pictures about the German Rodgau-Railway near Frankfurt/Main. (Deutsch). (3-31-02)



railIndonesian Railroad Homepage: Photographs, history, and more information about Perumka, the Indonesian State Railroad. (4/21/98)

railIndonesian Railway Photos: Photos of Indonesian trains, with a section on a scratchbuilt Sn600 0-4-0T on a Bachmann chassis. (4/22/00)


railGrand Italia: Italy by Rail. (12-29-01)

railItaly Photorail: An huge photo archive with more than 4,000 images about Italian railways and trolleys. (12-18-01)

railItaly Steam 2005: The photo galleries include images of vintage Italian steam locomotives and crew during three events in October 2005. Included are scenes from Asciano, Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo & Marradi. (12-5-05)

railAFS - Sardinia railroad association: Non profit association in sunny Sardinia of railroad modellers & railfans. Pictures, layouts new/historical locos coaches wagons etc. (5-16-02)


railEiji Nozawa's Asian Railways Pages: Eiji has some good photographs of various Asian railways and he offers an English language option as well as Japanese and Chinese options. (9/17/99)

rail Ichiban: More than 100 beautiful photos of railways in Japan, Korea, UK, and elsewhere, with new photos added every month. (9/25/97)

railTrain Photos from Round the World: Lots of train photos from Japan and America.. (5/8/01)


railSpoorgroep Luxemburg: The "Spoorgroep Luxemburg" is an organisation of amateurs interested in the railways of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Our scope covers the former pre-war railways PH and AL and the actual railway company CFL as well. We are interested in railway modelling too. (Nederlandese) (11-4-01)

railAssociation Luxembourgeoise des Amis des Chemins de Fer a.s.b.l. : The ALACF proposes to initiate and promote its members in the knowledge of the railways. (11-4-01)


railMexican Railroads Locomotives: The Mexican modeling and prototype source in spanish as first part of the project EMD more builders soon. (3-30-02)


railBert's Hall of Trains: More then 40 years train photos in The Netherlands and other European Countries. (Nederlandese) (4-8-06)

railGeert Hoeksema's Treinenpagina: Geert Hoeksema's Treinenpagina gaat over de spoorwegen in Nederland en Luxembourg. (2/4/99)

railwwwtrams: Photos of The Hague streetcars and interurbans to Delft, Wassenaar and Leiden (2-18-04)

railPascal: Lots of photos from the Netherlands, Belgium and much more. (9-21-01)



Sri Lanka:

railSri Lanka Railways: A study of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) government railway with pictures of locomotives past and present. (7-3-03)

South Africa:

railSouth African Railways and Spoornet Photo and Model Archive: A huge selection of photographs about the South African Railways and Spoornet from a modelers point of view. Photos of models but mostly prototype can be found, in neatly organised, thumbnailed pages. (11-19-01)

railSouth African Railways Unofficial Page: Site for photo archives, news, and timetables for South African Railways (Spoornet) of South Africa. Also includes 2' gauge steam in biweekly operation details. (11/8/97)

South America:


railArgentina - Buenos Aires railroads photo gallerie: Photos of freight and passenger trains in Buenos Aires, Argentina, mostly vintage Alco, GM, EMD, and GE locomotives in regular service. (8-30-05)

railChilean Diesel Locomotives: Chilean Diesel Locomotives. EMD, Alco and General Electric locomotives. Freight cars. (Spanish) (8-27-04)

railChilean Train - Trenes de Chile: Only pictures about steam, diesel, electric locomotives and railcars of Chile, with a brief story. (English/Spanish) (12-10-01)

railEl Ferrocarril En Internet: El sitio de los entusiastas del Ferrocarril. A site for Raifans. Fotos y Mapas. Photos and Maps. (7/11/99)

rail Hinni's Homepage: History of railroad in Paraguay. Photogalleries of railroads in Paraguay and Germany. (11/22/98)

railRailBR: This is an unofficial site about Brazilian Railroads, created and dedicated to all Railroads enthusiasts around the world. (9-5-01)  


railCable Railways and photography: The presence of trains and its structures, what meets around, the atmosphere that involves the places, is what puts into motion this site. (7-30-06)

railComboios de Portugal: Railways of Portugal. (2-15-02)

rail Locomotoras a vapor Mikado: Contiene un apartado con las locomotoras a vapor Mikado preservadas en España. (Spanish). (3-15-02)

railPakotrenes: Railways of Spain and Portugal. (2-15-02)


railRailPhoto: Pierre-Noël Rietsch's web page for the falls of Swiss and European railways (6-15-01)


railTurkish Railways Enthusiast: History and news about the modern Turkish Railway (TCDD) and the former Anatolian Railways (OC, ORC, SCP, CFOA). A special emphasis is placed on steam. (5/14/01)

United Kingdom/Ireland:

rail30937 Transport Photograph Database: Transport Photograph Database. (11-20-03)

railAlan Newble's UK Railpics: Photo Gallery by the author of the UK rail scene over 33 years, steam and diesel, passenger and freight, with links to much more. (10/2/98)

railBritish Railway Wagon Photo Library: A pictorial survey of wagons in use in the UK during the 1980's. (7/15/01)

railBuriton Wheelbarrow: An eclectic collection of photos from all parts of the world - also UK layout versions of North American rosters. (3/30/98)

rail Chris Nevard's Railway Photography Gallery: Excellent photos of British railways. (9/19/99)

railDaves Railpics 2 - UK Heritage Railways: A personal collection of UK Heritage Railway photographs, including English and Welsh narrow gauge and standard gauge. (9/9/00)

railDavid Stevenson's Trainpage: Articles, pictures and links about Trains. (11/22/98)

railGeoff's Rail Pages: Photographs and drawings of steam, diesel and electric railways, mainly UK but some European. (2/4/99)

railGraemes GWR Modellers and Gallery Pages: My album of photos of rolling stock of GWR origin, taken at various preserved railways since the 1980's. Plus kit information, and prototype notes. (11/1/99)

rail John Hurst's Railway Photograph Catalog: Photos of British and Australian railways. (10/26/97)

railLowland Locomotives: Photographs of modern locomotives at work in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, with brief history and track diagrams. (9/11/99)

railNIR Photos: Photos, equipment lists and news from Northern Ireland Railways. (6-2-01)

railA Small World - MSTS and Railway Photo Site: MSTS Route site, including over 1500 railroad pictures and travel stories. (10-28-01)

railUK Railphotos: UK Railphotos Taken by Peter Pope. Just view or purchase. (11-11-02)

railUK-Railway: Welcome to the UK-RAILWAY web site, photo`s info and a trainfull more, featuring HST`s loco`s, units, coaches, wagons, and Duran Duran. (8-21-02)


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