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               Model Railroad Layout Tours:
                          HO Scale (M-Z)

Dates shown are original entry dates.
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railMadison Railroad: Various pictures taken on my home layout. The pictures show detail and other interesting aspects that can be modeled by others. (10/30/98)

railMadison and Southern Railroad: The Milwaukee Road in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois during the early 1970's. (4-19-06)

railManitou and Southwestern Railway: An HO replica of the SL&SF's Western Division, Hobart Subdivision and depicts Southwestern OK's prairie cities of Snyder, Manitou, and Frederick during the hard times of the 1930's. Prototype info also. (6/30/97)

railThe Mannchilde, Karl's Grove, and Winchestertonfieldville Railroad: The official homepage of the MKG&W. Full layout specs and tour, along with projects, tips, and prototype photos. (1-27-04)

railMärklin Project Railroad by Peter Funck: This site is about Peter's on-going model railroad project, concerning a computer operated Märklin M track layout. (3/11/02)

railMarty Edwards' 400 Route - (freelance CNW) by Chuck Auclair: Marty Edwards' 400 Route is a freelance of the Chicago Northwestern-CNW. A railroad empire in a small basement. (9-30-04)

railMaryland & West Virginia Railroad: Represents mountain railroading in Eastern West Virginia and Western Maryland in the late 1940's and early 1950's. (11/22/98)

railMary Lindsay Railroad: Developing Model Railroad dedicated to modeling Amtrak Trains and Honoring the source of inspiration; Mary Lindsay. (7-25-03)

railMesquite Belt Railroad: Modeling the MKT's Houston to Ft. Worth line. Housed in a 20' x 40' MKT designed depot. (9-27-05)

railThe Metro-Valley Lines: A commuter railroad that serves a large city and suburbs. DCC and computer-controlled. (8-12-03)

railMetusa Junction Switching Layout: A tour of a switching layout modeled loosely after Southern Pacific that has the size 2 x 5 ft in H0. Includes pictures. Is in English and Dutch language, therefore international. (7/9/00)

railMichael's Western Maryland: The layout unfortunately had to be dismantled several years ago, so it only lives on in several boxes and a number of photos. (7/23/97)

rail Midwest Lines Railroad: Rolf Plachter's prototype freelanced-Union Pacific 1964 era layout has panoramic views of five major towns. The layout was featured on the Tracks Ahead television program as Series 4, Episode 8. (5/05/01)

rail Milwaukee's Portage Lake Ry. & Nav. Co.: The P.L. Ry. & Nav. Co. occupies a 12' by 30' basement room and it represents industrial Milwaukee including the Port of Milwaukee, the Menomonee Flats, and the North Milwaukee Brewery area. (4/22/00)

railMike's Hobby Homepage: A B&M based Model Railroad: Pictures and layout history of my B&M based Model Railroad with DCC installation tips and details of other projects. (6/13/01)

railMiniatur Wunderland Hamburg: Model railroad layout Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg located in the Speicherstadt, the largest H0 model railroad layout in the world. (4-6-05)
railMinnipa, South Australian Railways: Peter Knife's model based on the 3'6" gauge Port Lincoln Division, with extensive background information on the prototype. (7/9/99)
rail The Mississippi Alabama & Gulf: Cliff Powers' free-lanced triple deck MA&G layout depicting rural southern Mississippi and New Orleans in 1955. (3-26-06)

railModel Railroad Page: 15 x 13 HO scale industrial (steel mill)/manufacturing layout - track plan and photos of layout construction. (3/12/00)

railModel Railroading The Midwest: Modeling the Burlington Northern and Wisconsin Central. (7/9/00)

railModelspoorteam, Dutch railway modellingteam: Different railway projects as "Vinkeveen" and "Trinité s/M". Already shown on exhibitions around Europe. (5-23-06)

railModeling The Baltimore & Ohio Cumberland Division: Henry Freeman's HO scale layout that recreates the B&O's Cumberland Division as it existed in 1956. (3/12/00)

railModeling a Canadian Prototype - Layout Construction: Building layout from start to finish with each construction stage discussed along with locomotives, rolling stock and layout structures.   (10/01/01)

railModellbahn "Schynige Platte - Luzern": Take a H0 scale trip through the Swiss Alps on racks and narrow gauge.  (3/11/02)

railMohawk, Salem and Kennsington Railroad: Tom Wortmann's HO scale model railroad modeled in the 1960's era using walk around control (not DCC), computer generated waybills, and a point to point layout. (9/26/98)

railMonon Northern Division: An HO version of Monon's Northern Division set in 1967. Includes info on the prototype, trackplan, operations rosters and more. (8-23-01)

railMopac Mike's Iron Mountain Division: Missouri Pacific railroading in the Missouri Ozarks in the 1960's-1970's on the free-lanced Iron Mountain Division. (5-28-04)

railMorgan Falls & Little Trinity Timber Co,: A standard gauge switchback logging and shortline RR modeled in Wisconsin in the late 40's. Much to see and do. (12-9-04)

railMy HO French layout (Mon réseau HO): Layout, several photos from the model and locomotives description. Links to "stamps and railway" available on this site. (French/English) (3/10/99)

railNew England Berkshire & Western Railroad: This site is dedicated to providing information to modelers, which makes the modeling that much more interesting. (4/20/00)

rail The New York and Seven RR Co.: Welcome to the New York and Seven Railroad Co. (8-9-06)

railNickel City Line Railroad: The Nickel City Line operates between Harrisburg and Ridway Pennsylvania. Visit the NCL website and learn more about this shortline railroad. (8/7/02)

railNorfolk and Western Railroad: This is a description of a large HO model railroad being built by Jim Brewer and friends in Glenwood Maryland. (4/12/99)
railNorth River Railway: Pictures of scale Model Railroad.  Engines, cars, structures, trackside photos.  Also, an online traffic simulator.  (11/18/02)
rail Northend Elkhorn Extension: The HO Scale North end Elkhorn Extension is my sixth version of the Clinchfield's fabulous North end coal region. The layout models 36 prototype miles of railroad from Dante yard, VA, North to Elkhorn Yard, KY. (9/12/99)
railNorthern New England Rail System: Mike Thidemann's freelanced railroad set in modern day New England. (1/31/98)

railNSW Railway's Sapphire Coast Line and Bombala Branch: Visit Max Russell's HO Gauge layout, modeled in the 1960's period of the New South Wales Railway's Sapphire Coast Line's operation. (11-22-03)

railNYC Janesville Branch: A free lanced HO 10'6" X 4'6" 2 track main, elevated spur etc. layout. All photos were taken with a digital camera. Steam, Smoke and backdrop effects were done by computer. (7/9/99)

railOakhurst Model Railroad: HO scale model railroad set in the Southern Sierras in the early 1900's. (7/17/98)

railOhio & Eastern Lines: Kerry Del Vecchio's fictitious Conrail division currently in the design phase. (10/24/98)

railOld Town: An 'OO' gauge 4mm layout, set in the period from BR blue up to BR sectorisation. (9-19-04)

railOld Woman in the Back Bedroom - NYO&W in HO: Prototypically based double-deck New York, Ontario & Western layout set in 1953. Compact track plan makes the most of spare room.  (12/10/01)

railOntario Western Lines: This bedroom-sized layout is under construction and I invite visitors to explore the line as it goes up. Construction articles and tip help other beginners avoid the mistakes that I may make. (1-11-07)
railOntonagon & Western Historical & Technical Society: A look into the wonderful and colorful history of this model railroad in two different scales, HO and N scales. (3/12/00)

railOregon Washington & Pacific: J. West's modern freelanced HO railroad set in Western Oregon, with detailed history and more. (6/30/97)

railJim Packer's Nevadun Railroad: A tour of MMR#124 Jim Packer's 17X30 HO layout, featuring near floor to ceiling mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and scratchbuilt structures. (9-26-04)

railPaliz Bay Railway & Navigation Co.: Freelanced Southern Pacific Coast Line railroad, based near Santa Cruz, California - layout construction photos, rail e-passes and other information.  (10/01/01)

rail Patrick's Railway Page: A page of PRR and Swedish model railroads from an English perspective. (3-28-06)

railPennsylvania Railroad's Schuylkill Division: A Sectional HO Railroad depicting a Class A Eastern Pennsylvania railroad serving industrial and rural Pennsylvania in the 1930-1959 era.  (9/27/02)

railPhiladelphia & Delaware County RR: Rendition of the Newtown Square Branch of the PRR in the steam to diesel transition era. (8-18-04)

railPiedmont & Western Railroad: Photos of Jack Parker's large HO coal hauling railroad in Charlotte, NC. (5/16/01)

railPieter's NS Quest: The continuing story of one man's rediscovery of model railroading through the recreation of the commuter line he used as a teenager in Holland. (5/19/02)

railPiet Brijs Railroad Pages & Layout Tour: Pictures and a description of my Märklin layout. (1/28/99)

railPittsburgh Model Railroads: Model railroads in the southwestern Pennsylvania area, members of NMRA MCR Division 2 - The Keystone Division. (7-18-04)

railPittsburgh & Lake Erie - Designing Steve's Model Railroad: Seeking input and sharing ideas and information related to designing a model railroad layout centered on the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad in and around Pittsburgh.  (3/11/02)

railPlum Creek Railroad: A short branchline railroad connecting the PRR, B&LE and the Turtle Creek Railroad. An 11' x 12' layout designed for through traffic and industrial switching. (9-16-03)

railPoco Valley Lines (Ken Nelson's): A tour of Ken Nelson's fictional Poco Valley Lines set in the Northeastern United States in the 50's and 60's.  (1/16/02)

railPort Washington & Dubuque RR: Depicting a fictional Lake Michigan to Mississippi river line. Steam diesel transition era. (9/26/98)

railPrescott & Madawaska: Chris Butler's basement HO scale empire that he has been working on for the past few years, with track plan and more. (6/30/97)

railPrinceton & Sedro Woolley: Jack Pettee's HO freelanced railroad set in the western foot hills of the Cascade Mountains, state of Washington, August 1956. (6/30/97)

railProvidence & Worcester: A 42' x 25' layout based on operations from Worcester, Ma to Fresh Pond Yd in Queens, New York, with trackage rights on Amtrak's NEC. Dispatcher controlled CTC center, Photos and info.  (4/23/01)
rail PRR Allegheny Division - French Creek Branch Line:

rail PRR northeast corridor HO layout: A small HO Layout of a big City on the Northeast Corridor line Featuring live catenary, Skyscrapers large factories and a trolley system. (6-16-04)

railPurgatory & Devil River Railroad: The Official web site of the Purgatory & Devil River Railroad. Contains information on both divisions. The Purgatory Division is in Paul Richardson's home. The El Lobo Division is in Duane Richardson's home. The Richardsons are a father and son team of narrow gauge model railroaders. (4/30/01)

railR.A.D: Watch our layout being built. We have sold R.A.D. and are moving to a new home and are looking forward to starting over. (7-13-04)

rail Rainier Great Western Railway & Navigation Company: The RGW is a fantasy railroad dedicated to HO modeling and prototype operations along Milwaukee's abandoned line in Western Washington. (6-12-05)

railThe Railway Station: The Union Pacific 1940-1955: The Union Pacific in the Dalles, OR. Model projects, rosters, photo features, layout tour, movies, timetables and more. (5-31-04)
railRays Trains: Information about the HO scale American outline RR of Ray Lucas. (9-24-06)

railRichland Hills Subdivision: A fictional written account of a trip around one man's Santa Fe HO model railroad. (6/30/97)

rail Rock Springs Homepage: An HO scale representation of Arizona, by a group of modelers from Exeter, England.

railRocky Mountain Division: David Zuhn's under construction layout of the Northern Pacific and Montana Rail Link. (8/22/97)

railRocky Mountain & Santa Fe: Jim Milliron's HO scale representation of the prototype ATSF at Raton, NM. Operations represent the daily transcontinental passenger and regional freight traffic circa 1958. (8/13/97)

railRod's Trains: Rod Tonkin's HO scale Conrail / CSX layout "Martindale Creek" and Australian railways photos. (4/22/00)

railSan Diego Model Railroad Clubs: Multiple model railroad clubs sharing one building and representing most modeled scales, including HO. (5/16/01)

railSandpoint Junction: Site about my model railroad "Sandpoint Junction". Also contains scratch building walk-throughs for buildings, bridges and electrical circuits. (8-27-04)

railSanta Fe Industrial Switching Layout: A freelance HO switching layout in a 13' x 18' space. Pages on design philosophy, construction methods and operations. Detailed track plan. Some photos. (8-31-04)

railSanta Fe "Knowcents" Railroad: This double-deck Santa Fe layout runs from Chicago, Illinois to Richmond, California. Time period is transition era. Layout is DCC controlled. (11/18/02)

rail Santa Fe Railroading in the 1970s: Stephen Priest's railroad depicts the ATSF across the Kansas heartland. (4-3-06)

rail Saskatoon Layout Tour: A set of photos of train layouts in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Most of the pictures are of layouts belonging to members of the Prairie Rail Workshop. (10/1/97)

railSean Fanelli's Train Page: Illustrates a Märklin and HAG HO model train layout. Contains descriptions, pictures and diagrams of the layout. (8/25/97)

railShady Valley Railroad - HO-Gauge: Fictitious railroad in New York State. You can do a lot in a small space. (12-27-03)

railShadow Mountain Railroad: Bob Young Jr.'s freelanced Boston & Maine layout featuring the fictional town of Shadow Mountain. (10/28/99)

railSierra Western & Santa Fe Railroad: Rick Fortin's large HO scale Santa Fe layout with tons of information and tours. (6/30/97)

railSierra Western Railroad: A large HO scale layout designed for prototypical operation. (7-2-01)

railSmugglers Division of the Union Pacific: A freelanced double track railroad modeling Union Pacific in H0, from end of steam to the last caboose. (5/5/01)

railSoKool Model Railroad Layout Building: 01-01-2000 I started building an H0 layout with just some rails, trains, wood and my imagination to start... (4/22/00)

railThe South Central Railway: A website dedicated to the fictional South Central Railway. (3/11/02)

railSouthern Pacific's Siskiyou Line: Joe Fugate's HO layout modeling the Southern Pacific's Siskiyou Line in southern Oregon during the 1980s. (9/26/98)

rail St. Claire & Lazywood Railroad: Welcome to the St. Claire and Lazywood Railroad blog. Feel free to browse and offer suggestions or comments. (3-21-06)

railStreator Connection: Based on the actual Streator Connection between the former Conrail and Santa Fe connection in Streator, Illinois, this HO layout sees motive power from both carriers in the early 1990s. (5/5/01)

railSuperior Northern & CPR Schreber Division: Lake Superior & Northern Railway and connecting CPR Schreiber Division by Peter and Bob Winterton. ML2003 and LDSIG tours. (8-7-03)

railSweet, Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley: A smaller freelanced HO layout loosely based around the steel industry in the Lehigh Valley of PA. (5/23/02)

railTall Pine Railroad: A steam era railroad that stretches 24' x 14' and pays careful attention to detail. (5/21/01)

rail Tamlapais Valley Railroad: HO model railroad depicting a fictional division connecting Sausalito and Truckee across California allowing me to model my favorite railroad and favorite scenic areas, the Marin headlands and the High Sierra. (12-20-06)

rail Terrible Tom's Train Page: Old HO basement layout.  Planning and construction of new Rockville layout from ground up. (3-25-05)

railTeton Short Line: A large home layout in HO, growing since 1965. We share our technology experiences with electronics, signaling, computers and DCC. (1/16/98)

railThorn Creek & Western: A West Virginia shortline as it was in 1942. Historically accurate, but it never existed. (4/30/01)

rail Trewsville Southern Railroad: HO Scale Model Railroad that runs from Raingold, GA, to Trewsville, GA, with connections to the Mid-America & Northwestern Railroad at Stewartsville, GA. (8-31-05)

railTriang Hornby Collection: A Description of a portable Triang Hornby Collection layout that can be seen on the exhibition circuit. The site also contains a small spare parts and sales area. (11-15-05)

railTCDD - Turkish State Railway - 1975: North-Western Turkey in miniature in the mid-1970's, at a time when steam was still king.   (3/11/02)
railTurtle Creek Model Railroad: Turtle Creek Operation is based exclusively on peddler freights working in heavy industrial areas. There are 64 industrial or interchange sidings on the layout and 260 freight cars in use. (2/6/98)

railU. P. & Western Railroad: Bob Frey's U.P. & WESTERN HO layout is two model railroads with switching between them complete with operations, signaling and DCC. (9-11-04)

rail Union Pacific Cascade Subdivision: Bill Kosanda's free-lanced HO railroad set in southern Oregon. Layout design, photos, electronic rail pass exchange and operations description. (5/5/01)
railUnion Pacific Kirkwood Subdivision: Freelanced, double-track main UP layout where 4000+ HP locomotives rule the rails.  (2/10/03)

railUtah Colorado Western: The UCW is a freelanced bridge route between Salt Lake and Denver. Featured in Model Railroader May 1999 and Keller Video #27. (5/5/01)
rail Valley Central Railway: HO Scale freelance railway, jointly owned by CN and CP Rail, that is under construction, since 1997, in the basement of Dale Morton.  (11/18/02)

railVIA Rail Canada on the Kingston Subdivision: A model railway recreating VIA Rail Canada's equipment and operations between Toronto and Montreal. (7/9/02)

railVincent Railroad: HO modular layout by a French modeler : Southern Pacific and Santa Fe. (6/5/01)

railWagner Lines Railroad Company: Kevin Wagner's HO layout set in the Eastern US. (11/2/97)

rail Waldovia State Railways: A OO scale model railway that resists being modelled on any fixed period or location. (7-13-05)

rail Washington Northern: A OO scale model railway that resists being modelled on any fixed period or location. (7-13-05)

rail Washington Northern: Ronald Hart's free-lanced layout featuring BN, GN, MILW, in the Pacific Northwest from Everett to Arlington, WA. (7/9/99)

railWaynesboro Western Railroad: An HO railroad by Wayne Rozelle -- I am constructing in my basement. Site includes a layout, pseudo history, and logo and paint. (5/24/99)

railThe Western Pacific Railroad: A highly detailed free-lanced version of the Western Pacfic Railroad. Set in 1930's, this shortline railroad is filled with great scenic elements and operation. (6-13-06)

railModelspoorteam, Dutch railway modellingteam: Different railway projects as "Vinkeveen" and "Trinité s/M". Already shown on exhibitions around Europe. (5-23-06)

railDudler's Homepage:Westport Terminal RR (freelance private road name layout in modules). Der Bahnhof Naumburg (H0 - model and prototype). (6-18-04)

railWest Fife & Lothian Railways: A website dedicated to the fictitious WF&LR, with information on the trains on the layout. (6/16/01)

railWolverine Lynx Railroad (WLX): Brian Keay's fictional model railroad. (1/23/00)

railWuerttembergische Staatsbahnen: Friedrichshafen-Hafenbahn in 1920. Royal Württemberg State Railways of Germany in the era 1846 - 1920. (Deutsch) (6/22/02)

railWyoming Division Of The Lehigh Valley Railroad: The layout is set in 1975, just before the onset of Conrail. (9/24/99)

rail Wyoming Valley Railroad: Freelanced railroad connecting with the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Anthracite mining and urban modeling featured. (4-13-06)

railYorba & Southwestern RR: Take a look at this desert gold mining operation set in the early 1960s. This is a portable, 4x8 HO scale layout built by Corey Hatch. (5/18/00)

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